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General Video Games discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I love the narrative that all of a sudden gaming companies need microtransactions to survive. It's totally not just a means to make some easy profit with absolutely no effort. As I said before, if there were no microtransactions, companies would just go back to releasing more DLC or something, they wouldn't exactly go bankrupt.

    Honestly the only situation where microtransactions are acceptable is when they're paying for free DLC/frequent game updates, like in Overwatch. Otherwise they're nothing more than a shameless cash grab, especially when used in games that also have paid DLC.
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  2. You know, this is a fair point and one I've never thought about.
  3. Battlefront 2 is abandoning paid DLC this go around but are diving into micro transactions it seems and I’m not that upset about it since the content we are getting looks to be ten times what was given to us for the first game. There’s already some DLC ready to go around the release of the new movie. Keep the updates and DLC coming and I’ll be fine.
  4. I only like microtransactions for their initial premise, optional aesthetic content that helps support regular game updates on long running games.

    MMO's and multiplayer games like Overwatch, Wow, FFXIV, Path of Exile and the likes are great examples of this, even with base subscription the concept has never really been malicious with those games, and I fully believe the result of microtransactions in WOW helped develop one of their best received expansions in over 10 years, they delivered more content then they have ever done, they showed tangible results in over doubling their hired staff as well in the last two years. In Path of Exile ALL development and income is based from microtransactions and backers while the full game remains free to play to this day.

    Lootboxes and microtransactions in things like Assassins Creed and other "sort-of-kind-of single player games" really don't make any sense at all. I like online games, I think a single player experience can always be enhanced by a community, but I do think we will see a shift into big Mario/BOTW style single player games with very little paid extra content save for DLC in the near future.
  5. I love that in a year where we've really reached a tipping point for micro transactions, Nintendo releases two masterpieces with some well thought out DLC*. Yet we've already seen the narrative Star Wars game cancelled in favour of another 'game as a service' model I can't see the positive impact of BOTW and Odyssey changing the current trajectory of the industry.

    *hopefully well thought out.
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  6. The only thing I worry about is games that are essentially going to be unplayable in the future.

    You buy a game disc, but that disc won’t play anything without a huge update or day one patch. What purpose does that disc have without that update. Or you have to be connected to the internet to even load it up.

    Even the thing with Miiverse closing down and all the games that had incorporated that feature become useless bothers me.

    Chat about streaming video games freaks me out.
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  7. That does suck. When a game has extra features that get shut down one year or two after release is especially bad.
  8. I really want Skyrim on Switch but it's such an irrational want since it's half the price on PS4 and I don't play my Switch on the go THAT much but I love playing games on a Nintendo console so.......stupid.

    Point is, I have never played it before and I should at some point.
  9. I hope so. I’m sick of games having multiplayer aspects when it isn’t really needed.

    Although I’m probably biased because I hate multiplayer mainly because I’m so bad at it.
  10. I'm so hyped to get to play Sims 4 on PS4. I played 1, 2 and 3 A LOT back in the day, but I really went off PC gaming so the fact that a proper Sims game is coming to console is pretty amazing to me.
  11. I would absolutely love a single player resurgence.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Battlefront but I would love nothing more than a sequel to Rogue Squadron.

    Plus people online are so mean. I used to get tons of messages from Overwatch players telling me to get aids and die etc because I was apparently the reason we lost a match.
  12. I'm not really getting the call for a single player resurgence. I mean, there were tons of big single-player games released this year: Mario, Zelda, Assassin's Creed, Shadow of War, Nier, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Crash, etc.
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  13. Let's be real though, we're the niche here. We can harp about all these cool single player adventures but FIFA, Destiny, CoD will decimate each one. GTA Online has made more than GTA V hasn't it? That's where the industry has gone and will continue to go down.
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  14. But that's hardly new is it? Online shooters and sports games have been outselling everyone's faves for years, but that doesn't mean the single player game industry is dying.
  15. Which infuriates me, because I've tried to extend my GTA V playing by going online twice now and each time I grew tired of it very quickly. Besides, the character creation for GTA V is one of the worst in video game history and that is well documented. The success of the online part has allowed to Rockstar to take longer than usual to even get the ball rolling on a new GTA. If the next one doesn't have a female-lead for the first time, I might just call it quits with the franchise.
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  16. Let me just say, Saints Row >>>>> GTA
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  17. I will always have my nostalgia with the hours upon hours of Vice City and San Andreas I played (which are better than any Saints Row game), but yes the first two Saints Row games especially are incredible. I'm thinking about playing them again soon. Some of the best character customization options ever made. Three is good too, but after that the developers went a little overboard and I enjoyed IV a lot less. The super powers you got made the game much too easy as well.
  18. I only played 3 and 4 but I loved both, and let me say that type of open world game is not usually my thing at all. They are so funny though, and also so fun to play. And the characters and awesome. And the music, and the character creation... I could go on.
  19. I've cancelled my pre-order fro Battlefront 2.

    I still want it but I just think this whole micro-transaction nonsense is a pisstake for a £50 game.