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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. AXW


    Part of it could be that it's taken so fucking long.

    My whole suburb is covered in rainbows, it's amazing.
  2. I was in a meeting at work and it took some effort to not shed a tear. As anxiety-inducing as it has been to have voted, heard the arguments and waited for the results of what is a survey that's non-binding, I think knowing that a majority of society accepts and supports us as equals is so reassuring.

    It's not over yet though, as now there are competing bills being proposed, one of which will allow businesses to refuse to provide their services for same sex marriages on religious grounds. Religious conservatives say they need this built into legislation to protect religious freedoms that they feel will be taken away if they're forced to for example, make a wedding cake or allow hire of a venue for a same sex marriage. Ridiculous considering this is currently illegal under existing anti-discrimination laws in Australia. The Prime Minister has said that he won't support a bill that will make currently unlawful acts of discrimination, lawful, and that he wants a bill passed by Christmas. We'll see how this plays out in the next few weeks.
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  3. I really feel emotional reading all the articles about it. So nice to see a vote outcome we can celebrate!
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  4. In what could be described as a tumultuous time for the publication, Josh Rivers has now been suspended as the Editor of GT in the wake of Buzzfeed News exposing a plethora of tweets from him from a few years ago. Here's the full article.

    Here is the statement from GT:

    And here is Josh's statement:

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  5. He


    Scream. Those tweets are foul.

    That lasted long.
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  6. Yikes.

    I see his argument that he was in a place of self-loathing six years ago when these tweets were posted and he's since evolved, but really... when was this kind of thinking ever okay? It sounds like he was a profoundly awful person.
  7. Absolutely amazing news from Australia.

    I remember the day the results came in for Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum and what a special day that was. It's a moment in history I'll never forget.
  8. Emphasis on the operative word 'was'. Many people have been just as worse, if not more, either in the earlier days of their accounts here, or through anything that Facebook Memories will remind you of on a daily basis.
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  9. I agree with this, but woof, reading through his tweets is... rough. Aggressively bad as opposed to the ignorance/stupidity of youth.
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  10. I agree with you that 'was' is the operative word here, but these aren't just your average ill-thought-out tweets. Some of them can be put down to immaturity, sure, but some of them are pretty awful regardless of how much positive spin I put on them, and I wouldn't put up with remarks like that from anyone of any age.

    Also... is Buzzfeed doing better due diligence on Gay Times' employees than Gay Times is, or did Gay Times see the tweets and just think "Yeah, that definitely won't blow up?"
  11. I don’t even use Twitter but if I was promoted to a position of notoriety, I would instantly scan every single tweet and check for anything that would be even vaguely misconstrued as offensive and get rid of it. How people still don’t think to check things beforehand in this day and age is beyond me.
  12. These days people can find deleted tweets anyway, but yes. It seems like he genuinely hadn’t even realised those tweets were there.
  13. I deleted all my tweets the other day. Well a good few year's worth. It's possible to do all.
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  14. An update on this for anyone following along, there was a lot of commentary in the news about this particular bill yesterday. Kevin Andrews, in trying to defend religious freedoms said that it was OK for a Jewish baker to deny service to an Islamic wedding, or vice versa, based on beliefs of religion or conscience . The bigotry defies logic.

    Doesn't matter though because this awful bill has been abandoned by the Senator who drafted it.
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  15. I hid the fact that I do drag from my mother-in-law even though I was living in her house when I started it (and continued to do so for 18 months kii) but I came out to her and invited her to a show about a year ago now. She has been at every one of my shows since then and is my biggest fan now.

    The only thing is sometimes she calls me by my boy name because that's what she's been calling me for 14 years (and she's not really used to the whole 'drag name' thing) but I've told her now that she doesn't have to use my drag name at all, as long as she doesn't call me my boy name while I'm in drag. I've told her just to talk directly to me or poke me in the arm if she needs to get my attention.
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  16. I know him. He waved at me in Tesco the other day.

    Real shame about the job.
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  17. He's now been fired.
  18. K94


    Just get rid of all the major gay publications and start over tbh. His tweets were abhorrent and if he had turned a new leaf, he should have known to clear his Twitter too. However, it's quite something how certain gays are suddenly militant activists in light of this situation, but when their favourite twitter gay with abs says something like "why are there so many letters?? I hate identity politics!!!11", they'll be quiet.

    Also, from what I've seen on Twitter, Patrick Strudwick is in no position to throw stones.
  19. When you've accidentally mispronoun your coworker TWICE who's literally the coolest, nicest, woman.....


    Literally mortified.
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