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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I guess Cheryl saying Nadine was "full of shit" in 2014 could be regarded as slagging off but other than that it's mostly been shady digs.
  2. Charley

    Charley Moderator

    Still, regardless of where she said it, it could still be true technically, no? (Not that it would mean that much)
  3. Hasn’t that always been the case?!
  4. I just watched the whole Girls Aloud Party for the first time in quite a while. What a special group.
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  5. My first 2018 post, Happy New year Alouders!

    I think they'll be back for 20, at least I hope so. Let the money run out or decrease (Cheryl) at least. Let the media interest run out and let them miss the stage and performing to arenas and they'll be back. I'd love a Steps type documentary where they address all their issues. They forced and faked smiles for Ten but I want genuine love and friendship for twenty. I don't think music misses them at the minute apart from us and I think they need to wait a few more years....but they will be back almost for definite I think....

    Meanwhile, lets enjoy Nadine's second single and potential album this year, Cheryl's comeback on BGT and XF potentially....I can't see Nicola, Kimberley or Sarah releasing any more music. It'd take a miracle a total game changer single from Nadine to make hers a success and I think Cheryl will have to come back in force to even have the chance at another platinum album in the post. Sarah will probably go another reality show and I do hope Sarah releases a autobiography as it makes sense to me. I think Kimberley's going to get a big daytime presenting gig at some point personally (make over shows or daytime tv). Nicola will probably keep writing for others (with little takers) and can we get Cinderella Eyes II or at least an EP? Who knows.

    The horizons for them all aren't quite as bright as they were in 2009, they'll be back for sure. Mr Walsh speaks the truth but I wouldn't dream of having him involved...forbid. Ms Hillary, Ms Honan & Mr Higgins knows best when it comes to GA.
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  6. I thought Sarah was recording recently?
  7. Aside from the outfits and the dance routine (oh early noughties!) this is so great! It's bad that I can't remember which part was Cheryls! I think this is probably one of my favourite versions..

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  8. ^
    It is nice to hear Kimberley do Cheryl's part in verse 1 as well as her's and Sarah's ad-libs.
    I like that it was a professional pre-record. They sounded good.
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  9. Trudy Bellinger who directed The Show, I’ll Stand By You, Walk This Way, Sexy! No No No, The Promise and Loving Kind has done an interview with 2 fans for the 15th anniversary.


    The Show aimed to make the girls more accessible as it felt they took themselves too serious. Young girls could relate to one of the girls/characters. The idea started as a soap opera based in a salon. Nicola choose to be the tanner. Chelsea Tanner came from Elsie Tanner from Coronation Street.

    Nicola grow over time, she sometimes used to fight against things out of her insecurities. She became a swan over the time as she found herself.

    Trudy loved working with Sarah. She took direction so well and hit the mark every time.

    Between 3 and 20 people used to pitch an idea for the videos. Trudy was the only one asked for The Promise, they only had 4 days, normally it would be 3/4 weeks. Peter, Hilary and Trudy had a late night meeting and chose the drive in idea over night and then had 3 days to create it. It was shot in a studio, 6 real cars and a tiny set. Toy cars were used on a table in the final video. Trudy got attached to a movie in LA/Hollywood off the back off The Promise video.

    Sexy! No No No brief was aimed to be really edgy. I Think Were Alone Now was deemed as tacky and mainstream. They wanted to come across as more credible and grown up. Trudy had done some music videos for a Russian pop star and did a shot with dancers in 20 foot dresses and showed that to the band and label and they loved it. Trudy based the video on the game Kerplunk. Lube was used for them to get into the outfits. They got changed in Trudys office that had no curtains!

    Walk This Way was very clever she shot it with everyone separately, which we all knew. I was on set in the video. She felt that one wasn’t as well received. But they had to keep the set for all of that time over several days.

    Trudy scripted in most of Cheryl’s solo stuff and Nicolas but didn’t get the job. Cheryl wanted to distance herself from the GA link and Nicola’s budget was very small.

    Trudy loved the The Loving Kind video, Sexy! No No No and The Promise.
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  10. These girls really are bitter. Other bands mended their issues many years on given abit of a headspace and a period of no success or media interest but not Girls Aloud. Look at Steps they were talking a few years on from the madness of their last night. At one stage it looked like Geri would never come back to Spice Girls but she did. Same with Robbie v Gary in Take That. But these girls....They really are even half a decade on from the split at that same point.... The problems are :
    1. Chimola. In other bands there were no friendships stronger than those in the band. Chimola goes against that. They have their own mini band if you want...
    2. Cheryl. No other pop bands who reformed ever had a member who was so famous and rich. If she never worked again she's got enough money to last a life time and then she's got Liam too....So it's unequal. Until Cheryl flops she won't be truly hungry for Girls Aloud to get back together.
    3. Nadine. I don't know whether i believe her version of events of the split. If she's right it really shows that they weren't even speaking by the end of the tour and didn't have a meeting and make a decision that way.
  11. I await this before '20' Cheryl & Nadine
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  12. Which is about the same time if not less than it took Steps, the Spice Girls and Take That to even begin repairing bridges.
  13. Also, Robbie was at least as, if not more famous than Cheryl, highly likely richer, far more successful solo and he went back to TT. Sometimes it's not even about money but repairing friendships and for the buzz of it.
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  14. There is nothing significant stopping a girls aloud reunion. Cheryl isn't THAT famous, and their issues are nothing when it comes to band's that have split up.
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  15. Exactly.

    I would argue their lack of issues is probably the only small reason that would hold them from reuniting anytime soon. Bands like the Spice Girls,Take That and Steps had more deep routed friendships and thus a public reunion was probably quite healing and helped them move forward and appreciate the past. With Girls Aloud, were they ever that close to be really THAT personally effected by any comments made by each girl after the split? Probably not, I honestly don't think they're that bothered.

    If they reunite, it'll be because they just wanna do it.
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  16. So I have a friend who’s never heard Girls Alouds music (he’s not a massive music lover) but is randomly massively into On The Metro, he discovered it through Spotify recommendations. He’s asked me to put together a 10 song Girls Aloud playlist, going to include the obvious (Sound of the Underground, Biology etc) any suggestions for others that are similar to On The Metro that may encourage him to explore their discography more widely?
  17. Memory of You!!!
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  18. Similar to On The Metro may be difficult as it was one of the few produced outside Xenomania, but you should include;

    Something Kinda Ooooh
    Memory Of You
    Something New
    Close To Love
  19. I'd say closest to 'On The Metro' would be 'Girl Overboard'
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  20. I'd probably recommend Every Now & Then to him.
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