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Frankie Grande - Queen (Debut Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Minorkey, May 18, 2017.

  1. I need a dislike button.
  2. Ban pease.
  3. Delete this.
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  4. We need a 'Definitely next horrible things' board.

    I'll personally migrate the Meghan Trainor thread along with this one.
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  5. And I was having such a nice day too.
  6. "Never needed anybody/I was much too proud/I had to make it on my own"

    Okay but...your family is loaded.
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  7. This would only be good if it was Aaron Carter's new single.
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  8. Not to mention that the only reason anyone knows who he is is because of him riding Ariana's coattails.
  9. I love that they keep playing with his hair to style it only to leave it...exactly as it was.
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  10. This is terrible.

    It's a solid 5/10 up until "documentary", which is when things really make a turn for the worst.

    This also reminds me of the male vocal from Moana, but only after gay Satan remixed it.
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  11. I was trying to decide if Camila or Selena had the shittiest song of the day when Frankie comes through and shatters the glass floor. Thanks, Frankie.
  12. Ariana sums it up well....

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  13. I mean...bless his heart for trying.
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  14. Those are some frightening close ups.
  15. This gave me heterosexuality.
  16. I hope Ariana isn't peer pressured into sharing this with her twitter followers. She could hurt so many innocent people
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  17. If you're gonna be a gay ass mess, at least make it a bop.