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Frank Gamble (YADi's new project on PMR)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by A&E, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. A&E


    So after a promising EP and a couple of banging singles, Hannah YADi seemingly disappeared after being dropped by Warner UK in 2013. The other night a friend happened to meet her at M.I.A.'s afterparty and talk to her about her music and what she's been up to since, hence me making this thread now.

    Last year she formed a band named Frank Gamble with producer Justin Tailor aka Hoost, and got signed to PMR Records (Jessie Ware, Disclosure, etc.). This collaboration proved to be a perfect match with the vocals, beats and textures blending together to create intriguing and infectious results. You can check out an interview with the pair over at Best Fit.

    So it happens that they just dropped their debut EP Myths on Friday the 16th! Check out the singles Myths and J'adore featuring hot new rapper Abra Cadabra:

    Two of the duo's 2016 singles – Heart Speaks and Something Wrong – didn't make the EP but they're pretty great as well.

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  2. "She did that".

    "Who's she?"
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    Gotta love her. Just listened to the new EP and Die for You pops off so much!
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    The EP's title track Myths just got a music video.

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  5. BOP.
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