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Girlboss (Netflix series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. A new dramaedy produced by Charlize Theron and starring Britt Robertson, based on a best selling memoir.

    All 13 episodes of Season 1 are avaible now for streaming.
  2. I watched the promo a couple of weeks ago and didn't love it but I'm gonna give the first episode a watch this weekend.
  3. I've watched the first 3 and liked it even if the main character is a whiny entitled millennial.
  4. Is Britt Robertson the daughter of a studio exec or does she have some great blackmail on Hollywood power players?

    I've never seen somebody with so little star power constantly given lead roles and fail to deliver time and time again.

    That said, Johnny Simmons is in this so I'll give the first few episodes a shot.
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  5. loved the trailer, but now I'm watching the the first episode and it's so bad. Sophia doesn't act like a confused millenial, she's actually just dumb and a bit of an asshole.
  6. He's so painfully average but also a total babe.
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  7. I think Britt Robertson is a great talent, Johnny Simmons makes for wonderful eye candy, and RuPaul steals every scene, but the main character is far too insufferable to keep watching this. She's like the 4 trash characters in Girls morphed into one.
  8. I think she's supposed to be an asshole and over confident and that's the whole entertainment of the show. It's a show about how that insufferable asshole made it big with noughties nostalgia thrown in.

    I think a lot of self made millionaire bosses are pompous dishonest assholes (not everyone is as nice as Richard Branson or Ariana Huffington).

    Usually these assholes had to defy convention and whatever the older generation said at the time and defy society etc etc.

    This isn't a show about Mother Theresa.
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  9. I enjoyed the first episode. The show doesn't seem to be anything special, but it's definitely an easy watch.

    I like how they've made it too easy to dislike Britt, so much so that you're meant to take a second look at why you find her so insufferable. Well, maybe I'm crediting the show with too much intelligence, and the whole thing is being played totally straight.
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  10. I love that the main three things I've seen her in, she's ended up dead.
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  11. I'm on episode 6 and I'm wondering if being set in 2006 is turning out to be a major stumbling block for the show. It's not far enough in the past for us to be fully nostalgic... and it's not contemporary enough to be immediately relatable.

    We haven't yet properly embraced romanticising the 00s, like we have done with the 90s and everything before, so it just comes across as an ersatz version of 2017 modern life.
  12. Britt Robertson is great but the show itself is just.... okay.
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  13. I find the references to 2006 really distracting. I don't mind the fact that it's set then because it's accurate, but I get annoyed every time they feel the need to draw attention to it. Seeing them use Nokia phones works; referencing Failure To Launch (a film that no one in even 2006 saw) is embarrassing.

    For whatever reason, I decided to continue watching and am up to Episode 5. I feel it's gotten better since the frustrating first 2 episodes. Now that they're spending more time on her interactions with other characters, as well as actually moving the plot along, I'm able to look beyond her annoyances and actually enjoy the show.
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  14. Here for the broke gay art student
  15. I don't know, I geniunely get so much life from the nostalgia. I got excited when Get it Poppin played as that was playing in every club but I forgot about it. I also loved the watching and discussing Marissa's OC death.
  16. Wow she really is insufferable. I get that's the point but it makes it really hard to watch. None of it is particularly funny yet either.
  17. I really enjoyed it and it actually made me feel a bit inspired. If someone as horrible as her can make a very successful business then so can I.
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  18. This show is so bad. And to think I started watching it to see if I would like San Francisco more, it actually had the reverse effect.

    The writing is awful, the characters are extremely unlikeable, and most of the episode are absolute fillers. Shame, cause I love Kay Cannon. No idea what she was thinking with this.
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  19. I've only seen ep 1, but oh wow it being 2006 explains some things. Must've missed that part. I just thought she was being annoyingly ironic with her Nokia phone and her point and shoot digital camera.
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  20. HOWLING at whoever genuinely think this is something to do in 2017 (please include typewriters, cassete and VHS crowds...)
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