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Frank Ocean - Blonde

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. All of these little singles he's thrown put lately have been serious growers (Lens especially revealed itself to be fucking gorgeous) so I'm looking forward to living with this over the next few days.

    I love him just doing his own little thing. bby.
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  2. Ray



    Welllllllll my problem is that channelORANGE filled me with great, never fulfilled expectations. I am still waiting for another bop like "Pyramids" (one of the best songs I ever heard) or "Novacane", I guess.
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  4. Pyramids always felt like a one off for the gays tbh. I wouldn't expect him to do anything like that again anytime soon (soon in Frank Ocean time of course meaning within the next decade). Channel Orange as an album I also find to be one of the most fully realized debuts maybe ever? As in it wasn't clear how to move on from it without repeating himself, nothing left room for refinement. Blonde is the one which revealed a lot of yet to be fulfilled potential, though its 'shortcomings' also sound almost intentional, which is frustrating and makes it difficult for me to assess fairly.
  5. Blonde is still so perfect.
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  6. Remember his reinterpretation of Hotel California, American Wedding?

    A song. Sis knew his way round an epic, evocative narrative from the very beginning.
  7. I feel like it's incredibly misunderstood as "hipster nonsense" and that makes me so sad. It's less traditionally structured than Channel Orange to be sure, but it's so much more than its structure.
  8. Blonde is better than channel ORANGE, people just compare them too much. They're very different beasts, and I hope he carries on changing shit up throughout his career to the same degree.
  9. Listened to this again today. His best album, honestly.
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  11. Kind of becoming one of my all time favourite albums already, I still listen to it on the regular. I thought topping Channel Orange was going to be difficult but somehow he did it so effortlessly. Now watch the next album go and top Blonde.
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    Ugh lol.
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