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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Some men get turned on by such extreme talk. It's flirting to them. But yeah…. should probably be sure the other person is on the same page tho…..
  2. kal


    Fragile masculinity much? That's kinda sad.
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  3. Tell me the details hun! I'm going the end of January and need to prepare.
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  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    One time when I was leaving work a guy came up to me and said he would rape me and told me I was gorgeous. Xtreme negging huh
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  5. Learn how to act submission...

    I hope you blocked and reported the c*nt!
  6. That's disgusting, he said this to you in person or via some kind of social media/app?
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  7. Gay men are CANCELLED. That is fucking foul. I’m sorry you had to go through that.
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  8. He


    @Mr.Arroz, that's awful, boo.

    I'm sorry that happened.
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  9. Like, how ignorant do you have to be to think someone might be into that? I understand rough play and consensual choices, but "rape" is not sexual, it's about power and basically robbing someone of their ability to participate of their own volition. I just feel weird and shaken/off that someone thought it was OK for me to hear that, let alone have them say it to me.
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  10. I'd recommend DJ station if you want to go clubbing. A mix of locals, tourists and expats. It gets really crowded on Friday/Saturday. No flip flops (shoes, not sex act) allowed and make sure you take photo ID.

    You should check out Dreamboys if you want to watch a sex show. The main show is at 10:30pm (get there no later than 10pm to get a good seat). It costs ~450 baht for an hour show (mixture of drag, erotic dance and also f*#"ing) and includes 1 drink. Extra drinks are super expensive, so make your drink last! I got pulled up on stage when I went last week and was stripped down to my underwear as part of a game (the rest is too embarrassing to tell!). Beware of the front row if you're shy or embarrass easily....
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  11. But you'll tell it anyway...
  12. I met with some old cabin crew friends last week and, as ever, they regaled us with the latest hi-jinks from the job.

    On a recent long haul flight, a passenger reported someone in pain in one of the toilets. A couple of crew members went and tapped on the door and heard moaning, but the person did not reply. After a few minutes, the purser was summoned and rapped on the door, still to no avail, but the moaning continued. Eventually, she told them she would use the crew access key. No response. More moaning.

    They flung open the door and discovered a young guy getting serviced by another, totally startled by the intrusion. It turned out they were two boys from a school for the deaf on a trip who had hooked up. Apparently, the crew all thought it was dead cute so no action was taken.

    There's an industry-famous story of two members of a boyband bumming each other in their seats during a flight - cattle class as well - but it's never been confirmed who it was.
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  13. Cute? They must not have been doing it properly.
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  14. CupcakKe's next video treatment is shook
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  15. I must be a prude because oh my.

  16. I love this channel.
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  17. And it’s over.
  18. I don't know what happened, but look after yourself. Give yourself lots of TLC and remember who's important right now - you.
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  19. I quite fancy someone who works in one of our regional offices down south. He’s intelligent and quite cute. He was opening a window during a meeting today and someone asked “do you think he’s hot?” and I just didn’t even know what to respond.
  20. Thanks so much! Gonna see it tomorrow
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