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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, May 4, 2017.

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    Is this a comeback?

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    Serving Taeyeon no time away comeback realness.

    Love it, unnie!
  4. And we all thought it is too soon for Cosmic Girls to comeback after one month. I did that.
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  6. YES, this forum wouldn't be the same without you, unnie! So happy that you're sticking around!
  7. Yaaaaaaass!!!!!
  8. The same could be said for you. Welcome back! ♡
  9. Thank you so much, unnie! You're too kind.♥
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    So happy to have you back! If you need help with anything let me know! I said earlier that I don't feel qualified to host, but if you need people to do guest reveals to take some of the pressure off, I'm sure lots of us would be willing to help!

  11. Sorry.....



    Apink - I Don't Know

    Average: 5.76

    Highest score: 11 x 2 (@send photo @LightningRider) 9.5 x 2 (@junglefish @Squashua)
    Lowest score:
    0 x 1 (@D is for Danger!) 1 x 2 (@Cotton Park @LOOΠΔ)
    My score:

    If you've read my write-ups so far, you know I talked about cutesy innocent groups A LOT, but this time we have the beigest group ever, the ''never-change'' unnies of Apink. This song is not only the start of Apink's cohesive career, it's also like a start for one of the most common concepts in K-Pop, beige concept.

    ''Several innocent girls in white&pink dresses with no make-up (to look more natural) that painfully try to act cute'' has been a quite successful concept for K-Pop companies to get those uncle-fans' coins and this song is a perfect example of said concept. But don't get me wrong, it is not shit like most of the cutesy stuff that we hear these days, at least in my opinion, kii. The production is really good, vocals are great, the rap part is so cute and Eunji's high-note is kinda iconic. But now that I'm listening to it, it bores me a bit which makes me think that I probably overscored it with giving it a 9, but I also think a few more points are okay since it lost many points because of being a Apink song.

    Apink after finding out that their song didn't even make it to top 30.

    This rate probably has the most surprising 11s that I've seen. I mean, Rocket Girl, Pitapat and Dream Candy all receiving 11s surprised me but Apink getting multiple 11s in a vs rate including all of popular groups is still a bit unbelievable for me but I love it.

    Also a fun fact before getting to first comment: This song was one of the only four songs that reached the top spot during the voting period. You ask how? LightingRider was the first person that voted in this rate (even before myself) and since it was their 11, this song became the #1 at the time, kii. Okay now let's read their comment '' The dramatic string opening. The *CLAP* in the chorus. The rap. THE HIGH NOTE. This is literally the most iconic debut song ever and I’m pretty sure no one else is giving this an 11 so let me have my moment''. See. Even LightningRider didn't expect anyone else to give this their 11.

    send photo is the other 11-giver who gave @ohnostalgia a good opportunity to drag him for the rest of his forum-life. ''Okay I’m actually feeling the production on this one. And it keeps growing, as an Utada fan I absolutely love when songs do this. I’m completely slain. Definitely my discovery of this rate''.

    Queen of beige-stanning, ryan_riot92 also gave this a good score, ''Sparkly, Classic and Beige. I love this song. Don’t really feel like defending myself so''. ThisIsRogue is the next fan ''This is really good''.

    But on the other side, this song received the lowest possible scores like 0 and 1. Let's read people's reasons for those low scores. Cotton Park is the first one who also showed his shady side this time ''The first in a long line of well-scrubbed, demure and wholesome songs and videos that all look like ads for East Asia's version of The girl group your mother wants you to stan''.

    D is for Danger! who is Apink's #1 hater, said ''You all probably know by now how vocal I am about hating this group. This is not my style at all. It just really sucks when you have these amazing young women stuck in these shitty boring groups that rehash the same safe and beige consistently. Get taste Korea! Eunji and Namjoo can only fit so many things in their mouths on variety TV to escape this cutesy image they've been forced into! Besides, we all know who did it better... *insert greasy version Kang Mina*''

    Ddanger is not the only one who mentioned Kang Mina (and other girls) iconic performance of this. He ''A couple of extra points because Mina and her arms were too cute in Produce 101 while doing this.The video is all kinds of awful. ''

    Slice Of Life's hate for this song actually had some negative effects on one of his faves but I'm keeping it a secret for now. I will give you a hint though, it is related to @send photo. ''Apink's success still baffles the shit out of me. Why do Korea stan them? Beige songs, beige choreography, beige looks... I don't believe they got super successful just because of Eunji and the girls' winning personality. As for this song... MEH. It's okay, I guess. It's what you expect from a girl group named Apink. Ultra feminine, with effective shots of aegyo, floral dresses, pastel colors. IT'S ONE BIG CLICHE, OKAY. Also, what the hell is happening with their lips??? Someone send them a boatload of Chapstick stat!'' And a few more haters, SloMover ''I don't know Apink and I don't want to know Apink.'' Reboot ''Bland''.

    When it comes to Apink, Squashua's and my opinions are mostly the same. ''Again, you can thank P101 for getting this lodged in my consciousness. @ajmkv's baby Xiyeon killed the long high note and the song is really top-tier on the cute concept front. Full fanfare horns and strings is enough to get my little heart a fluttering truth be told so well done ABeige.''

    And the last commentary by ThighHighs who I think is quite right ''This is precious. I know like, 3 songs by Apink, and they’re all the same to me: forgettable, but cute''.

  12. People gave APink a higher score than I did???

  13. @send photo already told me about ha treachery and trickery, babe. If what he did to my 11 affects its chances of hitting top 5, I will divorce ha ass real quick. I'm already preparing my Gretchen gifs for my future meltdown. xoxo
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  14. @Alouder98 YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED GONE. Just kidding.
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  15. 33rd


    Cosmic Girls - Mo Mo Mo

    Average: 5.81

    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 9 x 2 (@Reboot @vikeyeol)
    Lowest score:
    1 x 2 (@Deja-Boo @Cotton Park)
    My score:

    So Yeonjung's friends are the next group that leave the rate and that means PRISTIN are the only P101-related girl group left now, thanks to Pinky (or whatever her real name is) and Stone Nayoung's undeniable potential.
    This song....hmmm.... it's not bad but also there's nothing exciting about it. It's just another safe, cute and forgettable song with a more basic music video. Thank God, Princess Yeonjung saved this group later and they gave us Secret, one of the best shampoo ads songs of recent years recorded by a newbie girl group.


    Queen of having no solo parts, Cheng Xiao, after seeing this elimination:


    Starting comments with Slice Of Life who has a similar opinion as me, '' Poor EXY. She was hard-carrying this group before the arrival of the One True Kween Yeonjung. I don't mind this song now. It's okay. It just doesn't excite me, you know? There's just something missing. There is nothing cosmic about this debut, that's for sure. He is a Yeonjung fan too ''Hmm, it’s a cute song, but yeah, they needed Yeunjung''. SloMover asked ''Where's Yeunjung?'' she was probably slaying Produce 101's performances at the time.

    D is for Danger! thinks WJSN should've released another song as their debut ''I thought Catch Me was way better than this for their debut, despite being half a song that fizzles out at the end. I prefer their edgier side to this. I like the opening instrumental that sounds like an electronic organ and that little "Ha!" right before launching into the song. I also like the "Momomo omomomo jeongmal" part. The rest is forgettable.'' ryan_riot92 has the same opinion ''The fact that they chose this over “Catch Me” was … a choice. “Catch Me” would have been a much stronger debut track. This song isn’t bad … but it’s not really memorable either.''

    McQueer has a better title for the song ''MehMehMeh'' and Cotton Park, the lowest scorer, said ''Hated this. Luckily there were MUCH better things to come from them''.

    It's finally time for the fans, Reboot ''I like ‘space sounds’ in pop songs''. ThighHighs ''Ok, I like this song. I’ll admit it. Everything people have to say about it is true, but I live''. And Squashua ''A brave new world before YeunJeung plummeted to Earth in Astronaut Booty Shorts and an walloping huge "AH ANIYAH!". Whilst this is still bordering on the wrong side of cutesy for me, I've somewhat succumbed to the ultra 80's spacey arcade vibe and this is probably a rare example of a group's later releases making their debut more listenable than before. I'm going to miss their Magical Sci-Fi girl concepts, Happy was a complete bust for me''.

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