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FOUR WEEKS LEFT - The Indie/Alt Pop/Not-quite-'Mainstream'-but-still-accessible Girls 2017 Rate!!1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by constantino, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Hon, the PJSC contest always takes priority. I've just dropped my scores for that so look forward to my 10's.
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  2. This one's a bit late but I just got home over it. x

    FYC #3 - Tegan and Sara - The Con X: Covers


    Genre: Talent...and Ryan Adams

    Fun behind the scenes rate FACT: I briefly considered using a bunch of these tracks for the extras section, because they're fucking good enough for it. MUNA's take on 'Relief Next To Me' alone could outperform a good chunk of About U tracks. But since that's not what ended up happening, allow me to gush over this absolutely gorgeous project that has just got me through what was an extremely testing working week.

    The Con is an album I grew up with; I was 9 when it came out, at a crucial point in the evolution of my music taste and this hit the motherfucking spot, let me tell you. My mum did a good job of playing me the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and The Stone Roses as well as Kelis, Amy Winehouse and Bjork on the school run, but I was really looking to discover my own set of faves at this point, and The Con marked the beginning of that journey. I mean, two openly gay women singing about their relationships and experiences in what is still a genre dominated by straight men? Um, YES. I also thought they were both super gorgeous at the time (still do) but a whole other journey of mine...ddd.

    Oh, yeah, the's just classic songwriting for me, really; heavy and sombre themes (mainly heartbreak), handled with tact and a sense of warmth, which is a running theme across their discography. The Con marks a real turning point in their discography; I think all of their albums are pretty phenomenal, but this really felt like the sound of them hitting their stride, as exemplified by their recent output.

    Critics agreed, in fact, this album boasts an impressive metacritic average of 80. And yet Tegan and Sara are still not as massive as they deserve to be. Despite being hardworking, prolific, talented and absolutely lovely human beings, the Quinn sisters do not get the dues they deserve from neither the ‘indie rock’ scene, nor the ‘mainstream pop’ scene, despite their 2 most recent albums being two of the most immaculate and catchy synth-pop albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Now that's some bullshit right there.

    Rather than review the original album, let's cut to the covers album. As I mentioned earlier, MUNA's cover of 'Relief Next To Me' is fucking impeccable and is a dead cert for my best songs of the year list. It's just so, so good. They just really made it their own, ya know? [/Louis Walsh]. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Shura gives us an equally stunning rendition of the title track and despite her vocals sounding a bit more...watery (?) than usual, it really works for me. On the subject of Alt-pop rate girls Miss Claire Boucher (and HANA, forming the wonderfully-titled side-project/supergroupduetthing 'Trashique') did that with a jittery and nymphy take on 'Dark Come Soon'. The good sis Kelly Lee Owens stayed 100% true to herself with a haunting, etherial ambient take on 'Soil, Soil', which sent my buss into overdrive. It's transcendent. Some may criticise her for taking out too much of the original lyrics, but they can take Empress Of's advice and go to hell, quite frankly.

    Other highlights include Shamir's tense, twisted and beautifully skeletal cover of 'Like O, Like H', which somehow made the song even darker. Talent! Oh, and CHVRCHES' cover of 'Call It Off' is still incredible in all it's glacial, slow-burning glory, but we been knew that because it's been out for a good while. Haley Williams' (!!) cover of 'Nineteen' is also a gorgeous addition to the album. I forgot how much I love her voice!

    18 tracks seem like a lot, but the bonus tracks are absolutely worth while. It's basically a whole hour of relentless talent, so what's not to lov- WELL ACTUALLY, let me get one thing off my chest. Dame Cyndi Lauper’s exceptional cover of ‘Back In Your Head’, the lead single from the original album and one of their most recognisable songs, being relegated to bonus track status over Ryan Adam’s anaemic attempt is a crime, and a homophobic one at that. It just feels very jarring alongside the other tracks, whereas Cyndi’s take would've added a much-needed sense of light and airiness to what is a sombre section of the album. Oh, and it's 80s as fuck which is great. I ain't sexist tho, in fact I'm strangely here for Bleachers' 'Burn Your Life Down' cover. Sara Bareilles (remember her? The Love Song lady) also did a fantastic job with 'Floorplan', so props to her, mawma. So yeah, 17/18 of these tracks (including a cute lil demo at the end) are top notch.

    That's my one real critique, because otherwise it's pretty darn-near flawless. I can think of no better way of paying tribute to one of the most influential albums of my childhood than by getting a bunch of my faves (and Ryan Adams) to make excellent cover versions of these incredible songs (safe for one ddd). They really knocked it out of the park in terms of bringing a new life to these songs while remaining 100% authentic to who they are as artists., I really liked this lol, and I'm sure you all will to!​

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  3. I'm so excited for this rate! Haven't done one and this seemed like a perfect place to jump in because I've been loving Melodrama & Masseduction and have adored Charli & HAIM in the past even if their most recents aren't my favorites of their respective catalogues.

    Been listening to my rate playlist for about a week and a half trying to get used to everything before I start rating but goodness gracious Lust for Life is mostly a slog. Sometimes I hate music before I love it so I'm trying to persevere...
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  4. There are people who don't love MUNA's album?
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  5. [​IMG]

    'fraid so, sis...
  6. 2014

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    not for long if I have my way

  7. So many 11s.
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  8. My Melodrama scores are so high it looks like stan trolling ddd
  9. This is so well written! I saw them on Thursday and it was amazing! I'm pretty sure they're using Sara Bareille's arrangement for "Floorplan" which is incredible! I have to say as much as I love the covers record (minus Ryan Adams) there are parts that are a little too slow. I've come around to Kelly Lee Owens and the slowing down of "Nineteen" but I can't with the limp take on "The Con" and I just don't get Mykki Blanco. I will once again state my love of MUNA's cover (and it is better than 80% of their album)
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    My scores are in!

    It's not good news for Lana m'afraid.....
  11. I will start... soon

    I'm a bit worried about all the MUNA hate on the previous page. I will definitely be doing my bit to rebalance things by giving them the high scores they deserve.

    I really need to listen to Lana's album first though. I'm at least somewhat familiar with the other albums in the rate but I've never really been into her stuff.
  12. If I read someone else slandering Lana, I am in sending my votes rushed. Want to know what happens? Ask Tinashé's 2 On or Dua Lipa's New Rules.
  13. MollieSwift21

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    Doing this because Lana and Lorde are two of my favorite album this year. I hadn't heard the other 4 before. Decided to start of with Haim's and kind of blown away at how much I like it. Bizarrely some of the tracks felt like an updated 90's country-pop cross over.
  14. I just got an email from Amazon recommending Muna to me, and I was about to say the promo for this rate just won't let up, but turns out it was actually this: [​IMG]
  15. Wow see you in court.

    Just kidding, they need the promo cause all these supposed “indie fans”on PJ never give them their due.
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  16. My scores are in.


    I had a lot of fun with this one.
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  17. I forgot how much of a masterpiece Number 1 Angel is.
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    Something To Tell You has grown on me immensely. It's no About U, but it tried!
  19. They sure are...


    I’m not sure if I can accept that Masseduction average, looks like you didn’t actually listen to the album if I’m honest...
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  20. @constantino sis would you throw out my scores for trolling if my averages for MUNA, Lorde and St Vincent were all perfect 10s??? I'm struggling here.