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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. She's met him several times so I certainly hope not. We know she's horrific at names, though ("Justin Trainer", "Keesha", "Tinasha", forgetting the name of Ben Mor who she had worked with 3 times).
  2. I think Burns liked some tweets about working on new music with Britney. And in my opinion the Julia and Justin tracks are the best on Glory so I wouldn’t mind at all, plus it’s clear Britney has a great working relationship with them so it’s kinda inevitable they will be on the new album.
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  3. Does anyone else think that, while stylistically better and 'cooler' than what we got, the original video is actually shit? It was kind of dense for a LaChapelle video. The most exciting bit being the tiger. But then... so many choices took place. Literally having very awkward/rapey looking sex? Throwing a TV out of a window and killing a guy? Being caged naked? Britney looked stunning but it was so off brand and from the footage I've seen it would probably rank as one of LaChapelle's most boring works.
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  4. Hmm no it looked great.
  5. Say what you want about the original video being too much, but it was far from boring.
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  6. I genuinely don't understand all the fuss over it. It didn't seem to bring anything new or interesting to the table that we haven't already seen from her. I mean sure it probably would have been better than what we got but I'm not losing sleep over it not being released.
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  7. The video we did get was boring, not David’s version. The original would have scalped the globe and was therefore held back for health and safety reasons.
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  8. No. Also, what was rapey about the G-Eazy scene? Out of place for a Britney video, sure (it went further than she usually does), but not rapey.
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  9. The LaChapelle video may not have been bringing anything all that new to the table (though we've only seen a small part of it) but it at least looked interesting and in 2016 Britney needed interesting. Music videos are her best gateway into streaming. She needed a video that would drum up publicity and have replay value. She looks amazing in the video we did get but thats all it has going for it. It is literally beige.
  10. Well my opinions on the LaChapelle video are separate from the video we got. That's a whole other story. I'm just commenting on the fact that most people seem so agrieved that we didn't get the original LaChapelle video, when frankly he should have tried harder (or been less try-hard).
  11. I watched the clips we got from his video at least 100 times, and you can't ask for much more in a music video than replay value. It did feel different for a Britney video, plus there was a lot we never saw (her in the gown, knocking down the house, etc.) I'll get over it one day (maybe) but for now I just hope they nail the next video. Slumber Party was a step in the right direction but it was too little too late.
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  12. Dragging the LaChapelle video is pointless because there's a ton of it that we still haven't seen.

    Whether you hate it or not, that video is exactly what Britney needed to kick off the album and scrapping it derailed the entire campaign. I would throw it in the top 5 list of biggest mistakes her team has ever made.
  13. The cage scene alone looked better than pretty much all of her officially released videos this decade
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  14. Britney's most underrated song, video and look/s EVER
  15. Oooh, there's something soooo sexy about Britney with that ponytail. Love that first dress as wel. I always thought that it was Versace but I'm not sure if that's true.
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  16. Is this account reliable?

  17. Spanish-esque icon coming.

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  18. It all seemed very beige
  19. ...okay but the video we got literally used beige as a damn color palette and barely even fit the song itself.
  20. Not fan favorite "Change Your Mind" being the blueprint for the new album.
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