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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. "I have a fucking mortgage to pay, okay? It's bitch, I'm Madonna, not Benjamin, frankly, and I have a lot of people on the payroll: a lawyer, a manager, an agent and a chef, three nannies, an assistant, a driver... y'know what, I don't have time for this, look up the lyrics on The Google, alright muthafuckaz?"
  2. Ray


    Hahahaha! I only have two, flop fan. (It's awesome.)

    I question every bit of those two sentences, possibly except punctuation.
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  3. RJF


    Does getting her masters next year mean she can do stuff like this on her own anyway?
  4. She brings in a fuck load more than she gets paid for these things, so I think she is right to demand more money. However, it sucks balls for the fans.
  5. Yeah, I think so. I wonder if she just doesn’t want WBR to get anything from this sort of release, which is why she asks for a ton of money in return. It would explain why they seemingly can never come to an agreement whenever Guy has talked to them about reissues, etc.
  6. That would make sense, otherwise it's embarrassing. I see no other logical reason as to not cash in from some already recorded material that collects dust in her archives and that fans would absolutely devour. Not to mention she can charge ridiculous amounts of money on useless boxsets that would still sell out.
    Would owning the masters mean she can release them through BoyToy Inc or another imprint? I don't know how this exactly works. But I do hope things change once she owns her stuff.
    Just please don't get Aldo Diaz to design anniversary editions. Or anything at all. Ever.
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  7. Ray


    I suppose we'll only really find out when she gets the masters back. (Question. If she does not own her masters, what exactly are WBR supposed to pay her for?)
  8. Doesn't that 35-year-long copyright mean she'll only have the rights to her debut, and not her entire catalogue?
  9. I think it has to do with her publishing. She signs off on all uses of her music personally. I don’t know exactly how it works.
  10. I would love a return to the Justify/Erotica sound. I guess Best Night (and to a slightly lesser extent S.E.X) had a similar vibe, but I'm trying to imagine the whole moody, sultry, spoken word with bits of singing schtick with current day production... 'Erotic Bedtime Stories' basically. And/or this:

    It's kind of funny because 'Erotica' (the album) is actually on the lower end of my personal Madge rank because, although it's solid, the overall album never quite gelled with me but that whole era with The Book etc. was just such a moment.

    I will also never not think it is amazing that Justify... hit no.1 on the Billboard charts. Madonna essentially reading a sex letter over a beat. What a woman. We're damn lucky to have her.
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  11. What's the story behind this. Like, seriously, how did she manage that?
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  12. The video was so controversial, it seriously helped the popularity of the song.
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  13. Bitch, she's Madonna. That's how.

    And yeah, the video controversy. But also, it's a genuinely great track, even if it is unusual.
  14. Video and CD single sales most likely.
  15. I think the story is that after the video was banned from MTV, they put out a VHS "single" and since that was basically the only way to see it sales were through the roof and took the song to #1.
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  16. I don't find it surprising that Justify My Love went to number one, regardless of the video. The marketing was genius, but Madonna always backs up the controversies and hype with good music.

    Justify My Love sounded like nothing on the radio and I love all the speaking she did on her songs between 1990 and 1992, using her lower register. I love the beat of Justify My Love, the lyrics, the single cover (with the cigarette), the remixes, the video. It was such an "event" single but I still think the song stands on its own. Rescue Me might be even better - but that song was treated the exact opposite of an event single...
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  17. I have been obsessed with Across The Sky recently. That chorus is heavenly
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  18. Never a bad time to enjoy Drowned World/Substitute For Love, but yesterday on a cold, sunny Autumn walk, it. took. me. places.
  19. Erotica and Rescue Me shit all over Justify My Love.
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  20. We wouldn’t have Erotica or Rescue Me without Justify My Love.

    The 3 of them work so very well together
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