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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I feel like someday decades and decades from now, we are going to get posthumous albums filled with a bunch of stuff like that like we do now with Michael Jackson. They're just going to milk Gaga for the rest of eternity.
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  2. Oh god I hope not. I maliciously speculate a certain producer doing this though.
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  3. Well we'll all be on our deathbeds too by then so it's not like it'll matter.
  4. I'm planning for death long before that!
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  5. I'm already in my thirties so I made it longer than I ever expected.
  6. RedOne will be wheeling around his nursing home releasing every damn demo he can find and they'll just release whatever to make money off her name.
  7. Can we nip this in the bud before it becomes pages and pages about how despicable RedOne is and how we should be thanking God himself that DJWS saved her life...again. Ain't it tired?
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  8. Other than backing vocals, she’s sadly nowhere on the new U2 album.

  9. Having a bit of a meauxmint to this mix today.
  10. I love love the Xtina version. I mean I have to turn the volume to 5 for the howling but this was a perfect mash of bombastic divas coming together. They should’ve combined the R Kelly and Xtina version for the album
    I found a fan made remix w/ it remixed to Me Against the Music instrumental and it GOES OFF
  11. 882E2A24-F848-4C96-B58E-B5C18F5A9F9E.jpeg 4B5F8BA1-84D2-47FD-BFAB-C7BF998D7B54.jpeg 186FA62F-8E35-4B11-9E51-F905769BE727.png 547790C8-8976-4AB1-89C5-2DB398ED55FD.jpeg

    Intel Gaga served nothing but absolute lewks. I was so hoping this would be the direction of her new album before Joanne happened. Sophisticated ARTPOP meets Born This Way.
  12. Intergalactic Gaga was so breathtaking. What would I give to be a part, or just to see how her creative team works.
  13. SMG


    I'd be happy if she never touched space/alien imagery ever again.
  14. Since her intergalactic aura was so pivotal to her ascendance and our fascination, it'd be cool for her to drift back later in her career as an homage or a rebirth of sorts. But yes, what currently fascinates me most about Gaga is the absolute unpredictability, this exploration of new sounds and styles, how one simply doesn't know what she'll do next. A continuation of that would be perfect.
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  15. This just reminded me about #GagaInSpace and I’m soooooo triggered, I was ready to live my Zenon fantasy!!!!
    She looks great tho, I wish I could’ve seen those pics when they were released.
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  16. We don't talk about that or... Volantis.
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  17. I lowkey wanted Tony Bennett to appear flying Volantis in Gaga's Super Bowl.
  18. Gurl he couldn't pass a drivers test for a golf cart let alone that thing.