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General Girls Aloud Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Str8 for GA forever.
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  2. Random thought:

    Their November 2008 appearance on This Morning - four of them are wearing their outfit from the Out Of Control album cover - why wasn't Cheryl?
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  3. I actually would. It's billed as a comedy set, right?
  4. all I can think of...
  5. Who looks like the dickhead? Not you!

    That was one of my favourite documentary series. I liked how real and authentic they were, None of this scripted Chasing The Saturdays nonsense
  6. Loved pre-media-training Cheryl.
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  7. Pre-media trained Cheryl is a gem.
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  8. She used to be so fucking brazen. Not afraid to say anything to anyone.


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  9. “Does anybody care about being at the peak of Greek?”
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  10. Them having the audacity to climb it up on heels though.
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  11. Tangled Up has got to be their best album and one of the best pop albums ever. The non-stop sequence of bops. Wig flew.
  12. It never gets old, and it beats you down track after track almost relentlessly.

    Also ha magnum opus CLOSE TO LOVE right at the front end. LorT.

    For the first few years I didn’t like Damn very much, but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate it more.
  13. Any album that contains Call The Shots and Girl Overboard is a masterpiece.
  14. Just saw the post regarding Tength bday of Tangled Up and wow!

    What a time to be alive that was, I saw it in Manchester and then also on one of their summer shows at like Warwick castle (?) brilliant show.

    Tangled Up tour also had their best costumes (and maybe Ten)
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  15. Tangled Up is Ten Years Old?

    Toto, I don't think we're in our 20's anymore.
  16. It was 10 years old 6 months ago, I think they're talking about the anniversary of the tour.

  17. When I listen to Girls Aloud, they have to dominate my ears the entire day. Today was one of those days. I absolutely loved this performance of Call The Shots. They were such a united front at this point and it was such an exciting time for the band.

    Same old thoughts, but I miss them so badly.
  18. Agreed, I was out on a sprint this morning and had something new on my earphones and my god what a stomper !! Nothing more motivating than Nadine and Cheryl shouting Go girls g-g-go go go go!
  19. I think it all started to go downhill after this point as X Factor was on the horizon for Cheryl thus changing her priorities as a team player to solo ambitions. I still believe Nadine would've stayed the duration with the group despite her own solo ambitions.
  20. It still annoys me that Dannii and Simon didn't have the manners to stand up and clap.

    Gosh, "Call The Shots" really should've been number one (like so many of their singles). What. a. SONG.