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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. NO. How could she?
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  2. The greatest 12 track run in the 21st century more like. Seriously no other pop band made such good pop albums that were consistent.

    I remember having the discussion with a relative about why it was important that I had both the standard and fan editions despite the track listing being the same.

    I'm celebrating today and getting my copy out and playing it!!! I'll be emotional by track 4 never mind 8! I'll be back tomorrow with a rant of why 'Girl Overboard' should have been a single, no doubt.
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  3. Maybe she only likes the ones they performed on tour. And let's face it, they are the best 8 tracks. The other 4 are also brilliant but the run from 1-8 is orgasmic!
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  4. I've just been reading reviews of Tangled Up to celebrate its birthday and this almost made me emotional.

    "short, sharp and tight collection of some of the most exciting music in a particularly exciting career"

    God, they really were amazing..
  5. TMI


    Shame the last songs of the album bar Crocodile Tears are awful.
  6. The only so I used to hate on TU was Damn, but I quite like it now.
  7. For me it was I’m Falling, I still to this day think it’s their worse song ever.
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  8. 'Cough' 'Fix me up' 'Cough'
  9. I like both, "I'm Fallin" and "Fix Me Up". The only song I actually dislike is "Love Bomb".
  10. Yeah, with you on that one, especially on such a high quality album
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  11. Nothing on Tangled Up or Out Of Control is their worst song. Look at the second halves of their first three albums before making these statements.

    Anyway, I will be doing a complete Tangled Up listen and video marathon today to celebrate. Such an incredible pop record.
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  12. Remains my favorite pop album ever. It was a rush of perfection upon the first listen, and it holds up just as well 10 years later.

    Call The Shots is still my favorite song. Of all time.
  13. It still pisses me off that Girl Overboard wasn't a single.

    The studio version is still such a moment
  14. Tangled Up really solidified Girls Aloud as the most exciting and special pop group in the country. They were untouchable by that point. They're still untouchable, in my opinion.
  15. Life peaked when Tangled Up and Blackout were the latest additions to my iTunes library. What a fucking triumph both still are 10 years on.
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  16. The best tour entrance ever -

  17. I wished the stayed together after 09- even just for the tours. (I would of loved to see what they come up with show wise).
  18. I asked for 'Bored stupid' today on fascination management instagram account and they replied with a laughing emoji...
  19. The tours were BRILLIANT. My fave is Out Of Control. It was so polished and well put together. Gave me goosebumps. Then Tangled Up - that had possibly one of the best openings to any tour I've ever seen, just electrifyingly good. Then Chemistry with a super encore. Ten was a weird one for me, very nostalgic but lacking. I thought the opening was alright and certainly SOTU made sense, but they should have done an amazing opener flying in or something starting with Something New and then gone 'Lets take it back from the beginning etc'...It also needed a proper encore rather than I'll Stand By You, The Promise and then that's it. It needed 'Every Now And Then/Untouchable' and that would have worked for me, ending with 'Untouchable' and those lyrics would have been a powerful finish for me. For such an amazing pop band with a unbeatable ten years reign at the top they split in the most bitter and mishandled way.
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