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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I’ve went with Girl Overboard, Every Now and Then, Memory of You, Close To Love and some of the bigger hits. (Call The Shots, Something Kind Ooh, Biology).

    I wanted to include Untouchable but I couldn’t deal with him finding the ten minute version ‘boring’.
  2. Beautiful Cause You Love Me. You need to include one of their top 3 best songs after all.
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  3. [​IMG]

    They said songs to make them fall in love with Girls Aloud, not to make them never listen again.
  4. This would be such a torturous task for me. 10 songs could never do them justice! Smart to stick with post-Sound Of... songs given the electro sound of On the Metro. I would’ve thrown in a wild card like Graffiti My Soul or even Love Machine to show their versatility.
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  5. What were your other 3 inclusions?

    It is tough to pick the right songs for suggestions over your favourites.

    I would also include Graffiti My Soul, Models and Love Is Pain.
    Maybe Wake Me Up or The Show.
  6. I made an Apple Music list with all the tracks in the same vein and jokingly called it the "Girls Aloud Rave" because they're all the dancey/club uptempos. Tracklisting below:

    Sexy! No No No...
    Memory of You
    It's Your Dynamite
    On The Metro
    Girl Overboard
    Something New
    Wake Me Up
    Turn to Stone
    Close to Love
    Something Kinda Ooooh...
    Every Now and Then

    He should like those :)
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  7. Just take out 'She' and 'Turn to stone' and you're onto a winner
  8. I know we get into the ‘alternate vocals’ conversation every so often and how some of the vocals in the remix’s are sang by different girls.

    I don’t remember us covering that Kimberley almost leads the chorus in Life Got Cold along with Nadine in one of the mixes.
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  9. Whhaaaa.... IDK.. I liked how atmospheric they sound. "Turn to Stone"'s instrumental is glorious.
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  10. What's the name of the remix?
  11. 29 Palms Club Remix.
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  12. I was always interested in how some of those remixes were created. Like the all Sarah remix of The Promise, the No Good Advice remix with Kimberley repeating the prechorus, and it always bugged me that the Flip and Fill remix of SOTU repeated the first verse when, hi, second verse. If they were sent early versions, I’d thought they be all Nadine, which I would not mind one bit.
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  13. Do you know the name of the NGA remix?
  14. DDD

    "Nicola's nice. She's a good singer" - Louis Walsh
    *cuts to Nicola screaming Lady Marmalade*

    I was not prepared. My poor ears.
  15. Kimberley seems to do the second verse in the flip n fill mix.
  16. it was the doublefunk vocal mix.
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  17. Only talent. Christina who?
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  18. I think most of the Gravitas remixes of the early singles all had alternate vocals. Wake Me Up is just Nadine and Cheryl (maybe Nicola?), and I'll Stand By You is just Sarah.

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  19. Spending my afternoon enjoying some of their 2003 performances. The absolute audacity of them having Kimberley mime to Cheryl's vocals:
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  20. Better than the ending. Good lord Kimberley.
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