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Get Real Get Rating: The Sufjan Stevens Rate (Finale)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by HeartSwells, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Age of Adz out already? :(
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  2. On it @Number!

    Been meaning to sort out links in opening couple of posts too but y'all know how lazy I am.
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  3. When do I stop being the villain of this rate I can't take it much longer.
  4. Sorry sis, you're stuck with @Epic Chocolat til the bitter end.
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  5. UPDATE.


    01: Flint
    02: All Good Naysayers, Speak Up!
    03: For the Widows in Paradise...
    04: Say Yes! To M!ch!gan!
    05: The Upper Peninsula
    07: Holland

    08: Oh Detroit...
    09: Romulus
    11: Sleeping Bear, Sault Ste. Marie
    12: They Also Mourn...

    13: Oh God Where Are You Now?
    15: Vito's Ordination Song

    Seven Swans
    01: All The Trees...
    02: The Dress Looks Nice on You
    03: In the Devil's Territory
    04: To Be Alone With You
    05: Abraham
    06: Sister
    07: Size Too Small
    08: We Won't Need Legs to Stand
    09: A Good Man is Hard to Find
    10: He Woke Me Up Again

    11: Seven Swans
    12: The Transfiguration

    01: Concerning the UFO sighting...
    02: The Black Hawk War...
    03: Come On! Feel The Illinoise!
    04: John Wayne Gacy Jr.
    05: Jacksonville
    07: Decatur...
    09: Chicago
    10: Casimir Pulaski Day
    12: The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
    15: The Predatory Wasp of The Palisades...
    16: They Are Night Zombies!!...
    19: The Seer's Tower
    20: The Tallest Man...
    22: Out of Egypt...

    All Delighted People EP
    01: All Delighted People (Original)
    02: Enchanted Ghost
    03: Heirloom

    04: From the Mouth of Gabriel
    05: The Owl and the Tanager
    06: All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)
    07: Arnika
    08: Djohariah

    The Age of Adz
    01: Futile Devices
    02: Too Much
    03: Age of Adz
    04: I Walked
    05: Now That I'm Older
    06: Get Real Get Right
    07: Bad Communication
    08: Vesuvius
    09: All for Myself
    10: I Want To Be Well
    11: Impossible Soul

    Carrie & Lowell
    01: Death With Dignity
    02: Should Have Known Better
    03: All of Me Wants All of You
    04: Drawn To the Blood
    05: Eugene
    06: Fourth of July
    07: The Only Thing
    08: Carrie & Lowell
    09: John My Beloved
    10: No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross
    11: Blue Bucket of Gold

    01: A Sun Came
    02: Christmas In The Room
    03: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
    04: Niagara Falls

    05: No Man's Land
    06: Pittsfield
    07: Saturn
    08: Star of Wonder
    09: Super Sexy Woman
    10: Take Me
    11: You Are The Blood
  6. Oh my god how dare you
  7. I quite like it that the extra's arenot just fillers for the bottom places, like in most rates.
  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Michigan could be a doing a little better. I loved both instrumentals on that album. Romulus and Vito's Ordination Song were my two big take away from it though. I would like more Age of Adz to go.

    I gave Michigan, Illinoise, and Seven Swans each one 10 so it's nice to see them all still here.
  9. One of the best songs in the album! Oh @#%&*!

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  10. I'm gutted to see Age of Adz go already. I was so thrown at first by the album, but by the time I got halfway through that track, I was completely sold. I love Carrie and Lowell for the introspective depth, but Adz is now my go-to for something 'a bit much', and the title track doesn't really hold back on that front.

    Also I'm super pleased to see my Extra nomination still holding on strong despite being Christmas themed.
  11. The cafe I went to on my lunch break today was playing 'Casimir Pulaski Day' as I entered

    I walked in there like

  12. Hiya, sorry been slow on the reveal front again. My laptop has been going s l o w. Gonna try and do 5 tonight before I snap it in anger.
  13. This is going slightly strangely. Michigan and Seven Swans should really have a few more left at this point (my beautiful "Holland" and "Sister" *sniff*). Obviously Carrie & Lowell is phenomenal but I don't know if it should still basically be intact. And I cannot at one of its best tracks being one of the first cuts. You're not going to get a more thoughtfully cutting conversation with Jesus than "John My Beloved". The way it dances around whether the subject is a lover or Jesu until the very end, and leaves the possibility open for it to be both(?!), is... like, fuck, what cruelly beautiful imagination. "There's only a a shadow of me, in a matter of speaking I'm dead" is devastating.
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  14. 38. No Man's Land


    Average: 7.5
    Highest score: 10 (@VitaminBee)
    Lowest score: 4 (@Epic Chocolat)
    My score: 6

    Today we lose @VitaminBee's nomination. No Man's Land debuted during the end credits of Little Miss Sunshine, before being release as part of The Avalanche compilation during the same year.

    Instrumentally the song isn't too far from Illinois, flutes and horns spread across but it comes across far more relaxed than the cartoon grandoise of said album. Close musical friend Rosie Thomas contributed backing vocals too, which come through quite nicely at the end. ALSO HAND CLAPS.

    I like it, but not quite love. It starts out fairly slowly but gradually builds into something rather good. The flute work and glock (or whatever is on the bridge is) are sublime.

    The lyrics don't really shout at me, but it's all very twee and full of locational references, so nothing new there.

    "Miss VitaminBee serving TASTE. Jaunty Sufjan is truly my favourite Sufjan" from king of positivity @constantino

    "Kinda like Illinois on autopilot" @madeofghosts muses, while @Stradiwhovius argues otherwise, "I can't imagine it being on Illinoise but it is a joy to listen to". I can see both sides, the range of instrumentation, yes sure, but the flow and feel are generally a farcry from what we got.

    "Harmless" @Epic Chocolat bluntly puts.

    "The melody of the verses keeps reminding me of Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac. When I'm not being distracted by that, I'm really enjoying the song" I don't really hear it @kalonite, but I've criminally never given them a listen outside of the big singles so poor me.
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  15. 37. The Dress Looks Nice on You


    Average: 7.51
    Highest score: 10 (@constantino @aaronhansome @RUNAWAY)
    Lowest score: 4 (@VitaminBee @LKane)
    My score: 7

    The first and only single from Seven Swans... well it got a 7" so I'm calling it a single. At 2 and a half minutes, it's gone in a flash, but did it leave enough of an impression on y'all?

    It's very cute in a sort of shy gentleman-y way, but I mean you'd think with some of the lyrics he could do a little better than saying it "looks nice". That or the song is training Sufjan for future shopping with the fag hags.

    I think I scored this a bit high to be honest, it's saving grace is how short it is. The echoey vocals halfway through are a nice touch too.

    "The chord progression makes my buss quiver every time. I love a good driving melody, me. Take me on a journey, dad" Maybe if you're doing 20 MPH, @constantino.

    "Ok I wasn't loving this, but then the weird little pipe organ bit kicked in? I'd have liked that to continue through to the end of the track" Same here, @kalonite
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  16. The next song has six 10s. For reference the record we have had so far is 4, and it won't be surpassed until just before the top 20.
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  17. 36. Too Much


    Average: 7.53
    Highest score: 10 (@NecessaryVoodoo @VitaminBee @Kuhleezi @RUNAWAY @LE0Night @Number)
    Lowest score: 2 (@Epic Chocolat)
    My score: 6

    The first "proper" song on The Age of Adz, least sound wise. We'll get to the red herring that is Futile Devices eventually.

    Too Much starts off innocently enough, a smattering of soft, glitchy beats and synths before Suf pops up cooing. Honestly I wish it went harder, for a song called Too Much, it doesn't really do that much.

    That's ignoring the song's final turn of course, what a moment. *shoehorns in comment about the album being a showcase of builds and climaxes*

    I generally like the song but there's nothing about it apart from that final movement that sets it apart for me. I generally love the sound of the album, and this is a great little introduction to what's to come. I think my score ended up reflecting it's position relative to the rest of the album (because I do honestly consider The Age of Adz one of my favourite albums ever)

    The lyrics continue from Futile Device's theme of anxious love and overthinking things. Relatable king.

    "The bulk of the song is fairly underwhelming and a little too repetitive but the outro instrumental saves it and introduces several important musical themes and signatures for later so I don't feel comfortable going any lower than a 6" how kind, @Stradiwhovius!

    "Maybe it's a meta thing, but I'm not *absolutely* convinced this song needed to be seven minutes long" you do too much (hahahahahhahaa) @madeofghosts, it's 6:45.

    Let's end with y'all rightfully stanning the best part.

    "At first, the production was indeed too much, but overtime I’ve grown increasingly fond of the experimental cuteness of this. And of course, the way the production drifts into that euphoric moment of whatever towards the end is a discography highlight for me" @constantino

    "Probably my second favorite song of his. The whole instrumental moment from 4:11 and onwards is just so magnificent" @VitaminBee

    "'Too much riding' and wanting to see 'battering rams'; this is truly the man's Peacock. I'm not sold on the intro, but the electronic sound of the song itself mixed with the strings is great. The final instrumental is spectacular" @kalonite
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  18. Next couple will be revealed tomorrow, we have another tie, and @beyoncésweave won't be too pleased.

    (I know I said 5 but figured I'd write the other 2 and have them ready for tomorrow instead of another long gap)
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  19. Oh no Too Much is a sad loss. Underwhelming wasn't the right word, it just doesn't live up to the other songs on Adz which feel in similar veins, and the outro is amazing.
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