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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. THIS. This was something else.

  2. THE EGG
  3. Definitive version for me. I rarely listen to the record version as by the end it's just noise and I don't care for any of the adlibs in the last chorus, but the Grammy performance is fucking perfect. The hair whipping alone is life giving.
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  6. You need dopamine.
  7. You need to log out.
  8. "Born This Way" (the song) was such a moment in my life, and the associations the album has for me with my coming of age as a young gay teen is why it'll always be my favorite. I remember at the time also loving Lights's Siberia and thinking that sound-wise the two albums complemented each other perfectly.
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  9. Having a Gaga video binge on YouTube last night reminded me how insanely fantastic/fantastically insane she is.

    The current crop of pop stars are so shit and boring by comparison.
  10. Bopping to this at the moment:

    01. Aura (demo verses)
    02. Venus (Coachella Edit)
    03. Sex Dreams (Swinefest Edit)
    04. Jewels n Drugs
    05. Manicure (Swinefest Edit)
    06. Do What U Want
    07. Artpop (Swinfest Edit)
    08. Swine
    09. Mary Jane Holland
    10. Gypsy
    11. Dope
    12. Applause

    Love it! I remember bothering a lot of people until I finally had all the edits I wanted. Thank you all so much, guys.

    Still missing an edit of Do What U Want that ends like the live version instead of the fade out.
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  11. Is this just Venus without the second chorus?
  12. Just checked to see what the difference was from the original, and that's it.
    It transitions from "take me to your Venus, Venus, Venus" straight into the middle 8, whereas the official has a chorus and post-chorus in between.
    I like it because I always disliked the massive drop of energy that made the middle 8 sound so out of place after the chorus.
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  14. The aesthetic of the whole performance was amazing, the minimal lighting, the nude latex and the horn prosthetics with the washed out pink hair. I was L I V I N G.
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  15. I've just had a listen to ARTPOP and Applause truly sounds like a shower fart after the euphoric Gypsy.
  16. They did entirely too much on that Buzzfeed article, but then again, not a surprise.
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  17. Applause sweetie, I’m so sorry
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  18. "Applause" is like, top three when it comes to Gaga singles.
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