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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Louis needs to be locked up for Boyzone and Westlife and his Fitladz! fetisch.
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  2. Margo Marshall is incredible so I'd be interested in seeing this.
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  4. Oh but to listen to an Aloud album for the first time again...
  5. Cheryl Hole lmao, I love drag queen names I remember watching Suppositori Spelling and Mary Poppers live once #epic
  6. Oh my! can't wait to see how this turns out... looks like a well thought out and put together setup!
  7. I've been using 'Mars Attack' and 'Girls Allowed' lately. Dated but bops that hold up well considering the time.
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  8. Suppositori Spelling.

    May I have your postal address so I may send you eternal gratitude.
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  9. So this happened last night!

    I wanted to have a snatched ponytail but I forgot my hairbands and pins, and also this is a terrible angle for me but I looked and felt great!

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  10. Oh my god at the RVT?! I was there! You were fierce. Truly loved it.
  11. Wait, you were at my show???
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  12. It’s my local bar so I try to pop in a couple of times a month!
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  13. Well thank you! The RVT is my favourite venue.
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  14. I will be sure to pop along again when you’re performing!
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  15. I nearly pissed myself at this
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  16. Does she really wonder why Brian found her inner quiet baby voice? Lord. Send her to Clea.

    At the same time who the hell decided that was a good song for a singing competition?
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  17. I am thinking this the entire time what in the actual hell...
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  18. Kill it with fire.
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  19. Y'all are just salty because you could never do what Nicola does.
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