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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. LTG


    Ddd so I’m 25 and never come out to family and this morning my mum comes into my room, tells me that my sister is seeing a girl and so she wants to ask me too.
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  2. What did you say?
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  3. Someone just told me that they'd "never know I was gay until I opened my mouth" goodbye at that homophobiqué shade
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  4. Maybe it was the reason you were opening your mouth that gave it away rather than the noise...
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  5. Update on this: Both the editor and deputy editor of Gay Times have now left and Josh Rivers has been promoted from Marketing Manager to Editor. Here's a sample of Josh's tweets since the promotion:

    I'm hoping this leads to a shake-up in the way the magazine operates.
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  6. He


    That is amazing.
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  7. I don't think either the former editor or deputy editor have landed new gigs yet, which makes me think they were pushed out and that there was actually quite a lot going on behind that Twitter meltdown.

    I think it's an interesting time for mainstream British gay media. Is this the first time a major LGBT publication has had a non-white editor?
  8. That's a lovely RT-friendly battle cry from the new editor and everything, but three months in when he's having to deal with people at the top who still want a pretty white straight boy with his abs out on the cover will be an entirely different story.

    It's not necessarily the editorial at fault at these magazines, it's the pressures they're under from publishers and advertisers and focus groups who keep the whole thing afloat. I would bet, unfortunately, the Harry Judds still sell a tonne more copies than anyone else. But I've got my fingers crossed they're going to push forward in the right direction. The time seems right for it.
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  9. I actually think GT has come a long way in terms of who they put on the cover, but they have always seemed to me to be a little too obsessed with the whole airbrushed Men's Health aesthetic (dating back to the bad old days when it felt like they would put any no-name model on the cover as long as they were white, 20-something and showing off a six-pack) and, much as I like Harry Judd, you could just see the obvious filtering and airbrushing on his cover too.

    I'll put it this way: out of the last twelve issues, Attitude has had only three with men on the cover with their shirts open or off (Nyle DiMarco, Adam Peaty and Steve Grand) compared to nine for GT (Harry Judd, Simon Webbe, Adam Woodward, Tommy Dorfman, Parry Glasspool, Connor Franta, Nico Tortorella, Danny Walters and Charlie King).

    The only three issues of GT out of the last twelve on which the person on the cover is not showing off his chest or abs are the Chris Mears cover - which features him in his underwear but with a top on - and the covers for the casts of Angels in America and Call Me By Your Name.

    Obviously it could be a lot worse. I think every single DNA cover features a man in his underwear or swimming trunks, and they all conform to a very specific body type (and, with the exception of retired bobsledder Simon Dunn, who occasionally writes for them, they're all no-name models who are almost always white). I enjoy eye candy, but I find DNA difficult to read because it feels a bit like I'm just reading page after page promoting a very specific body type and masculine ideal.

    LGBT media can (and should) be a lot more than that.
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  10. From the article:

  11. Yes, but have we had any non-white editors who weren't gay men? That phrasing makes it seem like the LGBT press might have had lesbian, bi or trans editors of colour before.
  12. I find Adam Peaty MBE kind of adorable nnñ
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  13. Is Adam Levine sexy (or not)? Sometimes I think yes (at other times, No), Which is it?
  14. Yes.
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  15. Yes.
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  16. Praying for you @BEST FICTION and all of the Australian hunties today

  17. Fuck no.
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  18. This thread is a safe space. Don’t bring Adam Levine here.
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  19. Behave.