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Get Real Get Rating: The Sufjan Stevens Rate (Finale)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by HeartSwells, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. 43. Size Too Small


    Average: 7.26
    Highest score: 10 (@Number @RUNAWAY)
    Lowest score: 4 (@VitaminBee)
    My score: 10

    and the track revealed after Sister, funnily enough, is the track that follows it.

    Size Too Small has the most irresistible chords on the album, I'd even call them........... catchy???

    I know, a catchy song on Seven Swans. Unthinkable. I love the hushed female vocals, and the little glum synth in the background, I find a lot of tracks on Seven Swans leave me unnerved, maybe they're too skeletal, or the guitars and banjo feel sort of cold. Either way, I don't get that with this one, it gives me warmth on an album that can come across as cold.

    So here was me thinking everyone would love this with me, but I guessed wrong, thanks to the good sis @Number for his support. I'd thank @RUNAWAY, but really, what hasn't he given a 10 to? The slag.

    The lyrics are up for interpretation but I choose to believe they are "very sad and gay".

    "I love this for the tender mid-album moment that it is" same @constantino, but a 7 is not good enough.

    "I'm sure the lyrics of this make sense, but not to me" time to let your gay* little imagination run away with you, @kalonite.



  3. I legitimately thought it was kind of a fan favorite but I guess not.
  4. I forgot this forum hates anything twee and cute.
  5. Why do you think I felt attacked enough to leave ddddd.
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  6. Thanks @Number sis!

    Size Too Small deserves a lil bit of outcry.
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  7. Giving Size Too Small another listen and yeah it probably deserves better. I wouldn't call it the best song on Seven Swans but it's in the upper half certainly. This is a flaw in my rating methodology, but listening through Seven Swans and doing the scores, it didn't really jump out to me in any way. But then my scores for Swans are all over the place (see Sister, which also deserves better, and We Wont Need Legs when we get to that...)

    It's sweet but understated and fairly nondescript. I struggle with Seven Swan's minimalism and listening to it I thought "Well this is nice but I don't have much to say about it."
  8. Haha I've been following! It's just a pain to like everything on mobile, but I wanted to do my duty xo

    And yes, I can bring outcry. I love the gay and un-gay interpretations equally. The story he gives behind the track is so vivid and heartbreaking.

    "The next year, Robin got a little smart, and she thought, well, she was interested in getting a husband, and she thought, 'Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place'. We just decided to be friends, and she put her name in this computer dating service, they match you up according to your personality. This was really popular back then too. It wasn't internet dating, because we didn't quite have the internet back then, but it was, you go into this office and they match you up with your likes and your dislikes. So that's how she met her fiancé Rob. So, which I was very happy for her, but it all happened so fast, within five months she was engaged and she was married and she invited me to the wedding, to be in the wedding. So, that was fun."

    "You know it wasn't so much that I was devastated, but , you know, when you're 14 it's just all sorts of chemical things going on in your body, and you don't really know how to process everything, so. So, I found it really hilarious, but also kind of really devastating too, so I was kind of a little bi-polar at the time. But I went to the wedding, and, uh, it was very surreal. It was very hot. There was no air-conditioning in the church, and it was August. My tuxedo was a little too tight. This song is called 'A Size Too Small'. Let's see if I can do this one."
  9. I love Decatur! Way too early for it be eliminated.
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  10. I actually wrote up most of our #42 yesterday but then my awful laptop crashed and I cba.
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  11. 42. He Woke Me Up Again


    Average: 7.28
    Highest score: 9 (@RUNAWAY @aaronhansome)
    Lowest score: 5 (@Epic Chocolat @Stradiwhovius)
    My score: 7

    It's probably one of the... 'bops' on Seven Swans, and I know how y'all like bops. Still it's surprising how far along this one got, especially without a single 10, and it only received a couple of 9s. I'm just as guilty, scoring this a 7, but I do find it one of the better tracks on Seven Swans, even if I never choose to listen to it.

    There's something in his vocals on the bridge that remind me of another artist, but I have no idea who so don't really know why I'm bringing it up. The keys and drums give this track a fuller, propulsive sound, it's a feeling not many tracks on Seven Swans has and can imagine a lot of the goodwill this one received was due to it.

    Something something God something lyrics something something.

    "Sufjan’s childhood sure sounded like a hoot, huh? The melody is super lovely, albeit subtle" We know what your childhood was like @constantino sis, we've read Random Thoughts.

    "I'm not really here for Christianity if it means God constantly disturbing my sleep, but I like the sound of this one. That little church organ hymn ending is great" I wouldn't mind signing up if it gives me a man disturbing me in bed, but you do you @kalonite.
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  12. 41. For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti


    Average: 7.36
    Highest score: 10 (@VitaminBee @constantino @LE0Night)
    Lowest score: 4 (@Stradiwhovius)
    My score: 8

    Oof, the biggie from Michigan is getting the boot.

    I've no idea why this is 'the' song from Michigan, was it a single? Was it featured in a popular TV series? I dunno. Probably best to blame it on Evil Spotify Playlists.

    It's pretty much a condensed version of the Michigan sound, beautifully soft vocals, female backing, banjos, piano and a subdued horn section. It's fleshed out, but not to the cartoony-grandoise scale that Illinois is.

    The song is gorgeous but it only gets really good in the final minute with the "I'll do/I did everything for you" mantra. When the horns come in. A moment.

    "Despite the sombre nature of this track, I’ve always seen the light in this. I guess the addition of Elin’s vocals makes it feel warmer because he’s not alone, which is sweet. I also love the sharpness of the banjo(?)" nn I had to Google who Elin is, suddenly the Sufjan stan is you @constantino

    "This is the first song I heard of his, thanks to The OC. It's so beautiful and just flows so nicely" OK that covers why this got popular, thanks @VitaminBee
  13. No problem. It's a shame it left this early.
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  14. 40. John My Beloved


    Average: 7.47
    Highest score: 11 (@LE0Night) 10 (@beyoncésweave @ohnostalgia)
    Lowest score: 3.5 (@Stradiwhovius)
    My score: 6

    Our 2nd Carrie & Lowell track departs, and is it much of a surprise? I guess the only surprise is that this managed to garner one of the coveted 11s. I hope LE0Night gives us some background because I imagine there's a story behind this one.

    Compositionally, it's arguably Carrie & Lowell's most crushing. There are no lighthearted guitars or banjos, just a rather skeletal, reverberated piano. I'd call it the darker sister to the already sombre Fourth of July.

    I have to admit, it's one of my weakest picks from the album, and it's placing doesn't help either. The lyrics depict a relationship, throwing in a bunch of biblical references for good measure; nothing wrong with them but I find myself showing a higher emotional resonance with a lot of the album's earlier tracks exploring clear memories.

    Poor @LE0Night, the comments weren't too kind for this one.

    "This feels endless. Considering it’s one of the least interesting tracks on the album from a compositional/melodical perspective, it really doesn’t have the range to exceed 5 minutes in running time" Which 6 seconds do you want cutting @constantino?

    @Stradiwhovius forgets who we're rating. "Bit too overtly Goddy"

    a true "where da bops doe" from @madeofghosts "I can't be doing with this one. It's the only weak link on the album. It's not exactly BAD but it's so sluggish and doesn't build to anything, and it's not like the next track pops off to make up for it"
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  16. 39. Age of Adz


    Average: 7.49
    Highest score: 10 (@kalonite @Kuhleezi @constantino)
    Lowest score: 1 (@Epic Chocolat)
    My score: 9

    Whenever I think about this album's Metropolis fuelled fantasy, I always think of it's title track first. How could I not with the booming horns, flutes and kitsch electro effects? Impossible Soul might have it all and more, but Age of Adz doesn't come across as disjointed and does it in one fell swoop much more successfully.

    It's a journey too, instruments flying all over the place, builds and releases throughout. It gets pretty hectic, but still gives Suf plenty of opportunities to insert some heart into the mix. Also it has sleigh bells in. Sleigh bells. Who the fuck uses sleigh bells when it isn't a Christmas song?

    I know most of my highlight moments go on about the final minute or so, but the acoustic finish to this one is one of my favourite moments on the album.

    Now I have known you
    For just a little while
    I feel I must be
    Wearing my welcome
    I must be moving on


    "This sprawling, beguiling, expansive, avant garde piece, tho. When will your faves EVER? This is absolutely incredible and I will fight anyone who scores this below and 8 solely because of its length" yas, stan a bit @constantino! when will [REDACTED HARPIST]?

    "This is spectacular. A literal spectacle. A lumbering, mechanical, decaying, hopeful spectacle. I did not expect this, from my Illinois loving Sufjan background. I love it" yas @kalonite, I'm glad there are some people discovering this album for the first time and enjoying it. Hey @MollieSwift21! I know you tried, and I'm glad you gave it a chance.

    "I love how the title track almost embodies every layer there is to find in the album" Exactly @Sprockrooster, and it's still a sound I have yet to find elsewhere. Speaking of, here's @madeofghosts saying exactly that. "I'm probably just showing my musical ignorance but I cannot get over how unique this album's sound is. It's like nothing I've ever heard. Sometimes it's incredible, sometimes it's a complete mess (cough) but it is absolutely its own thing"
  17. That's all for tonight, will give a rundown of remaining songs tomorrow.

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  18. I'd never say that.
    *shady editing cutting to episode 7 where she says exactly that*

    Ok, but I didn't send any commentary so I don't want to take any credit. Also, poor Age of Adz, there were some other tracks on that album that needed to go way earlier than it.
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  19. Oops, it was @kalonite!
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  20. Nn I kinda live for how unrelentingly depressing John My Beloved is. I think the title track is weaker and should have been the next to go.

    Pleased to see my 10 from Michigan hanging on despite the cull. I'm also pleased to see all those extras still in the running. Could you give us an update now we've breached the top 40, @HeartSwells, and maybe re-purpose the third post for the leaderboard?
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