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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. That second sentence sound oddly romantic, I quite like it.
  2. ...aaaaand now we know why profiles like that exist.

  3. We need to delete this forum
  4. Who is willing to be involved in a Grey's Anatomy romantic storyline with me.

    @TheDangerZone hold me
  5. Or any drama produced by Shonda Rhimes?
  6. *Viola Davis voice* Previously, on How To Get Away With Rawing...
  7. I'm dead ddd
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  8. So... Yesterday night he said hello to me in the uni while doing work. He left a bit early to have a drink at his friend's, but I'm surprised he was still up to come to mine afterwards despite being at 12am and him having a lecture this morning at 9. So we had a good time, just like the first time. This guy is definitely giving me confusing vibes, but I'm not thinking too much about it, I guess just enjoy?
  9. You... clearly are. With guys like this that are flakey and weird, just chill. If he's up for hanging out and you're both in the mood, then great, but don't beat yourself up about him or get in your feelings. Some guys just are just useless and unreliable.
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  10. @LoveSoSoft get that fancy lip & hip but don’t get hung up.

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  11. Thanks @bestinase @Island! Definitely not hanging up on this guy!

    He does give good h*ad tho ddd
  12. LTG


    He’s a fuckboy. Don’t expect any more than that.
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  14. Is anyone single on Grindr?
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  15. Sounds to me like he is using you and only cares when he’s horny. If he flaked on u a few times, its clear... I would not give more chances. So dont get attached. But enjoy the d while it lasts
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  16. Definitely! It was just annoying to me that I couldn't get another guy except him for the past week. Well, since I just snatched a Spanish D (who actually talked with me for a while afterwards and kissed me before he left (?!)), I'm pretty sure he's off my mind now x
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  17. No but they’re ready to mingle yeahhh!
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  18. I'm not totally sure where to post this, but I just finished reading this adorable queer YA novel called "They Both Die At The End" and I fucking know it says it right in the title, but this book still completely DESTROYED me and now I'm a mess.
  19. Me to people on Grindr:
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