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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Adam Levine was sexy for five minutes, but I think he loves himself enough for the rest of us.

    Back on topic. I adore and am inspired by my mother because she is one of the strongest people I will ever know. But the other day she had EastEnders on and Ben was post-coital with what's his face (?) and she said to me down the phone "I know it goes on but they shouldn't force people to see it... it makes me feel sick"...

    In my family the amount of ignorance I've been surrounded by over the years (most of 'em are varying degrees of racist/homophobic) it's been one of the hardest things to find my own path but when I hear things like that I still get bummed out. If that behaviour makes my own mother "feel sick" does that mean she is sickened by her own son?
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  2. He


    Oh wow, that must have been pretty hard to hear. I'm sorry.

    I'm sure she might not have seen what that offhand comment means and how powerful and hurtful her ignorant words can be. Can you talk to her about it?
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  3. I can talk until I'm blue in the face but it's just who she is.

    It's just confusing to me she can be this way when my stepbrother (who is in his late-thirties) is openly gay and has been since he was a teen.
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  4. Yeah I hear shit like that a fair bit - oddly never if it's two women involved though.
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  5. Even my liberal straight male friends often confessed that they feel viscerally disgusted when they see two men kissing, but that consciously they don't hate gays, and then asked us if that made them homophobic. I said 'no, that's normal for you,' but deep down I was gutted.
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  6. Imma say no to Adam Levine.
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  7. On a scale of ugly to @mattyjayy he's a solid @matty
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  8. Aw.
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  9. Who lil' ol' me???
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    Don't ask. It's not cute. I will refuse to respond. Don't do it.

  11. Ok but this is a bop and the way he moves his hips made me a lil more gay when I watched it as a kid.
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  12. He


    I have to admit I had the same reaction back in the day.
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  13. I never know if this is meant to be some sort of compliment, or if it's meant to trigger some existential crisis. Cos it's almost always the latter.
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  14. Mrs Kim is your mother...but in an opposite kind of way.
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  15. "why/how don't you have a bf" is meant to be a compliment but it just gets me more ticked off that I literally told someone that I refuse to respond to it.
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  16. How cute are you! (Just send him nudes ffs)
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  17. i hate you cos i watched every youtube video with mrs kim

    i love you
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  19. It isn’t normal for them and yes, it does make them homophobic. It’s normal for them not to be turned on by it, but that’s not what they said. They just wanted a free pass to be able to say and feel that shit without feeling bad about themselves.

    I don’t feel “viscerally disgusted” when I see a man and a woman kissing, or when I see two women kissing. Heck, I even managed to kiss my husband at my wedding without all the straights retching.

    Stuff like this is exactly why stuff like seeing gay men in romantic scenes in EastEnders is so important. It’s harder to be “viscerally disgusted” by something perfectly normal that you see relatively often.
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  20. Yasssss! Come through Australia!

    The percentage being so high is truly heartwarming. 61% of people care about something that personally matters to less than 10% of the population. Amazing!
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