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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Oh right... here in the US, they’re a one (minor) hit wonder, due to a cover.
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  2. Westlife and Boyzone based their entire careers on covers.
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  3. Steps?
  4. Thats what I get for posting early in the morning. Should’ve thought that one through a bit more. But the main points I wanted to make is that it seems to be much more common in the UK than the US, and I don’t see many mainstream/radio acts here sending out covers as singles.
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  5. It's not so common now but in the late 2000s/early to mid 00s it was pretty common for pop acts to have cover singles regularly. They were more often than not charity singles or film tie ins. 'See the day' being the only exception.
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  6. See The Day was for charity as well, It did nothing though.
  7. I Think Were Alone Now didn’t have any movie/charity tie in.
  8. They had female dancers at the Graham Norton Show performance of Love Machine.
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  9. It's A Boy Girl Thing.
  10. It wasn't recorded for the film, but yeah, it was used in that film.
  11. I meant for the first time, yeah they had in the Graham Norton Love Machine too. I don't know what purpose that served in my own opinion. Having 10 dancers on the Ten tour was abit much!
  12. especially when they used the dancers in lieu of the dance breakdown.
  13. It's interesting to watch Little Mix continue their reign at the top of their peak unlike Girls Aloud and they still are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. I think what the 'Girls Aloud problem' was that they weren't all equals in terms of fame and there were no mini friendships within the group that were stronger than the whole. I would have loved Girls Aloud to carry on beyond OOC as i think we still deserved an album or two outta them as they were just properly getting started but Cheryl and Nadine couldn't be stopped, and mainly their desire to go solo and breakout on their own was why we never got to see them get super huge.
  14. I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if they'd stuck it out another year just as pop was coming back. It was incredibly poignant how they didn't really fit into the late 90s/early 2000s pop boom, but then made it all the way through the indie explosion (as Kimberly once said "while pop was dying") and then left just as pop came back.

    I think they got to the point where they genuinely needed a break from each other (or certain members rather), but as soon as the horse was out of the gate there was no going back. I mean of course they did their reunion and all but I just think those couple of years after they broke up were so pivotal and could have seen them truly cementing their status.

    Ideally here's what I would dream about:

    - Everything run as it did right up until the Jay-Z concert.
    - No new album at the end of 2009 to give themselves and the public a breather
    - Cheryl does her X Factor thing and maybe even a one-off solo feature that is performed on the show.
    - New single "One Touch" (the Mini Viva song) released in Spring/Summer 2010. Huge summer number one.
    - Second single released in September in time for an X Factor performance. Can't think what that would be. Something club-friendly, dancey, big radio hit. Something like All Night Long/Dynamite. They do a Girls Aloud week, it goes down a storm, celebratory vibe.
    - Album released in November. The girls announce it's their last album before they take a break, Christmas single/ballad released in December.
    - They clear up at the BRIT Awards 2011, take home the Achievement Award thing and do a medley at the end of the show.
    - Huge farewell tour in summer 2011. Becky, Paige and Jordan all get tickets and rave about it on Facebook as if it's the Spice Girls 2008 tour.

    I don't know where Cheryl's 'nation sweetheart'/solo career era fits into all this but...meh! I guess if we're rewriting that, she'd go to X Factor USA, go solo, became a huge name in America by 2012? lmao.

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  15. When it comes to groups, Five is the magic number for me - there’s an added dynamic that makes song creation a bit more interesting. Little Mix is the exception as they were created as Four and are amazing. I do sometimes wish they had a fifth member but that person would probably carry an ego and it would be another Fifth Harmony tale.
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  16. I bet Amelia Lily wishes she’d been the fifth member every time she sees them have another hit.
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  17. And yet Long Hot Summer did! Herbie: Fully Loaded (Disney)! They just dropped it from the film, much to everyone's annoyance, after they re-worked it a million times. The video being set in a garage was to tie-in with Herbie the car and was designed to compliment the film footage.

    It wasn't? At least, not publicly. Not a word about any charity on the CD singles.
  18. Poor Girls Aloud getting dropped from a Lindsay Lohan film soundtrack not once, but twice.
  19. They didn't need to take a break! I'd have expected a new studio album with stadium dates in 2010 had they not gone on hiatus!
  20. They couldn’t have done stadiums.