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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. NOT the same price point as Nadine's tour?! I am pettily living.
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  2. Save your money, folks. And your hearing.
  3. Heavens. That is awful.

    And they say Nadine was deluded with her solo career. Kimba is up there like she’s some legendary crooner and she thinks we are hanging on her every note.
  4. 'Solo Girls Aloud' is a terrible and terrifying contradiction.
  5. £30 to go and see Kimberley?!? Are you having a giraffe.

    (I almost tweeted my disgust but I remembered that Nicola follows me and I don’t want her to hate me ddd)
  6. I wouldn't pay 30p to see Kimberley honk her way through an entire setlist of songs she can't sing.
  7. Honk. Splutter.
  8. I guess there’s a good chance of Chicola (or is it Neryl) being in the audience for one of the shows. I’d pay £30 for that, especially if it’s a Monday night and there’s only five other people in the audience.
  9. Forget a Girls Aloud medley. I'd pay up to a tenner to watch Kimberly defy gravity and common sense with a reenactment of this triumphant solo moment...

    That 'note' at 2:54...
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  10. It is Cherola
  11. Lmao @ Chicola jahahahahah
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  12. At least I made you laugh!
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  13. I want The Crazy Life and Memory Of You, and a few excerpts from her thrilling autobiography with Nadine accompanying on the bodhran.
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  14. Were there any leaks from Girls Aloud unreleased material (except for demoes, alt. version, etc.)?
  15. Not that I can think of, off the top of my head.
    They’ve mainly been demo’s and alternate versions.

    The Fling My Soul Overboard and Tour Megamix were the most unique.
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  16. I always think this would of been amazing on Tangled Up. It’s very Xenomania.

  17. That's a cover of this, yes Sneaky Sound System I think were the closest thing to Xenomania there was. 'When we were young ' is like a baby sister to 'Biology '

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  18. It's crazy to think it's been exactly 10 years since this...

  19. Holy shitballs it has as well. What a tour.
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  20. Watching this tour on my ex’s family’s big screen and surround sound had me completely mesmerized and immediately I knew I had to see them on their next tour, which we did on the OOC tour. I was “straight” then. Ha
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