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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. There's just no way it's the end of Girls Aloud. That isn't me saying it because I can't let go of the past or wishful thinking either.

    They're only in their early 30's. They will definitely do something in the future. I mean, come on here... ALL of the girls say performing is their favourite thing to do and look what they do now? None of it, and even if they wanted to, their solo careers will never take them to the big arenas and hundreds of thousands of fans. It's only been a few years since the split. They'll crave it in the future and I have no doubt in my mind we'll see them on stage again one day.
  2. I'm convinced it'll happen in 2022 for their 20th anniversary.

    What we should be wishing for is a full album* and not just a few new songs.

    *fully produced by Xenomania, of course
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  3. I'd bet good money that they'll never do anything together as a five piece again.
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  4. If things are really this bad, and there's literally zero chance of them reuniting, then I hope Sardine go ahead and cheapen the brand by drafting in Michelle Heaton, Kerry Katona, and Heidi Range. Either keep it classy and maintain the original, or a total shit-show--I want moar Aloud.
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  5. I absolutely love Girls Aloud. They are the most amazing girl band in my opinion. But I don't think I want a reunion of any sort of them, unless they're going an album with new material.

    Whilst I thought the Spice Girls tour was amazing, they really upped the production values. Girls Aloud tours peaked with Tangled Up, with Out of Control and Ten looking simply as weaker versions of the previous.

    I was very disappointed with the Ten tour and I almost don't want anything to taint the memories I have of them. It was so clear on stage the chemistry among them was gone. And it was almost sad to see.

    Plus (and that's probably just me) I always thought they shined mostly when doing their album tracks on tour, rather than the hits. So another Hits tour will leave me a bit empty.

    Having said that, if they announce a tour I will be first in line to get tickets. So what do I know.
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  6. I'll take "Graffiti My Soul" over "Jump" on the next tour.

    I feel like new music is pretty unlikely if/when they do return, particularly if its just another "celebration" rather than a proper return to Girls Aloud. At best, maybe something unreleased is unveiled, but a new Xenomania produced Girls Aloud album just sounds like fan wank at this point in time, and I don't really trust the girls creatively without Brian involved.
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  7. I totally agree with you with the fact a full-album is unlikely. Hence why I don't want them to reform at all. And that's from a fan.
  8. Jesus Christ I lowkey wish this would happen just for the mess.
    Michelle as Cheryl, Kerry as Kimberley and Heidi as Nicola.

    The Call The Shots Middle 8 would be even more amazing, graced by the Queen of Middle 8s herself.
  9. Yeah it's like I know we should appreciate that they had a relatively neat breakup by girl group standards, but the small, desperate part of me, wishes they'd be small and desperate and keep the thing going in one shambolic form or another.

    Heidi singing "Call The Shots" is the funniest thought to cross my mind in a while. I don't even know what Michelle or Kerry's voices sound like, but obviously Kerry would do Kim's talky bit in "Something Kinda Ooooh".

    I guess they're all too old really. Maybe go the other way and draft in Frankie and Mollie.
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  10. I think Bananarama, Steps, All Saints etc. have proved that anything can happen. These are all examples of groups who openly admitted to hating each other for years. I don't think the animosity between GA is as bad as that, which makes it perfectly plausible that a reunion could happen one day. It's certainly not going to be anytime soon though. I'd give it at least another 5 years.
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  11. I hate to make it sound like it's all about money (because it's not) but the fact is, the first All Saints reunion was about the money (as they admitted) and even this time around it is work at the end of the day, for women who are largely out of work.

    And so with that said, I think it just depends on where they're at financially in the future. There is always a guaranteed earner there for them should they ever need it. I'm just very aware that there's one member who is far better off than the others and never has to resort to GA work should she not want to.
  12. I know they worked (brutally) hard over the height of their fame and thoroughly deserve a break from it all, but aren't they incredibly...BORED? We've literally heard nothing about what Nicola, Nadine, Sarah and Kimberley have been up to recently. Yes, they may do things out of the limelight which we aren't aware of - including motherhood which is important - but I've not even heard any insight news stories, ala "Sarah opens fabric store following the flop of 'Threads'...". I'd even just like to know what they are up to more, I miss them. I felt like I had a group of friends for 10 years and now we don't keep in contact anymore.

    Fuck it, I just want a new album.
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  13. I really think a full five piece reunion lies in the hands of Cheryl. Nadine is clearly up for something as shown by her suddenly licking ass towards Cheryl just recently something I don't believe she'd have done a few years ago however bills need to be paid and children and a LA lifestyle aren't cheap. Cheryl not responding to Nadine clearly shows that Cheryl hasn't forgiven her.

    Cheryl is now with and has a child with a guy worth 50 million on top of having most money in her own right so she holds all the cards. Even if Cheryl misses performing she can always return to doing another solo record should she choose she doesn't need to push for a Girls Aloud reunion to satisfy her performing cravings (if she has ever had any of those ever which I doubt)
  14. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    I said it a few weeks ago in another thread. But all that would need to happen for a Girls Aloud reunion is Cheryl and Nadine bury the hatchet. Then what Kimberley thinks about friendships and feuds in the group is largely irrelevant. Same for Nicola. They'll turn up and take the cheque and be happy about it.

    Are things *that* bad between Nadine and Cheryl? Perhaps. Is it a permanently irreparable? Certainly not. Times change, people mellow.

    Money is not a priority for Cheryl. But, in the position she's in now - I think she'd seriously struggle to sell a solo arena tour. Even with another hit under her belt, she doesn't have the reputation as a live act or the solo discography to fill venues.

    She might be fine with that, a few singles every few years might do enough to satiate her performing bug. But I hazard a guess that unless she stumbles across the perfect songwriting/producing collaborator - she's in a spiral of decreasing returns as far as her solo chart viability is concerned.

    A situation where she's no longer commercially viable as a solo artist is potentially not that far off. In which case, the only option for scratching the itch she may or may not have to perform to large audiences comes in the form of Girls Aloud.
  15. Cheryl probably hasn't responded as she's busy, you know, with a new born baby! I doubt she's sat there thinking about a tweet Nadine sent, fuming.
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  16. Can some kind soul shorthand the demise of Girls Alou for me. I have always been a fan but never really got any insight into the bust up. I know Nicola, Kimberly and Cheryl are still mates and that Nadine and Sarah aren't besties with those three but that's about all.

    I mean can someone tell me in a kind of H and Claire handed us resignation letters on the last night of our GOLD tour and then went and made a lesser version of Steps kinda way? Thanks....
  17. I'd MUCH rather hear this tea tbh! As if I didn't know Steps was this messy! Can you link to me to the thread or post it in spoilers or something, as this ain't the place but I want to hear it!

    Not gonna lie, I would be up for Nadine/Sarah/Nicola/Kim coming back as a 4 piece if Cheryl held off. It's not like Spice Girls where they were integral - in terms of songwriting & production, etc due to Xenomania - and I would always love all 5 to be together, but anything for a new album full of Nadine tbh.

    And if Cheryl ain't there, at least that Chimola bullshit will be left at the door.
  18. The best we'd ever get this year is a private dinner with all 5 at Kimberley's house...

    But in reality, it'll be Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley having dinner at Kimberley's and Nadine popping round to Sarah's; Chimola posting Instagram photos and Sardine spamming Snapchat.
  19. Whew Sardine being the more fun of the 5 on snapchat.

    Legends only.
  20. I definitely don't agree with all of this, Cheryl is intergral to the band, especially when they used to tour. She is dynamite on stage, I saw them a lot and my eyes were always drawn to her. She is the best all round performer in terms of stage presence and dancing.

    Factoring in as well that she is by far the most famous of the group, I'd say that if a reunion was to happen in the future, the group needs her.

    They need Nadine's voice and Cheryl's performance ability for it to work.
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