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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I disagree. I think they could have had a fair shot at some shows in 2010 (obviously had they stuck around)
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  2. Not in their wildest dreams, IMO.
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  3. I would say they probably could have done at least a few stadium dates in 2010, had they continued.

    They were doing several back to back sold out nights in London and Manchester for both the Tangled Up and Out of Control Tours which would have most likely amplified even more had they released another album in 2009.
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  4. I remember someone posted here about each line in Sound Of Underground chorus being heavily dominated by one of the girls. It really seems like they not singing all together.

    Can that someone post it again?
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  5. You can hear it more on the Brian Higgins remix.
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  6. They sold out three dates in Newcastle at a 11,000 capacity arena in 2013 = 33,000. That’s still less than 50% of the region’s stadium, which has a 68,000 capacity.
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  7. You can hear distinctively in the remix, but I don't think is that obvious in the normal single edit.

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  9. I’m torn between tangled up and OOC as which has the best tour performance of Sotu
  10. They all sang the whole song in isolation, including Javine, and the vocal lines were cut and pasted depending who sang it "best" or which girl's vocal worked most. They never sang it together in the studio, that's how there was a version without Kimberley and also how different vocals can be heard on the mix(es). Generally, when remixes are commissioned (not really relevant to Girls Aloud as 90% of the remixes were done in-house), multi-tracks are provided (isolated tracks of vocals, drums, synths, etc.) and the producer/remixer re-assembles them within their own creation. Alternate vocals often turn up in remixes as a result.
  11. Most of the stadium shows for big artists are around 50k attendance. Back in their heyday and particularly the Out of Control tour, they were doing 4 nights in Manchester, 5 in London (3 in the O2, 2 in Wembley) and so on. I'm not saying they would have had a 30 date stadium tour but they could have definitely done 10 shows.

    It's like when people say The O2 holds 23,000. It doesn't. It's around 15-16k for a concert.
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  12. I'm glad they didn't. Stadium tours suck!
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  13. I can't see the point for a pop act (never mind a pop group) to do stadium tour.
    It's just to feed their ego and contain costs, but the whole experience, as a casual attender sucks.
  14. I think they could've easily done a massive stadium show at the end of the Out Of Control tour. Their popularity (including Cheryl post X-Factor) would have boosted sales.
  15. It still annoys me that Cheryl tries to put the blame for the initial hiatus in 2009 solely on Nadine in interviews. Yes, Nadine did want to go solo - no denying that. But, Cheryl factually speaking released music before anyone else too. She had a full on single and album ready 2-3 months after the OOC tour, that just doesn't happen!

    The fame she gained from XF did help the OOC era become more successful for them and of course she then wanted to use that to launch her solo career. It was HER time so she was for hiatus for that very reason. So yes, her second XF year could have been used to help GA get even bigger/sell a small stadium tour but instead it was used to help launch 3 Words. I would have loved another album or two by that point but they'd been together by that point for six years and wanted and needed a break from each other and it made sense for all of them to try and launch solo ventures during their peak.
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  16. Doesn't Cheryl argue that it was clear by 2008 that Nadine wanted to go solo and the group was coming to a natural break? Thus giving her at least a year to plan her solo album.
  17. Again, Betty Boo revealed she'd been asked to submit songs for a solo Cheryl record in 2007 - before Tangled Up was even released. She talks about that from about 0:35 here;

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  18. I wouldn't be surprised if they were lining Sarah, Nadine, and Cheryl up to go solo after the greatest hits, but when the greatest hits was huge dropped that idea. Let's not forget about Sarah's Richard X track from around that time that's buried in a forest somewhere.
  19. I just noticed that the title of Nicola's debut single 'Beat of MY drum' is the same lyric as her line in 'Sound of The Underground' which is instead 'The beat of THE drum goes round and round'. It makes sense to say MY drum, as it's HER music now...

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  20. The studio version of Call The Shots is the same, but they all sing it live. Which annoyed me, they were a bit shouty with it.
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