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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Rescue Me is probably my favourite of the three. I love a criminally overlooked track. The Titanic Vocal Mix is IT.
  2. Quite. We'll call Justify the prototype in that case, which she refined and bettered thereafter!
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  3. Exactly - all 3 are Stellar Madonna.
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  4. Yes to this! Rescue Me is a bop that just gets better each listen.
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  5. "Rescue Me" is very overrated and pales in comparison to "Erotica."
  6. I don’t think “Rescue Me” gets rated enough, to be honest. Her worn down and raspy Blond Ambition vocals are so good.
  7. It would've fit perfectly on the last tour, I agree it's really underrated and largely forgotten about by most.

    Also @mindtrappa that 'Erotica' demo you posted was completely new to me and I am obsessed with it!
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  8. I’ve said it a thousand times but the lyrics to Rescue Me are some of her best.
  9. I often have “I’m talking...I’m talking...I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE” and “hey hey hey hey HEYYYYYYY” in my head, even though I’ve probably only listen to Rescue Me <10 times.
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  10. I prefer Erotica to Rescue Me, it's far more unique, though Rescue Me deserves more credit for also being pretty ahead of its time. It sounds quintessentially 90s pop, but it was released at the turn of the decade- a lot of mid 90s pop seemed to take its lead from Rescue Me.
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  11. Actually love these quirky horror themed MDNA Skin ads. Have no idea how 'scary skincare' plays to the market but I'm a fan, best acting Madonna's done in a long time too:

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  12. Lowkey don’t even think she’s acting in these ads, but she’s always been good at playing herself in the first place.

    Also screaming at her bringing back “send photo”
  13. Love it! Madonna's husky tone on Rescue Me, does it for me everytime.
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  14. For some reason, I find "Rescue Me" incredibly obnoxious and often find myself wishing that The Immaculate Collection ended rightfully with "Justify My Love."
  15. Junior Vasquez leaked it a few months ago. I wish he'd post some more gems.

    Currently bopping

  16. She's cornering that Halloween skincare market. Pioneering, as always.
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  17. Imagine all those demos remastered and chucked on Spotify. But nope. Not happening anytime soon.

    Issa shame.
  18. It'd be interesting if they pulled an Xscape (the MJ album not the group) with the demos from that era: finish/update/remix the production and also include the original versions.
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  19. Thank goodness this song got a 2nd chance in the UK. Far too amazing to have ever been a flop.
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  20. I'm a bass junkie, so moi aussi.
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