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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Something New & Every Now and Then would have been the 2 perfect songs to round off their ten years together with.
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  2. Along with 8 more Xenomania tracks to complete the TEN
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  3. WeLovePop club Glasgow is having a ‘15 Years Of Girls Aloud’ night on 24th November.

    EDIT: I’ve just sat and thought about that... 15 years. Time really does fly. They were such a huge part of my life growing up and they still are today it really is mental how long it’s now been.
  4. I live in Glasgow & I've never heard of that club.
  5. It’s not a club more of a themed night. It’s on the last Friday of every month at ABC on Sauchiehall Street. I’ve only been once before, not the busiest night but has all the bops.
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  6. Awww actually I've been to that before. Was quite decent.
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  7. Yes it is. I’ve always thought this too. I think the production was intentionally copied. It does add to the production though.

    I’d love to know why they swopped out “Flashdance (What A Feeling)” at the last minute for that hastily cobbled together Album Mix.

    The “Flashdance” production was apparently complete & ready to go.
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  8. Did you bang though?
  9. Imagine when she discovered that that horrid Nicola heavy song would be the lead single from Ten.
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  10. "Then I'm not doing it"

    - Nadine
  11. I never listen to "Beautiful..." so I didn't even realize Nadine didn't have any parts in it. Was she even in the studio or did they just have her sing "MY BABY MY BABY MY BABY MY" into a Voice Memo and text it to the producer? I love Nicola and I'm glad she got to shine I guess, but what kind of travesty making Nadine into a backup singer on their final song...

    Also, I just found this on Wikipedia:

    "Lucas Villa of Examiner described the song as "about feeling pretty in the presence of a loved one", and yet described the song as "awkwardly reminiscent of the Mean Girls line: “I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you.”"

  12. 10 years of Girls Aloud's Tangled Up have been gorgeous.
  13. The demo has more of her & Sarah, and this alone makes the song 50% better. I wonder if it was pettiness that stopped that version in it's tracks.

    Maybe Kimberley finally got ha revenge after being shafted (rightfully so) by and in favour of Sarah for the 'Walking Primrose' line in the Promise.
  14. I've only ever listened to the demo version of Beauitful... for the Nadine verse.
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  15. Glad my tweet amused you. I don’t understand how they chose BCYLM over On The Metro?!
  16. That or the instrumental with just Nads repeating "my baby my baby my baby my baby my...".
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  17. I have a feeling BCYLM was given to them on the understanding it was released as a single. Like Britney's Radar - contractual obligation to promote the song.
  18. Wow. I just checked out Sarah Harding's Spotify page. The stream counts are shocking. I never realised how little the UK public cared about Solo Aloud. The incredible 'Indelible' has only 3k streams after 2 years! Makes Nadine's Go To Work seem a huge success...and sad to say it but she's working on more music, I can't see it doing any better. I think Sarah should have released 'Too Bad' back in 2009 and got her music career off to a proper start...

    Oh and Sarah's broken up officially with Chad by the way...cue the magazine deals and autobiography!