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GAON #1s 2017 RATE: *#8*

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. I'm not surprised it's the first TWICE song out but I really wanted them all to go top 10... a 0, though, seriously?

    Ok, my bad... but you still don't like Really Really, so.
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  2. @Monkey0
  3. Oh. It's the one I liked the least from TWICE, so I'm okay with this going.
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  4. What songs?
  5. Dddd speaking of that.......

    14. Knock Knock
    Average: 7.760
    Highest Score: 11 (@soratami, @evilsin, @ryan_riot92), 10 (@Empty Shoebox, @karmarisma), 9.5 (@eliminathan)
    Lowest Score: 0 (@Monkey0), 4 (@Alouder98, @ericcccc, @send photo)​

    Year-End Chart: #8
    Went #1: Week 8
    Total Sales: 1,627,915+​

    Well, it certainly is no TT, is it? I think that's what hit me at first when it first came out, but I ended up appreciating it over time and it's certainly not as much a drop in quality as something like Russian Roulette to Rookie. It's TWICE continuing as queens of cutesy concepts. It's also (thankfully) the only video where JYP decided to make his presence known, something that haunted many Wonder Girls videos.

    "Knock Knock" was also the best-selling girl group single of 2017 at #8 and the only song by a girl group in the year-end Top 15. "As If It's Your Last" by Blackpink and "Red Flavor" by Red Velvet would sneak into the bottom-half of the Top 20, at #18 and #20 respectively.

    TWICE would go on to deliver more interesting concepts and songs throughout 2017, but let's not be too harsh on Knock Knock - it felt more like an easy cash-in to TT's huge success through a rerelease. It would be TWICE's first #1 of 2017 and it's now their second #1 to leave us. Where will TWICE's remaining two songs left end up? Well, we'll have to wait and see.

    But did y'all open or close your door to TWICE knocking?

    @Monkey0: "Garbage."

    @ericcccc: "Dddd this is just kind of annoying, same with the video."

    @ThighHighs: "I’ll maintain that this song isn’t as great as a lot of their other material, but it does snatch me just a bitsy. The chorus truly ~*~*knocks, but the verses a just a bit too chirpy for me to fully stan."

    @ThisIsRogue: "I'm not denying that this isn't a bop, because it is, but deserving of reaching #1? No. Especially compared to some of the incredible songs released in early 2017 by Brave Girls and EXID."

    @Gintoki: "Least favourite single from Twice, what else to say."

    @Slice of Life: "Ddddd I gave this a lower score on the SO+Y Rate because the competition there was too severe. But this stands out here in a good way. Not the best 2017 Twice single but it bops hard. Sana unnie can step on me as well."

    @eliminathan: "Not their best song but Mina SLAYED the looks and I can't deny that their singles are all catchy whether it's a tried and true bop like Likey or a kind of messy bop like Knock Knock."

    @Serg.: "The only title where I wasn't sure about it in the beginning but I grew liking it at the end, the bridge is the best part of the song which is not something new for them"

    @Empty Shoebox: "Why is Chaeyoung in a cupboard? For a cupboard, it doesn't look too bad, but it's clearly too small for her. Oh, the song. I'm not Twice's biggest fan, they're usually 8/9 rather than ten for me, but I like this one. Especially the first couple of lines in the chorus when they're singing together."

    @karmarisma: "I love this so much because it's all the things that I'm not. Fun, cute, loud, rambunctious and just infectious. It's so happy and uplifting, you just can't help tapping your feet to it and imaging cute pillow fights, and the members are so cute when they perform it. It also doesn't force any members to sing uncomfortably and everyone is so in their element. A truly legendary Twice era."

    And our two 11s:

    @soratami: "This song is such a rush of pure joy, it's just perfect."

    @ryan_riot92: "Kii We ALL know how much I love this song … so why not give it my 11? I know y’all will kick it out too soon anyway … poor queens of vocal talent. It’s so young, fun and energetic. What more could you want in a TWICE song?"

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  6. [​IMG]

  7. I love every song left except Bolbbalgan's, so it can go next and I won't have anything below 7.
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  8. Ahhh shame this amazing rate was ruined by a troll.
  9. You can go next.
  10. Some is gorgeous. Leave Bolbbalgan alone!

    I can't actually think of anything obvious that's still in that should go so it probably will be the Bolbbs next won't it?

    EDIT: Is Ko Ko Bop still in? I'd probably go with that next personally then.
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  11. Our final elimination for today.....

    13. Ko Ko Bop
    Average: 7.826
    Highest Score:
    10 (@Serg., @soratami, @Monkey0, @eliminathan, @BEST FICTION, @karmarisma, @ThisIsRogue), 9.5 (@ohnostalgia)
    Lowest Score: 1.5 (@ericcccc), 4 (@He), 4.5 (@ryan_riot92)

    Year-End Chart: #14
    Went #1: Week 29 & Week 30 & Week 31 & Week 33
    Total Sales: 1,172,609+​

    We lose another boy group and the longest-running #1 of 2017. “Ko Ko Bop” is the first main follow-up to EXO’s highly successful “Monster” + “Lotto”. The song was also the first comeback the group did during Lay’s hiatus. The track would also end up as the third-best selling boy group song of the year, falling short to songs by Winner and BTS.

    The colorful video for the track features the group on what is implied to be hallucinogens, as the trippy visuals match the unorthodox structure, production and breakdown. The track was polarizing even amongst fans. Some felt the breakdown wasn’t needed, while some others argued there were other tracks on the album more fitted to be the title, like the track “The Eve”.

    Still though, the song persisted and spent the most weeks on top of the Digital Chart, clocking in four weeks, three of them being consecutive. They would block NU'EST W's "If You" and GFRIEND's "Love Whisper" from reaching the top spot. The War would be followed up by the Power Of Music repackage, whose title track "Power" would go on to peak at #2 on the Digital Chart.

    But could EXO make you all feel high for their music?

    @ericcccc: "This is embarrassing and not a bop."

    @ryan_riot92: "Another trop bop but this one just kind of sounds like noise … It’s not really catchy either."

    @Gintoki: "Same drop as Light My Body Up from Nicki Minaj....and yes both song are pretty trashy, something like guilty pleasure I guess."

    @Slice of Life: "Props to EXO (and their producers) for still experimenting with their sound. This isn't flawless (the track kinda falters a little in the end part) but I will give it a good score for being ambitious."

    @Empty Shoebox: "I'm not a big fan of this. The attempted fusion of K-Pop and reggae just doesn't work here. You could give them credit for trying, but this has been done before, and better."

    And while K-PJ is hardly one to stan a boy group, y'all were LIVING for EXO - was it the prominence of armpits throughout the era?

    @soratami: "It really is [a bop!]"

    @Monkey0: "Still fresh, loving the production. Such great pop song."

    @ThighHighs: "The chorus to this one really knocks. They did that. The breakdowns are properly insane as well."

    @eliminathan: "Suho looks so GOOD. Kings ONLY. One of EXO's best songs, the singing and for once even the rapping are all on point."

    @karmarisma: "This year was really EXO's year musically. Everything they released this year managed to snatch my weave and decimate me, especially the whole The War/The Power of Music album duo. The breakdown, the weed-infested hairstyles, luscious vocals and reggae-sweg-lite feeling to the was all perfect. Of course, seeing this live absolutely elevated the experience."

    @ThisIsRogue: "I started 2017 off not really being that fond of male acts but a few of them delivered bops consistently throughout the year. Of the Gaon #1s, I think the men delivered consistently great songs, 'Ko Ko Bop' being one of the best (even though I love Power more)."

  12. He


    Oh, I love Knock Knock.

    Also, good, Kokobop is half ok / half terrible. That drop... ugh.
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  13. My thoughts exactly. I actually really like the reggae vibes in the verses but the production on the drop is tinny at its very best.
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  14. He


    Didn't you described as if: imagine if Why So Lonely had an awful drop out of nowhere?

    Preposterous thought.
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  15. Also just to address this.

    I did message Monkey saying that I had some concerns about their votes and that it would appear and look to many that they were trying to troll and asked if he was sure those were the real scores he wanted to send in and he said yeah. At the time, I didn't know what to do and didn't press him further to change them since they were one of the only few voters in so 1) I was worried I wasn't in the place to reject ballots given how few I had and 2) that hopefully the questionable scores for a certain act would even out if I could get some more people to vote.

    By the time voting closed and I reached so many, I didn't know whether to go back and press them for changes deeming them unacceptable, so I take full responsibility if any score inclusion upsets anyone. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and hope people are just trying to have some fun, even if it's a little sassy, and that no one is trying to actively ruin someone's experience in rate. This wasn't an issue in the Wonder Girls rate so I wasn't really sure what to do here, but I'll make sure to avoid it happening if any rate I host from here on out so no one's experience is ruined.

    For what it's worth, if any zero anyone gave was up'd to match the next lowest score a song received, I don't think any major changes would happen from what I plugged in and played with. One or two songs would move one or two spots, but the Top 10 remained largely untouched, and I can reveal that info at the end if people feel the rate was compromised.
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  16. Losing two 10s, then my 11, then another 10

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  17. I remember first time learning about EXO I googled them cause some of y'all talking about who the hottest guy in the group was (It started with @Sanctuary posting KKB picture and saying Kai is one of the prettiest idols and the whole discussion started, dddd) later I decided to check them out and then listened to The War which came out around that time and my whole life was slain, they are like my overall favourite group now. So thank you dear host <3

    @ericcccc i see you making posts about tanking Likey & now this... I'm coming for you.

  18. Well y’all are just hateful.

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  19. Don’t mind those Twice eliminations but y’all wrong for Exo.
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