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General Video Games discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Orderrealm and Chaosrealm would be so cool to see again!

    But in all honesty, I just want the Revenants to have their shit kicked in.
    Raiden is as done with their shit as I am!
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  2. ME TOO. I'd rather they just kill off Liu again than go through that nonsense again.
  3. The price on the website has gone up to £75 now but my order still says £31.99 and I haven't received an email about it or anything, so fingers crossed they have to honour it! Thanks for posting this, you're a hero!
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  4. BTG


    I'm not here for the good sis and LGBT poster boy Kung Jin being left out of MK11.
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  5. I just got an email saying they've cancelled it and are refunding me. Boo.
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  6. Nooooooooo. Oh well, worth a shot!
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  7. Just throwing this out there but imagine if they bring Nintendogs back for Switch... casual goldmine right there.
  8. If it wasn't a full price game I would probably buy it in a heart beat cause I AM WHAT? STUPID!
  9. . . . I finally have to admit Destiny (2) sucks.
  10. There's no way they'd sit out the new gen kids so soon, especially after their reception was fairly positive!
    But i'm also totally not opposed to rotating the cast in and out, with how huge and partially iconic MK's roster is, it's only fair to bring people in and out, though we definitely don't want a vanilla MK3 repeat.... (can you believe they had the nerve to omit Scorpion until Ultimate MK3? Mess.)
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  11. I know The Sims 4 has received a bit of a lukewarm reception but the modding community have created a Multiplayer Mod! It's a little cumbersome to work with right now, but hopefully with some more work, it'll become a fantastic - and essential - mod for all players. You can essentially host a game and invite friends into your game to the play with you. It surprises me that a feature like this has never come with the game, outside of things like now defunct The Sims Online, because it seems like a really obvious addition.
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  12. BTG


    Oh, I agree, I don't mind a rotating cast. Though, boy, did I feel Sonya's exclusion in Deception but a lot of MK's issues in failing to create many memorable characters post-Trilogy is due to their 'one and done' mindset. If a character isn't instantly beloved, they normally hit the road. The PS2/3D era is littered with those kind of characters. Not every cast revamp can be Tekken 3 levels of success.

    I want all the newbies back.
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  13. Just out of curiosity: Super Mario Kart 8 for Switch doesn't have any unlockable courses right? I tried a bit of googling but didn't find anything.
  14. I think all the DLC from Vanilla 8 is just available from the start, and the new tracks were up from the start as well.
  15. I was thinking about Nintendogs last week and thought it'd be perfect for the Switch, although no microphone this time around. But also god I wish I could get a new Diddy Kong Racing. I hope that Star Fox Racing is true. I also miss F-Zero. I miss Nintendo racing games outside Mario Kart.
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  16. F-Zero is sooooo good. I can get behind a new F-Zero.
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  17. So it looks like these rumours might be true then
  18. Goodness, Mario Tennis Aces looks like such a simple straight up fun time!
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  19. They'll definitely bring back Erron Black too.
    I've read online that Onaga and Blaze are back. A retelling of both Deception and Armageddon? But the major threat isn't from any other realm, which makes me think Earthrealm runs rampant now Shinnok is gone and Raiden is corrupted.

    Where's Fujin?