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General Video Games discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The sooner that they release the Paranoia game-mode for Friday the 13th, the better. Being a killer in hiding sounds like it'll make this game so much more fun than it already is.
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  2. It's honestly not that bad. I'd preordered the deluxe edition and it arrived yesterday. I thought about cancelling my order after hero-gate last week, but I thought EA handled it well by reducing the credit cost of heroes.

    Not all heroes are locked - and they range from 8,000 - 15,000 credits.

    I played for about four hours last night (mostly single player, plus some arcade and maybe two multiplayer matches) and I was already at 8,000 credits. I need to spend some more time with the game but honestly, if you liked the first one you'll love this.
  3. I hate to think about how mobile gaming micro-transaction schemes are fully in the console world now. I mean, let's talk about exploiting clueless parents and children with this. "Oo, the latest Star Wars game! Little Jimmy will love this for Christmas."

    It gives me even more respect now for games like Witcher, BotW, even Stardew Valley etc. for just being a full-on gaming experience after you buy, you know, the ACTUAL GAME.
  4. My issue with micro-transactions in mobile gaming is that any sort of game that includes them is essentially nothing more than a system of endless buying and selling in-game funds. Knowing that this is what practically all rpg mobile games are reduced to is frustrating to say the least. The very format is a mess.

    Not sure how the system is applied in games outside of mobile apps.
  5. That's not really the point though.

    When you pay £50/£60 game, there shouldn't be anything behind a paywall.
  6. The whole single player vs multiplayer discussion got me thinking that it's really sad how Ubisoft killed the Assassin's Creed multiplayer. I don't know if anyone else here was a fan, but the multiplayer in Brotherhood, Revelations and 3 was easily my favourite online multiplayer experience ever. But then they "streamlined" it (ie took out a lot of fun features) in 4 and then removed it altogether *sigh*. It was just incredibly fun and also completely different from what any other game offers, I really miss it.

    It's quite a strange decision too, I can't think of any other game series that had multiplayer at one point and then just became singleplayer only.
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  7. I can’t stand multiplayer tacked on to single player games. Tomb Raider, Uncharted and Assassins Creed all felt unnecessary.
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  8. I get that when the multiplayer brings nothing new to the table, but that wasn't the case with AC. It wasn't copying any popular multiplayer games but rather doing its own thing.

    In a lot of cases the tacked on multiplayer isn't even worth bothering with though, for example with Dragon Age Inquisition, I think I must have played it like once.
  9. Multiplayer games are only interesting when the game is solely dedicated for it, or the game does something unique with it (dark souls etc.).
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  10. Why do I always buy more games whenever PSN Store has a new sale, when I already have like 20 games that I haven't even STARTED.

    I think I need to delete Overwatch, just so I can focus on games that actually has an ending.
  11. I'm the same really. Though honestly when you see games that you're interested in going for like 5-20€ it almost feels like a waste not to get them. I rarely buy games digitally when they're not on sale, since it's usually just a matter of time till you can get a nice discount.
  12. Xenoblade 2 looks beautiful but too damn complicated.

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  13. They’ve got rid of micro-transactions in Battlefront 2.

    Looks like you made a mistake cancelling your preorder @Shockbox
  14. That lasted long and to be honest I don't see them bringing the option back at a later date because people would still raise hell, at least the team on Battlefront seem to listen. I still want them to add a true Walker Assault mode in a future DLC.
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  15. I have zero interest in Battlefront but that is great news. Hopefully EA will keep their greed a bit more in check in the future.
  16. Still glad I cancelled as it was most likely people cancelling orders that forced them to change it. Glad they’ve seen sense in the end.
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  17. To the Overwatch hunties, isn’t Moira a queen ? I’m so glad that we have a Talon (bad guys) healer that heals based on the damage she deals.
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  18. Haven't tried her out yet, but it feels like Mercy is back on an equal level with the other healers now. I love playing as Mercy, but I'm not crazy about her being essential to any team.
  19. Moira is gay icon, queen of pop etc. She's so much fun to play and her design is probably my second favourite (first being Sombra).
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