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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. To me it sounds like it's both Nadine and Sarah on the record.
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  2. Nadine does all the ad-libs on the final chorus but Sarah actually does them on the second chorus. It was probably agreed beforehand that they'd share them for the tour version? It's a bit like when it's only Nadine/Cheryl doing the talky bits in the second verse of Something New when it's actually all the girls doing it on record.
  3. All the girls but Kimbo, right?
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  4. Yeah actually, my bad.
  5. This reads like a Lisa Scott-Lee tweet to me.
  6. What I loved about Girls Aloud is that they had five very distinctive voices. It's always been easy for me to figure out who sings what. I think that's (their individuality and music style) also pretty reflective in their solo work.
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  7. Though the best combination has always been Nadine's voice and Cheryl's.
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  8. Also, regarding my last post, isn't Something New's chorus just a Nadine/Cheryl duet?
  9. Is there a Voice Ireland or X Factor Ireland for Nadine to reign upon? "That was purr, that was purr".

    I need her voice in my life--speaking or singing. She's not still touring with that dance outfit is she?
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  10. I wouldn't hold your breath. She doesn't seem to have committed to anything long-term for about 13 years.
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  11. Anaíyah says hi.
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  12. Anaíyah thinks the Starbucks lady is her mother.
  13. Because that is probably the picture that Nadine has on her passport.
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  14. [​IMG]

    When will your passport ever be this iconic?
  15. This made me laugh really, really hard, so thank you for that.
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  16. No thread on here gives me the LOLs like this one. Best fans ever.
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  17. The last digit on the year of her passport should really be a question mark.
  18. There should also be space for "Maykun meyh a Gemini".
  19. If Girls Aloud can't reach a mutual agreement for 20, am I alone in hoping for a Nadine-Aloud Tour (since she claims to technically still be Girls Aloud anyway) rather than Chimol-Aloud? I assume Sarah is fluid enough to join either party, so I just sort of crossed her off as a common denominator.