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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Was there always going to be a Greatest Hits even if she didn't get injured? I always thought it was something they did because she decided to take a break/get married after her injury.
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  2. No, I'm pretty sure Billboard announced in March or April 04 that Jive was planning a greatest hits album for the fall.
  3. I love the direction she was heading with I Run Away, Don’t Hang Up, Breathe on Me, TOMH, and even over to you now(lyrically my fav song about anal). She was becoming a trance princess, digging deep in the EDM genre. Then theres the beginning of chillney with Early Morning and Showdown. In The Zone was all over the place in the best way- a true versatile queen

    Also Don’t Hang Up could’ve easily replaced that unnecessary but good Bollywood remix of MATM.
  4. I always wanted someone to do a mash up of Brave New Girl and Geri B side Brave New World.
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  5. I think 'Don't Hang Up' is one of my favourites of her deep cuts. Her vocal performance in it is really great.
  6. When people talk about her best vocal moments, they tend to leave out Gimme More. I'm listening to it right now and the ad-libs are SENDING me. She was vocalising like a horny opera singer and did what she had to do.
  7. I'm pretty sure there was some made up fan rumor that she was supposed to perform Boom Boom at the VMAs, so I think that's why people were convinced it was a potential single. But I think either the writers or producers actually confirmed Breathe On Me was going to be the final single and there were remixes that had been commissioned for it.
  8. Even though there's a decent amount of autotune and stuff, I always thought Blackout had some of her best vocals. She sounds really great on Why Should I Be Sad.
  9. Yeah, they were always planning a greatest hits album. She had recorded “Do Somethin’” and “My Perogative” before her injury. There was also meant to be an In The Zone Remixed album that ended up scrapped and reworked as B in the Mix.
  10. I demand a Baywatch Style video from them!!!

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  11. A video of any sort would be welcome at this point.
  12. Whilst we wait for any new music, I have revisted her albums.

    On to Britney Jean and I forgot how I liked Alien, Work Bitch and Perfume coming on one after each other. Then the quality really dips after that. Sort of picks back up on Brightest Morning Star but the middle still feels awful.
  13. Not my local coffee shop on a Friday morning being iconic and BLASTING out ‘In The Zone’ in full.
  14. Love this performance.

    She needs to wear outfits like this nowadays.
  15. 19 years ago today

  16. I feel ancient.
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  17. Awww memories of buying it on cassette and taking it back because it wasn't as good as the single. I ended up buying it again on CD but listening these days it still only has a handful of listenable songs.
  18. The international cover of Baby One More Time album was so much better than the US one.

    19 years? Wow it doesn't feel like that at all.
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