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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. See Steps’ Party On The Dancefloor.
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  2. I don’t want to bring the mood down but I was quite disappointed with Out of Control and Ten tours. OOC was a just. Recycled version of TU and Ten was a re-recycle. Yes, the girls are always amazing on stage but the tours themselves were just lazy for innovative ideas.
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  3. It's true. Tangled Up does go off the boil a bit after Fling, although I do have a soft spot for both Damn and Crocodile Tears. The other two I could totally live without.

    Their best song remains Wild Horses. Their best single remains Biology. Their best album remains Chemistry.

    I'd give anything to go back to 2005.
  4. I totally agree that Ten Tour was a COMPLETE rehash but I struggle to see how Out of Control was a copy of Tangled Up, they were totally different?

    The only thing I can think of being remotely similar is maybe the intro to Sexy! No, No, No...?
  5. I saw, why don’t they just add it to the collection on Spotify.
  6. I think it was revisited at least twice and had been pencilled in for Chemistry before Tangled Up, so there's probably several versions of it... It's one of the oldest tracks they recorded, and was originally a Moonbaby track. Unreleased songs tend to take on a mythical and legendary status by their sheer unavailability, but it's probably mediocre at best. It was rejected more than once and not fit for even a b-side in Xenomania's eyes/ears, plus they had to deliver a bonus track for Out Of Control and Brian said they only really had We Wanna Party (leftover from WWTNS) that was ready to go, so it's less than/worse than that! However, I really like We Wanna Party, so to me/some of us, Bored Stupid is probably a right banger!
  7. I know we say the same thing about literally every album but - I just can not believe it has been 10 years. The album was so important for me as I was a teenage boy just coming to terms with my sexuality and what better (and more... telling, haha) album or group could I choose in 2007? Personal reasons aside the album still sounds so fresh and is a jewel in British music scene. Now I feel old.
  8. Has anyone heard the Moonbaby version then?
  9. The Out Of Control tour for me, was their best overall show. It really was the girls at their peak.
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  10. Yes, always feel like The OOC tour, just trumps the TU tour and I think its the ballad section. Ten would of been there best tour if there was more old songs they have never done and came up with new arrangements.
  11. It felt like the TU album/campain was better planned. I think Chemistry would of been better had the single choices been better planned and No Regrets, It’s Magic we’re replaced with better songs.
  12. No, don’t think so, but I’ve seen it on an internal publishing database with MIRANDA COOPER as the performer.
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  13. It’s Magic was quickly switched from a b-side to album track, taking the place of Singapore. That’s why we got it on See The Day CD1 as a “new track” - it was too late to change the singles, they were already pressed and ready to go. It wasn’t a new track at that point, we got it a few weeks earlier on the album! Biology and See The Day were manufactured at the same time and released 6 weeks apart.
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  14. Tangled Up was their peak as a group. Both live and with the album.

    The Out Of Control tour had its moments, but it was the start of them rehashing from previous tours.
  15. Just out of genuine interest, what do you see as rehashing on the Out of Control Tour? I honestly can't put my finger on it.

    I'm probably forgetting something though, ha.
  16. And albums.
  17. TMI


    What was the point of replacing Singapore with It's Magic ?

  18. I prefer Singapore, but what you gonna do 12 years after the fact?

    Currently blasting out Tangled Up. Greatness.
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  19. The main reason Out Of Control tour sucked was the parent album being a bit shit.
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  20. I thought the Out of Control tour was rather sublime. The Ten tour.... not so much.
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