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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Game of Thrones likes to fuck you up. Ed Sheeran is gonna sit on the Throne in the end isn't he?
  2. Y'all are a mess.

    It was fine.

    Also why am I finding Euron Greyjoy sexy all of a sudden.
  3. Haha i was thinking the same. The Greyjoy's have some swag.

    Castle Black and Winterfell are MILES away from each other.
  4. Oh. But I thought Jon and Sansa were at Castle Black?
  5. This was a lowkey mess. It's not completely terrible, of course, but the quality of dialogues has reached a new low, and most characters seemed to play caricatures of themselves. What the fuck was that Euron thing other than a weak attempt at introducing a new Ramsay to the show? And the Ed Sheeran "cameo" with subtlety levels of Cersei blowing up the King's Landing? And Sam cleaning shit in a montage inspired by HowToBasic (both literally and figuratively)?
    Not to bring the books up, but the show has certainly exemplified a shallow approach when they ventured into the material not covered by them. There have been exceptions to this, of course, but overall there is a lack of depth; the characters and the plot have been overly simplified in favor of glitz and glamor, bad jokes and cheap one-liners.

    On the other hand, Maisie and Sophie keep getting better and better. Sansa has the potential of becoming one of my favorites in the show.
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  6. They are doing the most to keep Lady Malmont amazing, and I'm happy with that.
  7. He


    That Ed Sheeran cameo really cheapened the experience. Why did they do it? There was no fucking reason.

    It was a nice episode, but I agree about the show lacking a bit of depth in the characterisation... but that seems to have been the case, on and off, since they had no more source material.

    I can't wait to see what Sansa will do, she's the most intriguing one so far.
  8. Jorah's arm :( I really hope they find a cure, for fuck's sake.
    Also loved Sansa being low-key about her Cersei admiration. She was amazing with Jon on every scene they argue.
    Jon can honestly fuck off. I hate "hero" characters like him so much.
  9. He


    He's so boring, my God.

    I'm now hoping that Sansa has him killed when the stakes are higher, and he decides to keep trying to be the hero.
  10. I don't mind Jon Snow specifically, but I totally get the righteous hero cliche being tiresome - Jack from Lost being the worst of the worst.
  11. Rick from The Walking Dead was also terrible during the seasons I watched. Learn something from what's been happening, dudes.
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  12. As soon as I heard Ed singing I eye rolled. What was the point in that, it was probably the worst thing Game of Thrones has ever done and has tainted the legacy for me.

    Overreacting? Maybe, but honestly why? I would have rather him have a small acting role rather than singing. Christ.
  13. Loved the opening scene, I'm annoyed everytime Sam is on screen, like such an annoying character, but Ed Sheeran one upped him in the annoying chart.
    Sansa was the best in the episode though, was great in every point she made to John.
  14. Maisie Williams is a huge fan and the producers wanted to give her a little surprise! It's cute but I also agree that it was weird. They never have anyone famous.
  15. I loved the premiere, I thought it was the perfect sort of 'calm before the storm'. Last season ended with such a bang that this basically had to be an episode of letting the dust settle and seeing how the characters regroup in their new settings. I can't wait to see who Jon sends to Dragonstone - preferably he goes himself, because it'd be great to see him finally come face-to-face with Daenarys. I wonder if Bran will send Jon a letter letting him know that he's a Targaryen? The entire sequence of Daenarys walking up to the castle was incredible; it has literally been six seasons in the making.

    The opening with Arya was fantastic, as well. It was pretty easy to figure out what was going on rather quickly, but that didn't lessen my excitement at all. Y'all are doing the most regarding the Ed Sheeran thing, it was barely a cameo. If this didn't ruin the series for you, then surely Ed's brief scene can't. I do agree that I could have done without him, but other than being a brief distraction, it wasn't a bad scene by any means. I'm really eager to finally get Arya moved back into the main narrative again; it feels like she's been off on her own forever. The fact that she's heading to King's Landing rather than Winterfell is interesting... I suppose she has no way of knowing that Jon and Sansa have been reunited.

    Speaking of, I love the Sansa / Jon dynamic. I believe they both have strong points and both have the potential to be great leaders, though Jon has certainly had more time to prove himself. I also like that they're able to disagree without losing respect for the other. It's going to be really interesting to see how the dynamic develops as they get closer to war; I hope they don't push the 'Sansa admires Cersi' thing too far, because I don't want to see her lost to darkness. Sansa is, to me, one of the true heroes of the series - she's been through so much and grown into such a strong woman. I cackled at her lines to Baelish. Queen of sass.

    I think of all the possible deaths over the last 2 seasons, I may take Brienne and/or Podrick dying the hardest. I absolutely love them. Tormund's crush on Brienne is a nice bit of levity, too. I guess we'll be seeing Tormund and The Hound eventually cross paths. I liked how they tied back to the farmer that Sandor and Arya met with back in season 4.

    So that leaves the Lannisters. As much as I hate Cersi at times, she's such a fucking force. Despite the odds being stacked against her, she remains determined to crush her enemies and secure a dynasty for.... well, her and Jamie. The map being drawn around her was iconic. I hate that Jamie falls on the wrong side of things, though, because I genuinely love his character now. I have a feeling we're really going to see him go head-to-head with Brienne at some point and it's going to break my heart.
  16. Coming off such a big Cersei moment, I thought they could have made her reign feel a little more fear-inducing. Instead, it felt like her rise to power was looked upon as more of a joke among people, which is absolutely not how I imagine a world reacting after someone blows up half of her enemies in a chapel.

    Otherwise, it was a fine start to the season. I've learned to not expect big things from Game of Thrones season openers; these seasons are always a slow burn. And we'll all be grateful for it come episodes six and seven.
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  17. I think the common people just don't know she was responsible for it. That play in Braavos with Lady Crane shows how much the normal people of this universe actually know about the game of thrones.
  18. Bit shit wasn't it? An Ed Sheeran cameo and a top-knot shout out within the same five minutes... ugh. I'm sure there's good stuff to come but none of it was in the premiere. Not even Dany arriving in Westeros gave me a tingle.
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  19. Jamie was right, though. In Cersei's case, seizing the throne didn't mean seizing the seven kingdoms. Sure, she's technically the Queen, but she has barely anyone behind her. All she had was the Frey's, and they're all dead. Pretty much every other family has united against her, whether behind Jon and Sansa or Dany. Despite what she did, Cersei is pretty much a sitting duck. All she can do is hope to defend herself. I'd argue that she did some of the others a favor by eliminating the High Septon and the faith militant.

    At this point I imagine she's looked at much like The Mad King was - dangerous, but also unstable and without much support. Even Jamie doesn't really give a shit about holding the throne anymore. Sansa did warn Jon about how dangerous Cersei is, but he's clearly more concerned with the army of the dead that's approaching.
  20. Dany arriving in Westeros ffffffFFFFfffFf the music, the dragons, her weave on point, waltzing around Dragonstone in her high fashion get-up. The IMPACT of one line of dialogue. mummy is home ❤