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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I'd be shocked if she dropped an album by this summer, though I do think a stand-alone single is likely. But this summer will mark 2 years since Glory, so it's not totally out of the realm of possibilities.
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  2. Copped 2 tickets the Blackpool date and it's standing yasss.
  3. He


    The should do an EP, even if just to celebrate the tour. A couple of great tracks, and a killer single.
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  4. I have a strong feeling that we'll be getting another compilation album, especially given that it's 20 years this year.
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  5. It’s 2018.
  6. ...Baby was released in 98
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  7. I thought @HEARTCORE was referring to greatest hits compilations which no one really does anymore. A BOMT re-issue could happen but if Britney’s team couldnt be bothered to do anything for Blackout’s 10-year anniversary which had legitimate buzz around it, I doubt they have any plans for BOMT either.
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  8. Streaming and best of: artist playlists really do make greatest hits compilations obsolete nowadays. Britney hasn’t had enough big singles since The Singles Collection to justify another one anyway.

    A box set like that video posted a few pages back would be ideal to celebrate her 20th Anniversary but I doubt we’d get anything as polished and content packed as that looked.
  9. It's 2018.
  10. I know that nobody does them anymore, which is why I feel Team B will probably do one haha.
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  11. Pretty sure new music is on the way. Someone asked Jessie Saint John about it on Instagram last month and he replied that he can’t say much about it other than he’s really excited.
  12. I so hope that means that Karen is doing A&R again. Isn't Jesse the one who said that Karen hooked him for Glory super last minute?
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  13. Yeah. I also remember him spilling that they were using Blackout/ITZ as a template, once again in Instagram comments, haha.
  14. Who's Jessie Saint John?
  15. Britney can give me In The Zone 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 and I'll be happy every time honestly. Just don't give us a Britney Jean 2.0.
    He wrote Love Me Down.
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  16. You're slipping.

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  17. A 2018 imagining of In The Zone/Blackout? A gay can only get so erect. Tbh I have not been this excited for a new Britney album in like... forever. Glory was such a big step in the right direction that the sky is the limit with the next album's potential. Please, please, please just don't let Pitbull anywhere near the album, that's all I ask.
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  18. I high-key feel ashamed that I let myself slip like this.
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  19. Was going through Youtube and ended up watching some Ashley Tisdale videos. They were really trying to make her be another version of Britney, right? Used to really enjoy her back then. Too bad she's like a Youtuber now kiii

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  20. Guilty Pleasure was a great album.
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