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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Exactly. No one's here for it otherwise.
  2. A girl has no talent.
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  3. Yeah I low key want Cersei to be that last bitch between the Iron Throne and Jon / Daenerys. One last showdown in the finale with her would be fantastic.
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  4. At this point I don't think she'd bring a very "bitter" to the ending. She's been around for so long and is now become one of those villains people actually care about.
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  5. She can't put up a fight with out being underhand, or having someone to do it for her... Arya needs to finish her off as the last person on her list.
  6. Killing her off in a typical way would seem rather wasted.... she needs an amazing death or to survive over some of the boring "good" characters.
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  7. I would actually be utterly disappointed with Arya, out of all characters, killing Cersei. They barely interacted throughout the whole series, and if anyone should do it (they shouldn't), it would be better if it were Tyrion or Jamie. Arya would seem so forced.
  8. Forced? Cersei's actions essentially led to Arya's dad getting beheaded. It would make perfect sense.
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  9. I would enjoy seeing Sansa get the upper hand over Cersei...temporarily, but ultimately I want Cersei being...not reformed, but aware enough of the existential threats at hand to do the right thing, to the extent that she gets all the power and glory she always wanted. I'd hate for relatively inexperienced Jon and Dany to end up as King and Queen.
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  10. Arya killing Cersei would be crap. Sansa would be more interesting because they at least spent some time together. But really it has to be Jaime, and it will be. Poetic justice.
  11. I'm sorry, how is Jaime killing Cersei in any way "poetic justice"? She's been there for him through thick and thin. They've buried three kids together. Faced more odds and obstacles than any other character in the series, bar perhaps Jon & Dany. I is him murdering his twin sister-mother of his children in any way a vindication or victory for anyone involved?
  12. Sansa needs to do it.
  13. Arya and Sansa both surviving seems a bit too.... convenient. I'd rather Arya died.
  14. The latest series definitely didn't provide the bittersweet that Game of Thrones does so well, instead it felt like it was supplying a lot of the fandom with what it wanted, so I'm cautiously optimistic that that may still be a defining characteristic.

    Regardless, Cersei embodies the show at its best and at its worst. His obsession with Jon Snow, the walking symbol of humility and good decision, makes me think that he does believe in the good guy always winning in the end but really I'd love to see that completely subverted with Cersei beheading him before the eyes of everyone that has loved him. Even Sansa will do. She absolutely must go down with a fight and a twist, for that is why she's still alive and why we still believe in her; they've rarely shown the true power of the throne, and oftentimes the Lannister threat isn't actually backed up with showtime. What we do know though is that Cersei cannot be second guessed by anyone, and it leads to the downfall of all that do.
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  15. Cersei is going down in a blaze of glory, taking several beloved characters down with her on her accord and volition. No one is going to kill her, because likely she's going to make the choice herself.

    This crap with a Stark needing to kill her is "elementary school picture book" levels of basic.
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  16. Give me that Boudicca reincarnate.
  17. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I'm willing the show to just subvert all our expectations and sucker punch us like they've done so many times before right up to the end. I don't want a neat ending, I want mess and unexpected shocks.
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  18. I think Cersei is end up having Frankengregor backfire on her.

    Also the first 20 minutes of 6x10 remain the show's peak.
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  19. I think I'm gonna give S6 a rewatch.
  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I also don't think Cersei dying has to be some foregone conclusion or that anyone "gets" to kill her, and I'm rooting for her to survive against all the odds. She is the antagonist of this show, and she's so great because Lena Headey's portrayal allows you to get inside the mind of this woman who's been made this way by a world that crushes women. The whole show is packed full of strong women. I don't think she's destined to die at the hands of someone, perhaps the prophesy not coming true will be yet another twist in the tale.
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