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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. @Island You to yourself with an electric toothbrush:

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  2. Latest Music in Sauna update: the one I was in in Lisbon last night played Rita Ora for 30 mins and then Demi Lovato for 30 mins (I don’t recommend doing this). I didn’t know Rita Ora had enough songs to even play for 30 mins.

    I was trying to work out which gay behind the bar had decided it was Failed Pop Diva Night but they all looked equally guilty.

    Oh I fucked...a few different guys in there. Now this belongs in GAY.
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  3. Expose my open relationship shenanigans a bitsy.
  4. The shade ddd
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  5. Now I know you're not up in here shading @Robsolete 's girl knowing full well that someone was going to tag her???
  6. I have a Spotify playlist of all her singles that lasts for 68 minutes, so... poor you, I guess?

    I'm more concerned that people think 30 minutes of Rita followed by 30 minutes of Demi is acceptable "mood music".
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  7. who hasn't had their back door smashed in to I Will Never Let You Down tbh
  8. I mean playing ‘RIP’ in a dark environment where...substances are consumed. Please.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. I really can't put music on while having sex. I might just start singing (and maybe energetic dancing if it's Dua Lipa) midway through stuffing.
  11. Same. It’s supposed to be sexy time and I’m sitting trying to list Rita Ora ‘hits’ and count them on my fingers.
  12. Gum and Get It
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  13. I used to do it whenever I had my ex boyfriend over but I had to stop because my Dad started referring to it as my "dirty playlist" dddd
  14. Music during sex just sounds distracting. When I'm fucking a guy the only thing I want to hear is me and him.
  15. Imagine if your dad has heard voices other than the music...
  16. He has, he told me after we broke up that he’s heard us have sex a few times but didn’t want to embarrass me at the time. I was mortified.
  17. ...dddd. I remember hearing my parents having sex a few times when I was a teenager. It was traumatizing.
  18. I assume this was the soundtrack to that video you found of your former boss, then?
  19. I'll leave that to your imagination

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  20. My entire body is cringing I'm so second hand embarrassed / mortified