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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I'd be here for a Sardine duo.
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  2. Was standing in the queue at morrisons the other day and saw on the front of 'Now' magazine a photo of the girls from the Brits 2009 with text "Cheryl blocking GA reunion" or something to that effect! Been a while since they have been any stories on them, wonder if theres anything to it.
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  3. Of course there isn't.
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  4. Doubt it. I mean Sarah's probably campaigning for it and Cheryl's not responding to her texts.

    Its too soon, I doubt they've even discussed it. It'll happen eventually though, I've no doubt about that.
  5. I read this tonight in Tesco (Kii). It's crap it actually says Kimberley "We'll see what happens after the tour" Walsh is campaigning for a 15th anniversary tour but doesn't want to put pressure on Cheryl so soon after having the baby. Then it cites Nadine's and Sarahs twitters to bulk out the article.
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  6. I think cheryl having a baby is probably the best thing that could have happened in terms of a reunion, her solo career will be left behind now and I think with time off in reflection she will have the urge to do it all again maybe one last time. If Cheryl is on board that's a pretty much done deal lets face it Sarah is desperate for it, Nadine longs to be on that stage, kimberley will turn up to the opening of an envelope these days and Nicola is probably the one who is the biggest fan of the group
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  7. This is a bizarre way of thinking. Was Britney's career left behind when she had kids? Was Beyonces? Was JLo's? Was Madonnas? She's already been recording another solo album while she was pregnant. There's no reason to believe she's done with her music career.
  8. Yeah, but in some ways Cheryl's solo career as a singer has kind of petered out. She doesn't really sell albums now, she can't really command large tours. One gets the feeling she wants to slow down now anyway, she's worked hard the last 15 or so years, time to have a break. She's not the icon the others are to have kids, go away for a while and slot right back in.
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  9. Yeah, compare the way Madonna, Beyonce and JLO work with Cheryl's.
  10. I think she'll focus on her tv career.
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  11. Her last tour was an arena tour and she hasn't gone on one since. Her last album produced 2 #1's which still makes her viable singles artist. The doom and gloom over her career seems a little premature.
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  12. I'm not sure where people got the idea that Cheryl's career is over. Sure, she's passed her peak... but it's not like isn't capable of chart success. Not many popstars can shift huge volumes anymore.
  13. It's more hope tbh. Hope because her solo career is the last thing standing (assuming they can put aside the bullshit which, lets be honest, they probably wont) that can block the reunion. Not that I'm wishing Cheryl anything less than the best, but again, GA > Cheryl.

    Then again, if CCFV5 can serve 'A Million Lights' 2.0 that would be amazing.
  14. I think we would all skip another Cheryl album campaign for a 6th Aloud studio album...
  15. Kimberley and Nicola wouldn't. They are her biggest fans.
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  16. Sure but its not gonna happen and that doesn't have anything to do with Cheryl's solo career. Its time to let that dream die.
  17. Without dreams we have nothing though ...
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  18. Dreams that GLITTER *weeping*
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  19. I was waiting for someone to put that, superb!
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  20. These type of posts always make me laugh... Fair enough, have an opinion but preaching like you are in a position to decide what is and isn't going to happen is cringeworthy!