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General Video Games discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I completed the game yesterday and I have to say, I actually did have a lot of fun with skirmishes (especially when you've upgraded things and have a lot of different units to choose from), but the thing I could do without are the Dreamer's Mazes. The fact that you end up having to go through probably over 100 floors to complete them all is just too much.

    I'm looking forward to the DLC now. From what I read there's going to be an extra chapter similar to the first Ni No Kuni's White Witch epilogue, so it should be interesting.
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  2. I've been taking my time with it. I'm just enjoying the art and the anticipation of seeing new kingdoms for the first time. I appreciate it when designers actually put work into building these areas.

    Even the story isn't as bad as some reviews make it out to be. It's idealistic, sure, but in the age of Trump is that such a bad thing to experience in your leisure time?
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  3. I'm not sure how far you've gotten in the game so I won't spoil anything, but I think the whole "unite the world in peace" thing makes more sense and is more clever than it might initially appear at first when all the story elements are revealed. And the final plot twist is kind of amazing.

    I enjoyed it a lot myself. I'd love it if the extra chapter focused on the Hydropolis arc at least partly, as it felt like there should have been more to it, though getting a whole new region would also be perfect.
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  4. I'm hyped, AF, for the new God of War.

    I know they left it open ended after GoW3, but I honestly never thought we'd get another God of War.

    It's my second favorite gaming series, of all time!

    (My absolute favorite series is Silent Hill, but i don't want to talk about it. . .)
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  5. I decided to try Battlefront 2 at the weekend and it's still shit.

    How could they get it so wrong after the brilliance of the first one?
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  6. Yep looking forward to it as well, especially after all of the praise it's been receiving in the gaming press.
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  7. Due to recent trademarks, it looks like there might be a Xenosaga trilogy remaster coming! I so hope this is true because I've been wanting to play the whole series for years (only the second one was released in Europe).
  8. y a a a a s
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  9. I just got to Hydropolis and that music. I almost regret not buying the super mega deluxe edition, or whatever tier of bundle had the sountrack.
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  10. Came across this city building/survival/strategy game called 'Frostpunk' that looks cool and faded. It's due for release on April 24 on PC.

    It's set in an alternate 19th century universe and you're the leader of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic Ice Age. Your new city is centred around a heat generator and features the usual resource gathering, management, and city building. The game also features a morality element around laws that can be implemented as the campaign progresses (e.g. whether to utilise child labour), and you've got to manage your citizens' hope and discontent based on those decisions.

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  11. Yes, amazing!

    Would love for some gameplay/battle tweaks to the 2nd one to match the other games (and a Switch release).
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  12. I'm just looking into Mass Effect Andromeda (while I kill time for God of War. . .), it's on sale on PS4 right now, and I was watching a review that mentioned that the face model for default Sara Ryder was played by Jayde Rossi. I was in an acting/directing class with her, back in the day, and I'm so happy to see that she got herself out there. She's extremely sweet and talented and she deserved to make it!

    I'm so getting the game now, just for her.
  13. Contrary to the average opinion on it, I had pretty good time with it. I even platinumed it.
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  14. Yeah, Andromeda is not quite on the same level as the original trilogy but it's quite good nonetheless. It did have a fair share of issues at launch but everything's been fixed/improved.
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  15. It's got a bunch of technical issues for sure, but the gameplay value was still extremely high. It's just an 8, while the trilogy was like a 15.
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  16. Dddddd Andromeda was trash.
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  17. Oh wow she's gorgeous, they did her face so wrong in the game.
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  18. I knooooow. :(
  19. He


    Andromeda’s bug compilation videos are a hoot, though.
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  20. ATTN SPRG fans: Disgaea 1 Complete, a remake of the iconic first game in this iconic series is coming to PS4 and Switch this autumn. Really looking forward to it, these games are such fun.