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General Technology Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. If it's 'trial and error' you're doing it wrong ... As you are only looking at a combined picture/audio feed it will be linear connections (splitter aside) … You do need to ensure that the cabling you use is two way though as you need your DVR signal to get back to the TV ...

    I would seriously consider buying a new TV rather than buy stuff that will go in a drawer/bin once your TV busts (subject to the SKY/DVR having enough in built connections for your needs) …

    * You don't have this set up linked to a hi-fi do you?
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  2. How close does this person live to you? BT changed the angle of their tower by 0.5 degree when they repaired it and my partner couldn't get a signal in our flat any more but could in the car park 20 metres away ... she had to go sit in the car to call and terminate her contract ...
  3. About half a mile away, but we've walked side by side in the same area and had vastly different reception on our devices in recent weeks. The main issue I'm having is that my phone is refusing to pick up anything except 4G, so when I should be receiving 2G or 3G I'm getting nothing.

    Glad your partner was able to cancel her contract. I may have to do the same...
  4. No, "just" TV, HDD/DVD-Recorder, DVD player and Sky Box in this particular room.

    Picked up the new HDD/DVD combi recorder today, and - without being able to set it up properly with the new SkyHD box (as I am waiting on that to arrive) - I can see what you're saying about a new(er) TV/upgraded SkyBox being a lot easier. I plugged it into the TV/HDD set-up I have created for my parents in the living room and it all runs like clockwork in literally minutes because it's all HDMI with that, *but* it doesn't even recognise the Sky input so they could still watch Sky through the TV source but if they wanted to record off Sky I'd have to get them the recordable version of the Sky box.

    Anyway, that's all for the future, but I may have to opt for that same sort of set-up myself if all else fails.
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  6. My housemate got Sky Q and I hate it with a fiery passion. For all the shouting about it being a game-changing bit of kit, the UI is shiny but ultimately a pain in the arse. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to not have a button on the remote that goes directly to the TV guide?
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  7. I've yet to hear anything good about Sky Q.
  8. Apple's currency conversion maths...
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    EU taxes.
  10. RJF


    I... don't get how they announce the iPhone 8 last night, only to announce the iPhone X as well. Poor iPhone 9.
  11. iPhone X scalped my buss clean. Queen of overpricing!
  12. This really ... bear in mind if you go to an Apple store in the US you'll have sales tax on top of the retail price ...
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  13. Because they needed to have an "edge to edge" display phone to compete with Samsung, but couldn't have it be their only flagship phone because of how expensive it'd be.

    So they needed another "normal price" phone but it couldn't just be a slight "S" upgrade because it'd be very unappealing next to the X.

    And I guess they went for "X" instead of 9 because it's the 10 year anniversary for the iPhone and I guess from a marketing standpoint it allows them not to use a number on the iPhone 10, making the purchase of an 8 not look out-dated.

    It's all very messy.
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    Actually, they can't manufacture the amount they can sell, which is why it's so expensive.
  15. IOS11 is a joke ... they’ve somehow managed to mess up the usability of their own browser ... I’m having to use Google Chrome on my iPad (a Pro as well, so no excuses about older hardware) instead of Safari to even allow me to type this ... Luckily hadn’t updated my phone (mainly cos I like the torch feature handy to read cd spines in poor light and the messed with that too) …
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    I’ve got an iPad Pro and zero issues with Safari on iOS 11. What exactly is the problem?
  17. Pages were not loading fully and eventually just refreshing ... I think it was something to do with the ad banners because it worked fine on sites like BBC etc. without any crap going on in the background ...

    The latest update 11.02 has fixed the issue ...

    Did you update to 11.01 on Monday? The original 11.0 was fine for a few weeks …
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    I’ve had trouble with Spotify not being recognized by the control center nor showing on the lock screen, and notifications just plain disappearing, as well as the clock. A rebooting the phone fixes it but it’s awful.

    I did a hard reset, and together with the new updates, it seems to be doing ok.
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    I was having major battery issues. My phone would die mid day after 7 hours of standby. I restored the OS without using a backup and it seems to be fine now.
  20. He


    Sadly my notifications are still becoming invisible and Spotify continues to not be recognized by the control center, at times.

    Some of the animation is also quite choppy.