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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. What in Brooke Hogan hell
  3. Anna Kendrick needs to chill
  4. Sorry but even that is better than a screen grab!
  5. @playboy69
  6. Cheryl Cole looks snatched!
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  7. At the end of the day, Madonna is the highest selling female artist of all time, has several critically celebrated albums, and multiple $100+ million grossing tours. The Kylie fans can have their moment in the sun with Golden, but what has she done that Madonna hasn't done already, and probably better? I really hate saying that because I adore Kylie, but her fans just don't know when to stop with the childish jabs.
  8. Let's not pretend the cover to Hard Candy wasn't a piece of fan art that must have been accidentally swapped with the real thing at the last minute.
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  9. Christmas album.
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  10. Kylie will always be my #1, but Madonna is the most inspiring and looked up to female solo artist in history, no denying that.
  11. I love and adore Kylie and have for 30 years. She does what she does wonderfully and her body of work is really, really good.Golden is a terrific album and it's success just confirms once again that Kylie is truly the ultimate princess of pop.

    Madonna will always be in her own league that nobody else can touch though, for many many reasons.
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  12. This isn’t totally untrue since the album was originally going to be called Give It To Me, but the title was changed last minute so they swapped all the boxing gym surroundings out with the candy backdrops.
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  13. Did a version of the cover with the boxing environment ever leak? I like the concept, especially given how heavy-hitting the beats are on the album.
  14. The unretouched images leaked, but we never saw any final cover or anything like that.

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  15. Goodness, why did they drain all of the colour from her skin for the final cover? She looks like a corpse on the version we ended up with
  16. I actually love the Hard Candy cover now ddddd. It’s so tacky and vulgar and appropriate for the album.
  17. I've made peace with the Hard Candy cover, though it's my least favorite. At least the music is great.

    I'm more frustrated with the MDNA situation where the cover is incredible and the music is meh.
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  18. Listened to Music recently. I still think it's one of her sonically most beautiful records, but the lyrics are so light on substance a lot of the time. Which there's nothing wrong with, but the music itself sounds like deeper lyrics should be on top of it. Amazing's music is profoundly beautiful, almost mystical, and the lyrics just don't hold their side of the bargain. And then there's Nobody's Perfect, where the lyrics are simplistic to a fault. The three songs that I think actually do lyrics really well is Don't Tell Me, What It Feels Like For A Girl, and Gone. The lyric "Turn to stone/Lose my faith/I'll be gone/before it happens" is pretty deep.
  19. The melody of Nobody's Perfect has a nursery rhyme quality to it that fits the somewhat simplistic lyrics, I think. In fact, the song is so confrontational and intense the straightfoward lyrics make it even more devastating. See also: Mother & Father.
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  20. Why don't you come sit next to @dodoriazarbon and me.

    Also I'm probably the only person on the planet who uses the standard MDNA album cover over the deluxe.
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