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General K-Pop Rants/complaints/unpopular opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Platonic Love -> You=Heaven -> It's Raining -> Back:Hug -> Meteor is an incredible singles run though. I never got into GOT7 or Monsta X personally, but Snuper are delivering everything I want from a boy band. I admit that they don't have much vocal talent but to be honest I listen to people who can not sing, I very rarely listen to singers, so it doesn't bother me.

    Also, Sebin :
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  2. I mean you're not wrong about Sebin, I was a Sebin stan a year before I heard any of Snuper's songs. All I knew is that he was friends with KNK and Astro after their special stage and he looked cute even in the presence of Kings Park Seungjun, Kim Jihun and Cha Eunwoo.

    I do like some of the Snuper songs but not as much as I do with KNK's and SF9's singles run not including SF9's new single that's coming out today by the sound of the snippet. More KPJ unnies need to stan KNK because they're super talented. (not Seungjun but he's cute so it doesn't matter if he sucks at singing, dancing and rapping)
    I'm not sure many people here love or follow Highlight/BEAST but KNK are like a nugu baby version of them to the point of nearly plagiarising their music with each single. Rain has one of the best choreographies in terms of design and visuals with the member swapping behind umbrellas and the umbrella car.

    Also Seungjun and Jihun' marriage is enough of a reason to stan.
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  3. I spent half an hour reading Twitter threads proving that those two are a couple and I believe it.
    God bless you.
  4. When I first found out Seungjun scratches Jihun's back wherever they go even in bed together because Jihun's mother used to do it to comfort him as a kid.
  5. New would have been an incredible Sunmi comeback.
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  6. Though the production is clearly straight from one of the producers' Casio keyboard and the vocals are fucking atrocious throughout their mini album, this has crept on my radar and lodged itself firmly into my brain due to sheer listening, because it's featured on almost all of my Kpop playlists dddddd.
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  7. I don't like Seventeen and probably never will.
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  8. If 'Thanks' didn't do it for you then it's a lost cause and that's fine because there's plenty of boy groups to go around. I also didn't really care about them even if 4-5 of them are cute. After this song though I can at least pretend to stan them.
  10. I enjoyed their debut era a lot. The songs that came after were tolerable at best, though.
  11. That song that plagiarizes from the Chainsmokers is actually kinda iconic though.
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  12. Girl Front > As If It's Your Last (ironically that was the last)
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  13. I don't care about Loona.
    I don't understand anything to the concept and the theories and I don't even want to try.
    Some of the songs are good but I really don't get all the hype around them.
    I guess I'll stan them later, I am always one year late.

    Also I kinda like Mamamoo. I am not a big fan but I think they are fun and fresh in the kpop world.
    And it is hard to not like their songs after being in Korea, Décalcomanie was on every corner in Seoul.

    Am I excluded?
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  14. I'm on the same boat. I actually like their songs and even those that I don't like I think have high quality but I still can't relate to the hype around those theories. Like the concept of "a girl per month" is interesting but I roll my eyes every time I see people go crazy about Strawboerry touching another fruit or something like that.
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  15. He


    Do either of you like anime? It’s all a bit too anime maybe for some?

    I get why people might not be into all the convoluted stuff. But the packaging is so amazing and the music / girls are so great, that I can’t resist.
  16. I personally don't so maybe that's the case.

    Also speaking of Mamamoo, I quite like their recent comeback. And I'm saying this as someone who thinks everything else they released beside Decalcomanie is zzzzzz.
  17. [​IMG]
    just kidding
  18. Starry night is a bop and I won’t hear anything otherwise.
    I can understand people that don’t like loona but I can’t sympathise bc I’m stanning.
  19. I'm pretty much stanning the song underground, illegally.
  20. Starry Night sounds too much like Prayer In C, a song I DESPISE, for me to enjoy it. The video's pretty tho.
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