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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Are they filming a FraternityX video
  2. @chriscrk story reminded me of when I was at school. I was having lunch with a female friend of mine and we were geeking out over Theatre stuff. I had to interrupt her at one point because the group of guys next to us were just being. . . too much.

    So it was a round table of maybe six or seven guys. They all looked very masculine and athletic (and were all really hot). I remember before this all started, they were vaguely talking about random guy stuff. I assumed they were/are all straight. So suddenly they were all very aggressively saying what they all wanted to do to each other. It was nuts. "I wanna eat your ass out!" "Yeah, but I wanna choke on your dick!" "I'm gonna drown in your cum. . ." "I'm gonna bareback the shit out of you!" "Yeah, but I got a bigger dick. . . ", etc. There was this crazy energy coming from that table. They were all leaning forward, looking at each other, grinning madly. I told my friend to just listen, and her eyes started to bulge out of her head. It probably went on for ten to fifteen minutes! Mind you, this was a busy food court on campus, and they gave no fucks! Anyone could have been and probably WAS listening.

    Suddenly they all stopped talking, stood up at the same time and left. I turned to my friend and said "I guess they're off to go do all of that stuff they said!" She just nodded her head.

    I regret not following them.
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  3. That was you?!!!!! Bloody hell, stamina!
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  4. What kind of alternate porn reality do you live in?!
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  5. Oh wow, hot!
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  6. I'm not saying you're lying, but this sounds very... not true.
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  7. If I was still friends with my classmate, Alicia, I'd force her to come on here and verify this. But it really was nuts (and probably seems too unbelievable).
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  8. Would you say it was an ordinary Monday?
  9. I'd say it was a Blue(balled) Monday
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  10. I wish it was Sunday.
  11. Is that your fun day, your "I don't have to run day"?
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  12. So my fellow gays. I have good news and bad news. I don't really open Grindr in the gym, but since last week I started, to know who's gay and to see if I could finally get a hook up there. The gym has no sauna and there are cameras everywhere, so there's no cruising in my gym. So far, I don't really interact in grinder to the people who I think are in the gym because I don't want things to be awkward. But there were a couple who recognized me as I don't hide my true self in my display picture. Well the bad news, there's one dude who messaged me. He said I look different without my glasses. At first I thought, he was just some random guy from the street. I didn't ask his picture because from his body picture, I know he's not my type. But a while ago, I read a message from him and he gave me a picture of my freaking back. I wasn't even aware someone took a picture of me. Now I'm gonna get conscious when I go back there.

    The good news, however, the hot guy who I have seen like maybe trice. Well I saw him last Monday in the gym, and that was the day I saw him in grindr. He wasn't in the gym that long. I thought he looked back at me when he was about to leave the gym, but I didn't assume if he was really looking at me. Then when he was no longer online, I gave him the tap button just so when he logged in, he would see my picture first in the taps section. But when I opened Grindr the next day, I didn't get any tap or message from him. So I thought, I wasn't his type. Little did I know, I should have been online longer as he tapped me back, he said hi to me and he sent his picture like a picture of him outside of the gym which I instantly recognized. I was just like shocked and delighted that he messaged me. I replied to him but he hasn't opened his grinder yet. He's just so hot, and I cannot wait to see if something ever happens. He's kinda my type, and I feel like if we have sex and he would be like the hottest guy that I've been with this year so far. I can't wait what the future holds for us two. Pray for me gays!
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  13. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
  14. I don't understand this mindset of going to gym for a hook up. You go there to train and workout.
  15. @PopIsHot can you go to another loction, like with 24hr Fitness? That's a way to avoid being stalked.
  16. Well don't you think its strange
    Fate brought you to my side
    (brought you to my side)
    I was doing crunches
    You were on stationary bike

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  17. Uno


    Girl, it was just a tap. Cálmate.
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  18. I was just excited.
    Yes I can, as the gym that I go to has plenty of branches near my area. But the one that I go to is the biggest, so I don't really want to change and I like the crowd there. All I know that the dude is stocky, but I didn't really pay attention to the guys that aren't appealing But at least now, I'm aware. I just hope I don't get followed straight through my home, and my stolen pictures are being uploaded in those Twitter x-rated accounts.
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  19. Well be careful, don't let a weirdo snatch you up!
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