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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, May 4, 2017.

  1. I completely forgot to post this in my commentary because I was trying to finish before the deadline. This performance made me appreciate the group and song a little bit more.

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  2. Their performance the other night on Show Champion was actually pretty good. I hate to say.
  3. 32nd


    Sonamoo - Deja Vu

    Average: 5.83

    Highest score: 9.5 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 9 x 1 (@Squashua)
    Lowest score:
    1 x 1 (@vikeyeol) 2 x 1 (@Sanctuary)
    My score:

    I might be a bit harsh on this one, so if you're a Sonamoo stan, you would be better off reading some other comments, not mine (I watched Lemony Snicket Netflix series recently, hehe). If this song was a Renaissance debut, I probably wouldn't be harsh on it with my score cause 90% of songs in that section is dated, but the fact that this was released in almost 2015 is just unforgivable for me. Also I found that breakdown so annoying and the chorus is not much better, it's kinda all over the place.
    I like their overall image and the members' voices specially the rapper but they are not that good to save the song for me. I wanted to say it's good that they're not like other newbie groups but apparently they became a cutesy girl group right after this. This is the song that they started promoting two months after Deja Vu:

    Starting comments with Slice Of Life again, who is also not a big fan of Sonamoo ''HmmT not as bad as I remember. Okay, maybe I was just being too harsh on Sonamoo because they just didn't meet my sky-high expectations of them. Still, this is a weak debut through and through. I appreciate that they kinda went for the female B.A.P angle instead of your typical cutesy girl group but this all feels... fake? Sonamoo weren't selling this concept to me, I'm sorry. NEXT!'' McQueer was excited for this back in the day ''The teaser for this was so exciting, shame this is so underwhelming. Points for that instrumental break tho''

    Some of you guys found this dated like me. Reboot ''It’s not bad, but it sounds a bit dated.'' SloMover ''This sounds like that song Tyra Banks released in 2003''. ThighHighs ''This song sounds a little bit dated to have come out in December 2014, but it’s pretty catchy. D.ana (the blonde rapper who is also in Deep Blue Eyes) is so good''.


    ryan_riot92 likes one of Sonamoo's cute ballads more than this but still likes this one too '' I remember being so stoked about this release! I liked “Everlasting Love” better than this but I used to love this so much. It had some punch but not too much overwhelm the listener … the concept was great as well! Over time, this song has kind of lost it’s spark but it’s still worthy of a decent score! '' He is not familiar with this group at all ''Fun song, and the dancing is pretty great… The chorus is algo fun. Never heard of these girls bar their name''.

    D is for Danger! ,our flop-stanning oppa, said ''Weren't they supposed to be the female version of BAP, down to the logo even?! This group full of After School clones (Naeun = Nana, High.D = Raina) , quickly ditched the hard, urban concept and sound for the safer cutesy stuff. It's a shame because I really enjoyed this. I thought D.ana and New Sun did really well as the rappers in this track. They weren't shoehorned in like in their later tracks. I especially liked the breakdown before the chorus. ''

    And the last comment by the high scorer, Squashua ''By far the best of the urban girl debuts. Has a delicious early 00's r'n'b girl-group vibe and I'm still annoyed they went and ditched this look/sound so quickly when it really worked for them. D.ana and Mini Nana sl*y.''


    Now I only have 5s to 10s and of course, my 11. This going so well...

    Watch a 10 of mine get eliminated next.
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  5. Wow i don't remember giving Sonamoo a 9 - i must have been really underwhelmed by the songs around that point in the list. I've still got my top 10 intact (and three songs under 6.0 left to depart) but I figure at least a couple of their days are numbered...
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  6. 31st


    EXID - Whoz That Girl

    Average: 5.89

    Highest score: 10 x 2 (@Rainbow Trousers @GeiPanda)
    Lowest score:
    1 x 1 (@LOOΠΔ) 2 x 1 (@vikeyeol)
    My score:

    So the saviors of 2017 just missed the top 30. This song never went out of the bottom 10 (and I remember it was even in the bottom five for a short time) until the last few days before the deadline, when some of EXID fans gave it high scores and since the scores were really close, it quickly moved higher and as you see, it almost made the top 30.

    Who's That Girl is not bad and it's not effortless or offensive like most of the songs that have been eliminated so far but it's a bit faceless for me. They probably thought the chorus is catchy but it's just tired, and those high notes make it even more boring. They tried to show LE as a over-cool rapper like CL but she's just fake in this and it's exactly the opposite of nowadays LE that I like. And wow at Junghwa being a rapper with that thick voice. Seriously is she the same girl that has a hamster-ish (thanks for the word @Squashua) voice in other EXID songs? My next complaint is probably because we got used to their current line-up but I don't see any chemistry in this line-up at all. Thank God, Potato and Shin Tiger (poor Solji) came later and saved this group.


    Starting the comments this time with He, who said his opinion on each member ''One of my faves! But yeah, where is my queen of straining Solji? And more importantly where is potato?!!! Hani’s wig is hilarious, she looks a bit like Victoria. LE was already amazing, and the song is quite decent, but the chorus is a bit of letdown. Jeonghwa queen of dancing and rapping? Cute initiative, though.'' Our extra unnie, Slice Of Life, found this somehow iconic ''Screaming at this 4Minute/2NE1- lite mess ddddd! Okay, it's really not bad and it's honestly kinda iconic. I just find it weird seeing EXID like this - without Solji and Da Potato, with the Bestie girls, messy fashion hairstyles. AND THAT OUT-OF-THE-BLUE JUNGHWA DANCE BREAK??? The definition of extra. Here, have some extra points for the effort, girls. xo'' Squashua is also a fan of Junghwa's breakdown ''The Jeremy Scott's nightmare clothing! The cheese grater choreo set! Dancing in front of a car crash! Junghwa killing a random hip-hop break! Is that Hamster Unnie? I'm baffled but somewhat bopping.''


    Reboot is not into the song that much ''A bit faceless'' and ryan_riot92 is still thinking of BESTie (and this probably reminds him of his poor 11 again) ''Back when EXID and BESTie were one …''. Cotton Park is a bit unsure about his feeling on this one ''LE's CL impersonation and Jeongwha's Hyoyeon impersonation make this ordinary song a little more interesting. Or annoying. Not sure''. In this rate, there are only a few songs that ThighHighs said he doesn't like and this is one of them ''I will NOT, thank you very much.''

    send photo is trying to see the positive side of things ''Well they’ve improved boatloads haven’t they?'' But Rainbow Trousers, the biggest EXID fan, disagrees with y'all ''The catalyst to the song that would change the world.'' And the last, but not the least, comment by D is for Danger! ''The handclaps are great. The bass line cuts deep. Hani is given a part that's within her range. Yuji kills it as always. LE and Junghwa's second rap verse is amazing and the best part of the song for me. As much as I love this song, I can't picture this as EXID. I don't think this lineup would worked as well as the current one.''


  7. Top 30

    The Legends (9/11)

    Brown Eyed Girls - Come Closer
    KARA - Break It
    Wonder Girls - Irony
    SNSD - Into The New World
    T-ara - Lie
    After School - AH!
    Secret - I Want You Back
    Rainbow - Gossip Girl
    2NE1 - Fire
    4Minute - Hot Issue
    F(x) - La Cha Ta


    Renaissance (12/20)

    Miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl
    Sistar - Push Push
    Nine Muses - No Playboy
    Girl's Day - Tilt My Head
    Dalshabet - Supa Dupa Diva
    Apink - I Don't Know
    Rania - Dr Feel Good
    Brave Girls - Do You Know
    Stellar - Rocket Girl
    EXID - Who's That Girl

    Crayon Pope - Bing Bing
    AOA - Elvis
    Spica - Russian Roulette
    Tahiti - Tonight
    Hello Venus - Venus
    Fiestar - Vista
    Ladies Code - Bad Girl
    Wassup - Wassup
    GI - Beatles
    BESTie - Pitapat


    Newbies (9/19)

    MAMAMOO - Mr. Ambiguous
    Sonamoo - Deja Vu
    Berry Good - Love Letter
    Red Velvet - Happiness
    Lovelyz - Candy Jelly Love
    Purfles - 1 2 3
    Laboum - Pit-A-Pat
    GFriend - Glass Bead
    Twice - Like Ooh Aah
    Oh My Girl - Cupid
    CLC - Pepe
    April - Dream Candy
    DIA - Somehow

    Blackpink - Whistle
    Cosmic Girls - Mo Mo Mo
    Momoland - "JJan! Koong! Kwang
    Gugudan - Wonderland

    Dream Catcher - Chase Me
    PRISTIN - Wee Woo

  8. Ban it.
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  9. But no seriously, this is seriously much better than "Deja Vu" SERIOUSLY:

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  10. Sonamoo work so much better as a cute-sexy girl group hybrid and until TS realises this they'll never reach their full potential.

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  11. Can we kill Beatles already???
  12. Preach sis.
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  13. Not on my watch!
  14. COME AT ME, CYST!!!

  15. GI also had another JAM that I'm sure y'all will hate on too:

  16. This is actually better than their debut... Poor them using all their budget for a Kenzo hat and a bottle of baby oil though.
  17. 30th


    Dal*Shabet - Supa Dupa Diva

    Average: 5.93

    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@Slice of Life) 9.4 x 1 (@Rainbow Trousers)
    Lowest score:
    2 x 1 (@LOOΠΔ) 3 x 4 (@Kuhleezi @Cotton Park @vikeyeol @Alouder98)
    My score:

    Finally! Fight me Slicey, Rainbow Trousers and other fans of this song (where_are_they.gif) but this is absolute trash. Like most of the E-Tribe songs, half of the song is just repeating a few certain words that you either find it catchy and love it or you find it annoying and think it's trash. And as my score shows I'm definitely on the second team. Oh speaking of E-Tribe, does anyone know what happened to them? Their production list in Wikipedia shows they only produced 3 songs in the last 4 years and it's a bit strange since they were like top producers back in 2010-2011.

    But thankfully wherever they are, they stopped producing Dal*Shabet songs since 2012 and that helped the group to change their overall image and to become the queens that they are today. But apparently Korea loved their cute concept more than their nowadays image ( because the stats say that Supa Dupa Diva topped many charts at the time and it was also voted by various celebrities as the second most addictive song of 2011 while Someone Like You peaked at #89 last year.


    I'm posting the comments with no additional write-ups cause I'm a bit busy with life today. Sorry.

    ryan_riot92 ''Sorry … but at least I didn’t give it a SUPER low score … Definitely not one of DalSha’s best moments … in fact most of their early stuff is pretty questionable. At least they eventually found their footing.''

    Cotton Park ''Even Subin, adorable yellow outfits, and cute choreo can't save this''.

    ThighHighs ''After the Girls Day song, this one sounds like a masterpiece. The chorus is infectious trash, but the verses are the kind of talk-singy nonsense I hate.''

    He ''Cute mini bop. I prefer pterodactyl girl, though''.

    SloMover ''I remember hating this when it first came out but then hammering this for like two full weeks after.''

    D is for Danger! ''Sometimes a cute concept doesn't suck. This is one of those times. The chorus is catchy and infectious. The MV is a mess though. No one's make up is done well, at all. I never notice these kinds of things, so it has to be really obvious for me not to ignore.'' Even If I hadn't watched the video, I could agree with you only based on Slice Of Life's favorite gif:


    McQueer ''Obviously I prefer what Dalshabet has evolved into but I’m not gonna lie and say I haven’t always loved this''.

    Reboot ''I feel like we all need to pay our respects to this song because it was the first brave step on the long and winding path to the life-affirming destination that was Someone Like U. Icons only, etc.''

    Squashua '' "boobie boobie boob" - Dal*Sha are at their best when serving us sexy retro bangers (SRBs). Supa Dupa Diva has the makings of an SRB but it's almost too afraid to go full Be Ambitious (Male Gaze at my Limbs) let alone a B.B.B or Someone Like U. This, my friends, is a shame. A supa dupa shame.''

    Slice Of Life ''SUPA PA DU PAPA SUPA DIVA *gibberish* OH, OH, OH!!! SUPREME BOP ALERT~~~ Honestly, I still don't get half the criticism this song gets. Okay, it's childish. Okay, the aegyo is a little on the HAM side. But it's such a fun song to get lost into. It literally makes me happy just listening to this. ANYONE PLEASE STAN WITH ME. E-Tribe and Dalegend really did that. I remember when Dalshabet and Apink are just rookies and they were kinda pitted against each other. I was one of the very, very few people who took Dalegend's side. AND LOOK AT US ALL NOW --- stanning Dalegend and trashing Apink. Kii. *giggles*''

  18. 29th


    RaNia - Dr Feel Good

    Average: 6.06

    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@D is for Danger! @ryan_riot92 @GeiPanda)
    Lowest score:
    0 x 1 (@LightningRider) 1 x 1 (@Cotton Park)
    My score:

    ''Poor Rania, poor them'' is the first thing that comes to mind when I see Rania's name somewhere. I mean, just reading their career history in Wikipedia made me sad. They probably had the most line-up changes that a group can experience and their label is like the worst label ever. Even Teddy Riley who created the group and said he loves the group, left them after two comebacks. This is the statement that he released at the time:

    The song, Dr Feel Good, that was originally given to Lady Gaga, was a brave step in Korea that unfortunately failed to succeed because of their K-ontroversial concept. When I listened to this song for the first time (before watching the MV or performances), it quickly reminded me of The Boys, a bit too American for K-Pop (and also a bit dated) but I loved it. Then I checked its producer and saw that they both were produced by Riley.

    Like I said, I love this but I totally get the people who don't like this. Some parts like the post-chorus are a bit dull and the overall production could've been a lot better but I gave it such a high score for two reasons. First, I knew you guys would do this so wrong (The Boys in SNSD rate teas) and second, the standards in this rate are lower than normal rates, so a 7.5 in other rates is a 9 for me in this one.

    RaNia leaving the rate..... Google says: credit to @Squashua

    Starting the comments with people who gave this high scores. D is for Danger! ''This debut song was too hot to handle for Korea. The outfits were sexy! The splits and crotch thrusts were scandalous! The faux lesbianism was salacious! South Korea saw record high temperatures when RaNia unleashed their debut song on the country. Half the country was aflame. Ahjummas had their panties in a bunch. That didn't deter the girls from delivering one of the best debut songs of all time. I absolutely love the buzzing, grimy beat and Jooyi's adlibs at the end. Oh, what could have been had the group not been under a shit label.'' ryan_riot92 ''When you wanna be a sexy gurl … play this track! When you wanna talk dirty to your man … play this track! When you wanna bop till your sock fall off … PLAY THIS TRACK!! It’s definitely still their best track to date. Too bad their releases are fairly hit or miss. They seriously had so much potential …''

    Some people found this just good, not great. send photo ''I always appreciate a darker theme so there’s that.'' Squashua''The one that gave the Ahjumma Army a simultaneous heart attack. From a concept POV, I appreciate the balls this whole medical BDSM anthem took but outside of crotch shots, floor humping and PVC chaffing it's kinda… dull? It's like watching a horror film from the 60's that was terrifying then but kinda common-place now.''

    SloMover is feeling nostalgic ''Remember how SHOOK this video left the KPJ subforum?'' Cotton Park was a bit harsh on this with his score, but he has a good point in his comment that I didn't know before. ''An edgy redo (or plagiarized version) of the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). I'm sure a lot of KPop songs plagiarize songs I don't know, but everyone knows this one''

    But Cotton Park is not the only one who doesn't like this. LightningRider ''People think Rania flopped because of their concept but it’s not like their song was any good either''. ThighHighs ''Giving me sex, giving me smut, giving me banned on all major broadcasting networks. The only thing they aren’t giving me is a good song teeb.'' He ''Edgy looks! How unbeige! But just as bad as Apink…. It sounds a bit like a Fame-Gaga reject. The song is MESSY, and the chorus is not really there.This song is basically the same 4 beats on a loop. Amazing.''

    And to balance things up, I'll finish with one of the fans, Slice Of Life ''THE ONE TRUE ODE TO PUSSY-POPPING. Yath unnies, pop em pussies like rent's due tomorrow! Teddy Riley needs to work with K-Pop idols again. Between this and BTOB's Wow, the good cyst Teddy knows how to concoct a good bop. This is such a fully realized debut and I'm sad this wasn't a bigger hit for these unnies. The censorship probably didn't help the cause either. Oh well, this will forever have a spot in my heart and playlists. And that's what matters.''