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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She is so iconic.
  3. I disagree with him (or her?) here, at least regarding Britney. I like the suit. Its not exactly an iconic look but its a memorable one, and it was a nice break from low rise jeans and midriff baring tops. Madonna's outfit was a bit boring though, that much is true.
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  4. I loathe the styling in the "Me Against the Music" video.
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  5. I just listened to American Life and I feel so nostalgic.

    I wanna be a little girl again and experience the whole era again.
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  6. I'm triggered.
  7. RJF


    I live for the stories of Madonna terrorising her collaborators.
  8. Ray


  9. Why? She looked very classy, sexy and elegant, and she debuted her newly blonde hair after months of being a brunette. It was a comeback to the classic Madonna we all know and love. After people hated American Life, she wanted to remind them she's still that Madonna and she still got it.
  10. I wish I worked in the music industry just so Madonna could hurl abuse at me.
  11. They must sound something like this:
  12. God, I’d be a quivering,shaking and crying mess if Madonna was hurling abuse at me. I’d pay for it! She could cuss me out and call me every name under the sun. Then, as she spat on me and kicked my skull in with her boot, my last words would be a joyful ‘Yas Queen...’ as I lay bleeding out on the floor.

    My obituary could honestly say ‘He died doing what he loved.’
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  13. I'd definitely imagine that Madonna is NOT the sort of person to get on the wrong side of.
  14. CACKLING at 'are you taking notes?' 'No, I'm driving.' 'FUCK YOU.'

    You just know this genuinely happened too.

    Also here for the Hung Up song and video love-in. And of course...the recreation of the slow-motion Night Club scene (with elements of SDP Vocal Mix) on the Confessions Tour was a moment in and of itself. From that to crawling and then sashaying down the catwalk, lithe and sweaty, knowing all eyes are on her, reaching the jukebox for the similarly-iconic thrusting...and then spinning on the floor INTO the position from the album cover just as she sings the chorus again. Wig? Haven't heard that since 2006.

    It's probably the one single I wish she didn't so dirty on tour because it is life-changing.

    EDIT: ddd I love every time she speaks on this tour. I know it off my heart from the CD.

    Time goes slow-lay...!

    The right side almost beatchyo ass!
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  15. ^What a moment!
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  16. Definitely wig.
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  17. Am I the only person who doesn't like the Hung Up video?
  18. What? Even Madonna hated how she looked. They made her look old.
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  19. It looks that way.
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  20. Silent majority