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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. HRH


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  2. Was just watching the No Good Advice video, reminded me of the time I was reciting the dance routine as it played on the telly, in front of our patio doors when one of the lads I used to kick a football around with walked up to the doors to see if I wanted to come out and play.. it was a moment we both pretended never happened and was never spoken of again! I must have been about 11 at the time. Ah memories!
  3. Nicola Roberts is currently on Radio 1. They played 'Biology'. She says she would make another solo album, and 'if it comes together it comes together' but she's enjoying being behind the scenes. The interviewer asked her if she still talks to the girls, she said they're 'the best of friends', clearly meaning Cheryl and Kimbo.
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  4. Something very similar happened to me when I was little, but with the Spice Girls.
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  5. [​IMG]

    I am gagging. Nicola & Kim serving 'visiting our sick aunite in hospital' while Sarah is serving cool mom realness.


    Back when Sarah & Nicola were tight.
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  6. Mvnl

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    Don't you mean 'back when Nicola was having a fit and Sarah reminded her to count to ten?'
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  7. That's a very real possibility.
    Or maybe Kimberley was at home with a ginger polly pocket doll trying to bewitch her to join in her Cheryltology cult and Sarah's trying to save her soul.
  8. Or maybe the mere mention of 'Ten' sent Nicola hysterical?
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  9. Repeat clip - but I still can't watch this without feeling emotional.

    the first 2 minutes are just amazing.

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  10. So I went on a Girls Aloud binge last night and have some thoughts:

    I watched Off the Record (I think I'd seen most of it before but it was several years ago). Sarah doesn't come off well to me at all. Unfocused, unreliable, and even back then the other girls don't seem to have much to do with her. Not in a bad blood way, but she just sort of lifts out of the group. Nadine and Cheryl's relationship was hard to read because one minute they seem like they really have nothing to say to each other, and the next minute we hear they stayed up getting drunk in Nadine's hotel room together. I've gathered on this forum over the years that Cheryl's behavior in this doc is pretty infamous and I did think she was really funny. The comments section was less impressed but I thought her being pissed that her bandmates got dressed by a stylist and she was in street clothes made sense.

    Then I watched the Ten Tour. Great! The first 40 minutes were some of the best concert footage I've seen. Once they went to the stage in the middle it fell apart for a while. Why on earth they thought they should sing Sexy! No No No - one of their most energetic songs- while standing stationary on that piece in the air, and then sing Untouchable with nothing to do on that little stage is beyond me. I watched the Out of Control tour after that and the song choices to do on the middle stage were much better.
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  11. I really want someone to put Off The Record into a two hour movie and chuck it on Youtube.
  12. The whole thing's already there babes. I've been watching them on the sly at work.
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  13. Isn't it in like 10 minute chunks? Ain't nobody got time
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  14. Yeah but the next one comes up as "up next" so like minimal effort don't be so lazy babes x
  15. Am the only one (I probably am) who notices similarities between:

    Tangled Up/Out of Control
    Super Trouper/The Visitors
    The Dreaming/Hounds of Love

    Some of the best songwriters and singers of pop music reaching their most creative and sophisticated peak.
  16. Do Girls Aloud have some sort of cheap deal with itv? Their songs are constantly played in the background of stuff. Jump was just on BGT. And the always play Sexy! No No No when someone gets a no and they used to play Something New every day on Loose Women.
  17. The TV industry is full of gay men that love a GA tune. Plus they do sound great in tv shows.
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  18. I have a question about On The Metro. On the record, it sounds like Nadine does the ad-libs ("same baby","got your name") but on the tour it's Sarah who does them?
  19. Sarah's always stealing other people's lines.