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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. I won't. Thanks girl!
    I've heard lots of story from people that I know, that they get the d while in the gym. Especially gyms like Fitness First and Gold's Gym. So far, I've talked to three guys about doing it, but nothing happened as none of us can host and I don't want to get trouble in the gym, as they might review the surveillance cameras in the locker room. Hopefully, the hot guy from Grindr can host.

    Also, from my experience. The gym is probably the one place in my life, that in a span of 1 month, I've met so many good looking guys. Plus most of them are quite sexy. Like I'm in awe when there's like at least three good looking and sexy guys in the room, and I just can't help but look. They also serve as my fitspirations.
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  2. The what now

  3. They have it there in the locker room which leads to the bathrooms, which means if you enter the bathroom with someone else it will be recorded.
  4. After make-me-eat-it guy last week, there's now a guy doing the rounds trying to find volunteers for him to 'gay-bash'. He's a big ex-army bloke chasing down younger, slimmer guys. Lifetime ban, me thinks.
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  5. I don't go to the gym anymore freeeedom, but I remember feeling my least sexy there when I did go. Sweaty and out of place and they all know I don't have any idea what I'm doing. I can't even picture getting up to shenanigans at a gym!
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  6. What about if we group together and bash him?
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  7. Hmm I'm requesting we report this guy to the CLO in his area, he's saying he wants to 'beat the faggot out of' this young guy and plans on strangling him. Not having that.
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  8. Report!
  9. Uno


    That's scary. Don't ignore the warning signs and definitely report him.
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  10. There is someone on Grindr in the very building I work in, which is always surprising. I wish I were attracted to him dddd
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  11. The only thing I’ve taken away from this is that people do actually use the word ‘host' in regards to a hookup off Grindr.
  12. Okay so given previous discussion in here it feels like the most appropriate place to post this. I’ve spent the evening with my boyfriend and our only gay friend at the pub having a kiki about things I couldn’t really discuss with straight friends. Homophobic gym teachers, favourite type of porn + what websites to use, making plans for pride etc.

    Like, it’s just so nice to have a gay friend and I’ve not really felt like I was missing that until I made one and realised that actually having someone who’s experiences etc are similar to yours and they can relate to that because of that shared characteristic makes such a difference to the dynamic of a friendship.
  13. I do.

    Anyway, speaking of Grindr. I just had a three way with a couple. I thought at first, the pictures that the guy sent were fake but they were real. Well the guy that opened the door, looked like he used his pictures when he was younger. But the other one, damn! His partner said to me, to wake him up and I did. When I saw his face when he remove the blanket, my pants fell off! He's probably the hottest guy I've ever been with. I'm not going to mention every detail as this is a PG 13 forum. But it was just awesome. I know this is not gonna happen again with those two, because they blocked me. Even though they acted like we would meet again. But it was an experience I'll never forget!
  14. Help
  16. Yeah but what is weird is they just replied to my text message. I thought the number they gave me was fake. So I hope I meet them again, but if not oh well. I'll just make myself more attractive so I could meet more sexy guys!
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Honestly I am loving this performance art series.
  19. It's like a one-woman show. We have the rise, the fall, the heartbreak AND the comeback.
  20. Phaedra, she's ready to work!
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