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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ is so damn haunting. I love everything about it.
  2. ^Invented autotune.
  3. Indeed. Both are legends in their own right and we can love both without having to get them to compete.
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  4. I’m watching the Rebel Heart Tour since it’s raining here and after Beyoncé last night I figured what the heck it’s not like I actually need a scalp right? And the ‘True Blue’ performance is making me emotional. Just a little bit. It’s so touching, seeing all the gays and the women who love them hugging in the crowd, and just hearing her sing it again after being sure it’d never be performed again. I love her.
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  5. The Hard Candy cover is so unappologetically tacky and trashy, and I love it. that’ssomadonna.gif
  6. What's the story behind the original Hard Candy boxing theme being dropped ?
  7. She just went with a title that she liked better.
  8. This has me shook.
  9. Sometimes I just have to remind myself how fucking life changing this is.

    Everything about it. The ominous buildup, that sample, the leotard, the royal cooch thrusting into the camera, the way the song completely rips itself apart only to come back together and truly decapitate you once and for all. A Moment. Iconic. Queen. Nothing but respect for MY President etc etc. Wow.
  10. Can you imagine dying on October 5, 1982 and never getting to experience Madonna? Horrible.
  11. One thing I feel is slightly underrated about the Hung Up music video is that the cinematography is really, really good. It's sleek and kind of timeless, and does the whole "throwback" vibe with the right amounts of subtle and obvious. They did an excellent job.
  12. So true. In the wrong hands it could have been a cheesy, obvious mess but they pulled it off brilliantly.
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  13. I think about this performance often.

    What an icon.
  14. Also RE: Hung Up vid - the muffled beat paired with the slo motion dance sequence + boombox dry humping is SO iconic. My tween self was beyond shook.
  15. I still wish I could access an alternate universe where David LaChapelle didn’t drop out of directing “Hung Up”
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  16. Yeah. The fact that they never got around making at least one video while they were still on good terms is a shame really. His quote on why he dropped the project is low key hilarious to revisit:

    You know, I gotta thank her because honestly I’ve never said no to a job before. We were in pre-production for the video ‘Hung Up’ when she was screaming at me. (…) I had just finished the documentary Rise and I had really worked so hard. That film opened theatrically all over the world and I had just come from that junket. I was tired. I wanted all my life to do a Madonna video. When she was screaming at me on the phone, I couldn’t take it. (…) The song was good and everything was in place. We were doing the job and I remember that being so mean. The shoots were always so stressful with her, when we did photo shoots. I thought God I can’t go through this. I just hung up the phone. I got very quiet because she was yelling at me. I put the phone down. I hung it up. It was a cellphone actually. My agent was sitting beside me and you know, Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone? She’s like ‘You hung up on Madonna?’ and the funny thing was the song was ‘Hung Up’. I’m not here to judge her. Everything in life is a lesson to me. That’s how I look at it. Honestly, it was the first time I said no. She gave me a gift, in a sense, because from that moment on I realized I didn’t have to do everything. I was working all my life out of fear because I didn’t finish high school. I didn’t have a diploma. My mom said I was going to be homeless when I was a kid and I believed her. I thought so too. I finally said no and nothing bad happened. So I started saying no more and more which led me to stopping all together working for magazines and celebrities. I still shoot celebrities, but it’s rare. When it happens is for a reason. Right now I’m focusing on the fine art work. In a way, Madonna, that experience with her was kind of a catalyst. So I should be grateful.
  17. I want to know why she was screaming.
  18. There was a similar story about her on the “Me Against the Music” video:

    MT: You also edited the video for "Me Against The Music". The collaboration between Britney and Madonna is one of the most discussed moves in Madonna's recent career - some fans really like it and some can't stand it. What do you think about it?

    DR: Oh - my, what juicy questions… YIKES! Madonna threatened to take herself out of that video at one point!

    She did NOT get along with the director on that video, PAUL HUNTER, either. She had already worked with him on the GAP spot and had not had a good experience. I remember she called Paul to give him some specific notes on the video and I guess, from what Madonna told me right after, she asked him if he was writing down her comments and he said, “No, I’m DRIVING.” Madonna said, “FUCK YOU”, hung up and called me right away. That was the last video I ever cut with Paul Hunter as I sided with Madge instead of him on creative issues and the direction of Madonna’s performance in the clip. I WAS TRYING TO HELP, I SWEAR. I got it to a place where Madonna was happy. I think the art direction is horrible and the wardrobe is stupid… it should have been way more modern, hipper and edgier for both Britney and Madge. It was one of the weakest videos ever, that NEEDED to be strong but just wasn’t.
  19. Fuck.
  20. Imagine the angry voicenotes Madonna sends to her collaborators.