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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Oh my god, this would make a killer intro to a Bloody Mary music video if she released it as a single!
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  2. I am in Asia (Thailand) and all I can think of is


  3. What is your favorite song right now?

    Donatella: A Million Reasons.

  4. I can’t believe Born This Gay will be seven years old in less than a week. I still have the radio premiere with that amazing spooky ooky intro in my iTunes - honest to god feels like it was yesterday.

    I love the random-ass songs they used - Nothing On (But The Radio)? No Way? Remixes of Alejandro and Boys Boys Boys? I’m still not sure if it was something her team put together or if an industrious stan did it.
  5. That night was iconic
  6. I'm going through Born This Way's original thread here and oh my.
  7. I don't know if they're new or if my usual source just reuploaded them but demos of Perfect Illusion, Black Jesus + Amen Fashion, & Fashion of His Love have appeared. The Black Jesus one sounds like a concept demo and it's a kii.
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  8. I hope its as good as the Applause demo

  9. ^ This.

    And the Perfect Illusion one sounds like they have the stems that are floating around somewhere (though haven't properly leaked) .
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  10. Pretty sure the only demo of “Perfect Illusion” is Kevin’s version.
  11. Fashion just sounds like an unmastered version where the vocals weren't processed and Perfect Illusion sounds like a potential stem rejiggery by a gay. The vocals sound a bit roug(her than usual), but that may just be the fact that they made them sound more low quality.
  12. these are always such a kiii haha
  13. I’ll always love her makeup and hair in that shoot. Beautiful.
  14. Listening to random fake Princess Die "studio versions".

    These ones kind of remind me of Ma Ma Pa Pa Pa Perfect Illusion in the best way lol.
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  15. Born This Way remains such a tour-de-force of dark electronic pop, it’s always been my favourite Gaga album.
  16. Time has been really kind to BTW and it sounds better than ever to these ears. I had kind of a bad reaction to it after a few months after release, it just started hitting me as too bombastic. I'm over that now and can fully appreciate its maximalist brilliance (not to mention the nostalgia just about kills me, her first three albums defined my college years).
  17. I always liked Born This Way - the era was the first peak of my stanning, and as I've said a few times before, it came into my life at the absolute perfect time so I have a lot of memories and nostalgia connected to it - but it's really only in the last...three or so? years that I've come around to truly appreciating it as an incredible, epoch-defining warts-and-all piece of art.
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  18. I stanned Born This Way the second she sang those first words at the VMAs and I’ll stan that album till the day I croak. It’s kind of a trainwreck, but it’s also totally innovative. The balance between the two is what makes it so special to me.
  19. Born This Way is nothing short of a perfect album. It is not too messy. It is not too much. It is god damn everything. It is clawing your way through Hell into a desolate, instrustrial pergatory only to find out that Heaven is still a dark place when you reach the top.

    And that absolutely deserves a Dark, Loud, “maximalist” piece if anything does.