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General Video Games discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. YAY! Give me that nostalgia that I love.
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  3. HYPED. I didn’t give Spyro that much attention during the PlayStation days but you can bet that I’ll be getting this. I need to start playing the Crash N-Sane Trilogy Again now too.

    Who do I have to blow to get the first three Tomb Raider games get this treatment?

  5. No fucking WAY! Spyro is my childhood, much more so than Crash. I can’t wait, they better not fuck It up.
  6. Amazing news. Crash was what my brother liked (although Crash Team Racing was the best racing game ever) and Spyro was what I loved. The Year of the Dragon game was unreal.
  7. Omg, that would be so iconic.

    Give me that Gobbo fantasy that I love.
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  8. Oh god, yes, I remember I played all 3, but didn't finish any. Excited! KH3 can't come soon enough, I'm really hoping for this winter. Which means I need to finally get to the remasters to finish them in time.
  9. Rainbow Trousers sis, I'm downloading Guild Wars 2 again after not playing for a few years. Do you still play?

    Anyone else on GW2?
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  10. Croc was honestly not on the same level as Crash and Spyro though. I'd rather have a Crash Team Racing remake.
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  11. I haven't been on in a few months but the expansion did drop if that interests you! It's called Path of Fire and adds 9 new classes including a sniper, shapeshifter, and mage-knight.

    Hope you're having fun.
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  12. Thank you! It’s lots of fun still, although my MacBook is struggling with it a bit. I started a new Sylvari character, but my Asura elementalist is still there from years ago!
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  13. So excited for the Spyro re-master. I played them constantly when I was a kid.

    Just finished Mario Odyssey with full 999 power moons. I enjoyed it a lot but I don't think it comes close to the brilliance of Galaxy at all.
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  14. I watched a lets play of Rule Of Rose recently. Story-wise, fantastic. Everything else, not so fantastic.
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  15. ooh I've got Shadow of the Colossus coming on rental tomorrow and I'm so excited to replay
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  16. I played Guild Wars 2 for a few months, and also tried the new expansion "Path of Fire". It seems like a great experience if you have someone to play with, which I don't.
    Got pulled back into World of Warcraft with the new allied races that were released and I'm very much enjoying the revamped leveling experience
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  17. It’s a brilliant game but I get what you’re saying. I don’t know if a Mario game will be able to top the magic of Galaxy again though. I also think that Mario works better as linear levels/missions. When you play Mario, you expect instant gratification and constant stimulation/challenge/insanity. When the games deviate from that (64, Sunshine, Odyssey) they’re just not quite as addictive. And the most enjoyable sections tend to be the linear challenges within the larger levels. It’s still fucking fantastic though.
  18. Also I kinda really want this:

    I get slight Biophilia teas in the sense that the games themselves don’t look as though they’ll have much longevity and it’s all quite gimmicky. But, at the same time, it’s so creative and cute.
  19. For me, the biggest issue with Odyssey was that it wasn't as linear. I loved that in Galaxy, you'd enter a world and be given the name of the challenge. This sort of free roaming exploration to find all the power moons was fine in worlds like Lake Kingdom and Lost Kingdom because they were contained. But I found it frustrating at times in maps like Sand and Metro Kingdom because they were quite vast.

    I also found the difficulty spike quite high at the end but it was annoyingly difficult opposed to difficult but fun.
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  20. I legit was pretty impressed...? What a cool way to...integrate creation/building/learning/movement and various tactile trickery and utilizing the literal full potential of the switches hybrid design? My niece is getting this for her birthday, father's an engineer so I have a feeling they are going to love it.

    The robot one makes my inner nerd scream